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Our Top 3 New Walt Disney World Attractions Coming in 2019

The ball has dropped, we celebrated, and now it’s time to kick-off the new year! We’re going to try our best to contain our excitement while writing this article. This year begins the unveiling of...

New Night Time Magic Kingdom Parade – Coming Soon?

A night time Magic Kingdom parade is what every Disneyphile misses the most at the Magic Kingdom. On October 9, 2016, The Main Street Electric Light Parade made its last trip passed the castle and...

Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom Lodge – A DVC Duo Resort Review

New theme parks, lead to new resort areas. On April 20, 1998, Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened, increasing the overall footprint of Walt Disney World and creating a demand for a new resort area. Less...

Lion King Animation Experience – Do You Want To Draw Simba?

Paper, pencil, draw! Have you ever wondered how to draw Disney characters? We sure have! Soon we’ll be able to tap into our artistic sides and put our drawing skills to the test in the new animation...

Celebrating The Lion King All Around The Animal Kingdom

“Remember who you are.” That’s not as easy as it sounds, Mufasa, especially after 25 years. Lucky for us we remember exactly where we were when The Lion King came out on June 24, 1995. It was the...

African Outpost – Could it Days be Numbered? New Epcot Country?

Could the African Outpost days be numbered? The land behind the World Showcase pavilion has been cleared and the rumors are running rampant. Anytime Disney clears land around Walt Disney World, and...

Droid Depot at Galaxy’s Edge – Should You Build A Droid?

Do you want to build a droid? Oh, we do, Olaf! Every traveler of the galaxy needs a trusty companion and you can build our own on Batuu in the Droid Depot. On August 29, 2019, Walt Disney World...

IllumiNations Dining Package – Great Viewing Areas

It’s all about the view! Recently, Walt Disney World announced a new IllumiNations Dining Package beginning on January 18th and running through the summer. With IllumiNations 20 year run coming to...

Could We See an Indiana Jones Land at Walt Disney World?

“Snakes. Why’d  it have to be snakes?!” The most famous line from the Indiana Jones trilogy. Yes, you heard me right I said trilogy, sorry Crystal Skull, we’re pretending you didn’t happen....

Is It Possible To Move An Anniversary? – A Look At Disney World’s 50th.

You can't change an anniversary! Fact, an anniversary is the same date every year. But, Disney World's 50th anniversary could be on the move. How so? No, we're not talking about using the quantum...




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