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I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse – Walt Disney


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Heading to Walt Disney World? From Disney Resort reviews to how-to guides and of course our favorite dining spots! Everything you’re looking for to plan a wonderful vacation.





Disney Resorts – What’s Best For Me?







To Rope Drop Or Not Rope Drop? That Is The Question












Disney Dining Plan – What’s The Best Plan For How You Theme Park?


Guardians of the Galaxy Update – Moving in to Epcot

“I am Groot!” That’s right Groot, we have a update on the Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster. Well, actually more like multiple updates. Since we last spoke about the new coaster coming to Epcot...

Traveling To Disney World During COVID – A DVC Duo Trip Review

Safe. Did we feel safe traveling to Disney World during COVID? It's the number one question on everyone's mind. Let's get right to the answer. Yes, overall we felt safe traveling to Disney World...

Stitch’s Great Escape from Ralph!

It’s early morning in the Magic Kingdom. The rope dropped and you’re ready to start your day. Sipping away on your favorite morning beverage (coffee of course, this is the Magic Kingdon afterall)...

Will They Or Won’t They Have One? – A Nighttime Magic Kingdom Parade

Rumors, we got rumors! Get'em while they're hot. For the past year-plus, we've been tracking the idea of a new nighttime Magic Kingdom parade at Walt Disney World. All the signs we're looking great,...

Hercules, Hercules – Disney World Gyms

I know, I know.  Gym on vacation? What are you thinking Nate?!  Vacation is the last place anyone wants to think about working out.  Vacation is a time to recharge, regroup, and enjoy! I couldn’t...

Ohana Bread Pudding Recipe – A DVC Duo Baking Guide

Did someone say Ohana Bready Pudding? Those words are music to our ears. We're back with our second installment of our Disney at home cooking. Today we're talking Ohana Bread Pudding recipe. As we...

Yak & Yeti at Disney’s Animal Kingdom- The Expedition For Great Food

On a recent “expedition” to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the DVC Duo and friends had the opportunity to dine at Yak & Yeti. This previously unassuming restaurant is modeled after a hotel restaurant...

Disney Villains After Hours – Worth Checking Out?

What lurks in the night? At the Magic Kingdom this summer it will be the Disney Villains. It’s been said be careful what you ask for, or you may get it. For many years, the Disney community has said...

New Millennium Falcon Mission – Does Hondo Need Our Help?

Hondo is calling! Why is Hondo Ohnaka calling us? Could it be for a new Millennium Falcon mission? On August 29, 2019, Walt Disney World opened the gates to it's newest land, Star Wars Galaxy's Edge...

Disney Holiday Tours – DVC Duo’s Holiday Guide

How do they do it? If you’ve ever wondered how Disney creates the holiday magic you can take a peek behind the curtain with Disney holiday tours. This holiday season Walt Disney World is offering...














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