Walt Disney World Refurbishment Schedule

“Pardon Our Dust” – Dream Builders













Magic Kingdom

  • Walt Disney World Railroad
    • 12.3.18 to Uknown
  • Tomorrowland PeopleMover
    • 7.11.20 to 1.2.21
  • Liberty Square Riverboat 
    • 10.5.20 to 3.1.20
  • Tom Sawyer Island 
    • 10.5.20 to 3.1.20
  • None
  • None














  • Frozen Ever After
    • 11.2.20 to 11.6.20
  • Fountain View
    • 9.8.19 to Uknown
  • None













Hollywood Studios

  • Disney Movie Magic
    • 5.1.19 to 3.13.20
  • None
  • None













Animal Kingdom

  • Kali River Rapids
    • 1.3.20 to 4.1.20
  • None
  • None













Water Parks

  • Typhoon Lagoon
    • Whole Park – 1.19.20 to ~3.1.21
  • Blizzard Beach
    • Whole Park – 3.25.20 to ~3.1.21
  • None
  • None














  • All-Star Music
    • October 2019 to Unknown
  • Animal Kingdom Lodge (Jambo House)
    • July 2019 to Spring 2020
  • Polynesian Resort 
    • October 2020 to Summer 2021
  • Saratoga Springs
    • August 2019 to ~August 2021
  • Wilderness Lodge
    • March 2020 to Unknown
  • Art of Animation
    • Big Blue Pool – 1.11.21 to  April 2021
  • Pop Century 
    • January 2020 to Spring 2020
  • Boardwalk Resort – Keister Coaster Water Slide
    • 10.5.20 to 12.31.20
  • None


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