Best Disney World Weenies! – Which “Weenies” Are Our Favorites?

Best Disney World Weenies! – Which “Weenies” Are Our Favorites?

Oh, so many jokes! Sometimes they just write themselves. No, we’re not here today to talk about the best hot dog at Disney World. We all know, you can find the best dog at Casey’s in the Magic Kingdom. When we say best Disney World weenies were talking about something a little different. We’re talking about a term Walt Disney frowned upon being used to describe a theme park element, yet Imagineering continues to use it today. Did we grab your attention? Even if we didn’t, let’s get down to business and talk best Disney World weenies!

What Are Disney Weenies?

It’s a term of endearment used by Disney Imagineering to describe a park element. The weenie is something that captures a guest’s attention and brings them further into a park or a land. Or, it could be simply knowing something exists and heading out on a search to find it. They could be referred to as icons within the parks. For example, at Disneyland, the Matterhorn Mountain would be considered a weenie. As you approach the end of Main Street USA, you can see the very top of the mountain, enough to capture your attention, and go What’s That?! Your curiosity brings you deeper into the park and helps guide you on an adventure.

Disney parks have multiple “weenies” within them to help entice you through the park. Continuing with our Matterhorn example, you’ll catch glimpses of other “weenies” while enjoying the attraction, like seeing Space Mountain from your Matterhorn bobsled. Once again capturing your attention to explore another area of the park, experiencing different attractions along your way. And so on, and so on.

Alright, define what is a Disney weenie. Check! Onto our list of best Disney World weenies. For our list, we will pick one favorite from each park.

Animal Kingdom

First stop on our adventure brings us Disney’s Animal Kingdom. While the most obvious choice for the park would be the Tree of Life, we like to take the path less traveled. Our favorite Animal Kingdom weenie captures your attention before you even step foot within the park. It’s home to our favorite disco loving mythical creature, the Yeti! You guessed it, we’re talking about Expedition Everest.

What makes Expedition Everest top our list at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is not seeing the snow-topped mountain as you drive into the park. It’s the moment it catches your attention while wandering through the park. Whether you’re on the bridge to Dinoland USA or the bridge to Harmabe, you can see and feel the mountain looming in the distance. All while being one of the more picturesque elements of the park. Adding to the lure is the echoing sounds of guests racing through the mountain trying to escape the grasps of the Yeti. It makes you think to yourself, I gotta experience that, but am I ready?

We’d be amiss if we didn’t mention Pandora: World of Avatar. It’s nearly impossible to go to Disney’s Animal Kingdom and not want to see the floating mountains. They’re spectacular to see. You can even feel the “weight” of them, we still don’t know how they did it.

Hollywood Studios

Our next stop on our tour of the best Disney World weenies brings us to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. As our friend Barney from How I Met Mother aka Neil Patrick Harris would say, newer is always better! For our favorite Hollywood Studios weenie, this couldn’t be more true. Hidden deep within Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, the Millennium Falcon.

There are no vantage points for this weenie. You won’t catch a glimpse of it from anywhere. It’s one of those times where you know it exists and you gotta find it. No matter how many times we see it, every time we round the corner it invokes the same jaw-dropping, mesmerizing, or insert your favorite “wow” adjective here, feeling. Pictures do not do it justice. For any Star Wars fan, you’re immediately transported back to the moment you first saw A New Hope. And, all you want to do is fly it!

Similar to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios has two iconic weenies that have to get an honorable mention. The Chinese Theatre and the Hollywood Tower Hotel. While it’s much debated in the Disney Community to which is the park’s icon, we can all agree they are fantastic Disney weenies. The Hollywood Tower Hotel entices you to the park from miles away. Long before you get Hollywood Studios, you’re already questioning yourself we’ve you’re going to brave it or not. Whereas, you lock eyes on the Chinese Theatre only moment after walking through the turnstiles and it sets the tone for your day. Hollywood!


Spaceship Earth! We know what you’re thinking it and we’re here to say that Spaceship Earth is not one of our best Disney World weenies. “Sham, this whole list a sham!” Hear us out on this one. While Spaceship Earth is the icon of Epcot it’s not necessarily the best weenie within the park. It definitely captures your attention and you can see it from all aspects of the park, but it’s right at the park’s entrance. While it may bring you to the park, it does not entice you to go deeper into Epcot.

So, what made our list of best Disney World weenies at Epcot? Wait for it. Wait for it. The America Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase. From the center of Future World, you can see the pavilion off in the distance. It’s calling for you wander your way around World Showcase Lagoon to see what it’s all about. Disney Imagineering would agree. As part of the design of the pavilion, Imagineering set the pavilion “higher” than every other World Showcase pavilion. They did this for two reasons. First to symbolize the America pavilion as the host nation and secondly to make it a Disney weenie. If all the pavilions were the same height there would be nothing to visually entice guests to walk to the back of the park.

Beyond the American Pavilion, each of the World Showcase countries have smaller Disney weenies to draw you into the pavilion. From the Eiffel Tower in France, to the Mayan temple in Mexico, each of these do their part to lead us deeper into the respective pavilion.

Magic Kingdom

We left the hardest one for last! Trying to pick just one is a nearly impossible task. The Magic Kingdom by far has the most famous and best Disney World weenies. So, how did we decide? How did we widdle it down to just one? We pulled it out of a hat. We kid, we kid. As we said earlier, we like to take the path less traveled. This continues to hold when picking our favorite Disney weenie at the Magic Kingdom. Let’s just say it was a wild ride getting to our final decision! Big Thunder Mountain.

While Space Mountain draws you to the right when you enter the park, what really entices you carrying on your adventure is Big Thunder Mountain. Most people do head right when entering the park and work their way counter-clockwise. First Tomorrowland, then Fantasyland, followed by Liberty Square. Liberty Square is where you get your first glimpse of the majestic mountain. While in line for The Haunted Mansion (who doesn’t ride Haunted Mansion?), you see the reddish-brown hue of the rocks in the distance. As the train races around the mountain, you get sucked in. You have to see what it’s all about. Your interest and intrigue carries you through Liberty Square and into the park’s furthest away land from the entrance, Frontierland

In the DVC Duo house, we believe it is one of the more underrated Disney weenies. It’s this level of detail and design that makes a Disney park stand apart from most. While Cinderella’s Castle, Space Mountain, and Splash Mountain gain the most traction, Big Thunder Mountain is the Disney weenie for us at the Magic Kingdom!

Our Thoughts

We did it! We made it through our list of best Disney World weenies without making all the obvious jokes. We’re not sure if we should be proud, or disappointed. We are known for our out of this world dad jokes after. Well maybe next time. Oh wait, we got one! What do you call an empty hot dog bun? A Hollow Weenie! We hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween weekend!

Disney’s Copper Creek Studio – A DVC Duo Room Review

Disney’s Copper Creek Studio – A DVC Duo Room Review

To walk-in or not to walk-in? No, we’re not talking about walking into the room. You’ll definitely want to do that. Otherwise, you’re sleeping in the lobby. Even with how jaw-droppingly amazing the lobby is, we don’t recommend sleeping in it. There’s another walk-in we’re referring to. When looking at a Copper Creek studio at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge the big question is whether or not to get a studio with a walk-in shower. On a recent trip we stayed in a Copper Creek studio without a walk-in shower, did we miss it? Does it make a difference? Let’s find out. Without any further adieu, here’s our review of the Copper Creek Studio.

Layout of the Copper Creek Studio

Room Types

You’ve got options. And, tons of them, Disney Copper Creek Cabins and Villas boast a wide range of room sizes. Beyond the standard Disney Vacation Club (DVC) studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom options, the resort also has cabins. Oh, the cabins with their majestic views of Bay Lake. Some day we’ll stay in one, someday. Unlike Disney’s Polynesian Resort, there are no view options. The only room option is whether or not a studio has a walk-in shower or not. It should be noted that the two-bedroom lock-off rooms also include the walk-in shower option. A lock-off DVC room is when a studio and one-bedroom accommodation are combined to make a single two-bedroom room.

Rooms can be reserved either with either DVC points or cash. The DVC rooms at Disney’s Copper Creek cabins would be considered Disney deluxe accommodations. For DVC members booking on points, there is no difference in the amount points per night between a Copper Creek studio with or without a walk-in shower. In speaking with cast members at the resort we learned that the majority of the rooms on the upper floors have a walk-in shower, whereas, the rooms on the ground floor do not.

The 338 square foot studio is one of the smaller studios at Walt Disney World. When it came to adding the second DVC portion to the Wilderness Lodge resort, Disney converted regular guest rooms into DVC rooms. To maximize the number of studios DVC kept the same footprint as the previous guest resort room. With the smaller footprint, the rooms were designed to sleep four guests and includes one king bed and one queen size pullout bed.

Opening The Door

Can you say glamping? This is the type of camping we could get used to. Opening the door for the first time we could tell the room was newer, as it had a more modern Disney feel. You know what we mean, the wood floors, clean lines, and more subtle touches when it comes to themeing. The other major thing that stood out to us was the narrowness of the room. We’ve stayed in a lot of studios over the years and for the most part, the rooms have always felt spacious. The Copper Creek studio has plenty of room, it just feels a little tighter than other studios.

As two adults we always appreciate the studios that offer a couch over two beds. It would be nice to see Disney covert the pullout couch to the new pulldown option on the resort’s next refurbishment. Adding the pulldown would definitely making easier to “clear space” when everyone is not sleeping. We noticed when the pullout bed is in use, there is not a ton of space in the room and barely a path to get past the bed and head out to the patio. Especially, with the small bistro-style table directly across the couch and having to relocate the coffee table.

master bed in the Copper Creek Studio

The Beds

Optimal comfort! The Disney deluxe mattress does it again. For us, the most important aspect of any resort room, either at Disney or not, is the comfort of the bed. Majority of the time when we travel we’re usually only in our room to sleep. What can we say we like to maximize our time exploring. Coming back after a long day in the parks, nothing beats a comfortable night sleep and we’re thrilled to say the bed in the Copper Creek studio definitely delivers a good night’s sleep. Similar to our review of the Polynesian standard view studio, the one downside to the bed had nothing to do with the bed and everything to do with the clock on the microwave. The easy solution is covering it with a towel, it worked well for us.

Outside of the king bed, there’s the queen pullout. We did not sleep on the pullout bed on this trip. However, we have had experience with the Disney pullout beds. Needless to say, we’ve spent many nights sleeping on the Disney pullout bed over the years. They are definitely better than most pullout beds, but they’re still pullout bed when all is said done. They are perfect for kids and definitely not bad for adults.

The Bathroom

More like a bathroom area. The Copper Creek studio bathroom is comprised of two areas, the sink, and the toilet/shower area, with a door separating both areas. One of the nice things about the bathroom is how it has two doors. We know this sounds weird to say and it’s definitely a small thing, but there is a door to separate the sink from the rest of the room. It’s something we wish the Boardwalk studios would add. While the majority of the time everyone in our group is up and getting ready at the same time, there are those days where early riser Nate is up well before Serena. The addition of the door makes it easier for Nate to get ready without having the ambient light fill the rest of the room and waking up Serena.

Here it is, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the shower area. Did we miss not having a walk-in shower? Overall, it made no difference to us. However, if we had small children the tub would definitely be nice for bath time. Unique to the Copper Creek cabins is how the tub/shower combo has a fixed sliding door compared to the normal shower curtain. We could definitely see this making bath time a little harder, as it limits your range of motion around the tub. Definitely, something to make note of if you have little ones.

Copper Creek Studio Kitchenette area

Storage and Kitchenette

Did you say kitchenette? Yes, yes we did. All the DVC studios have a kitchenette area that includes in a mini-fridge, coffee pot, microwave, toasts, and sink area. Additionally, Disney includes paper plates, coffee cups, and utensils. The fridge is big enough for holding a few items like a small milk container for coffee, or leftovers from dinner. We found it to be just enough for a quick breakfast before heading off to the parks.

When it comes to storage, the room has a good size closest next to the sink area and dresser across from the bed. Additionally, there are two small side tables next to the bed that does offer some storage. Additionally, the coffee table opens for more storage. For the two of us, it was plenty of space. We were able to put our luggage into the closet, however, if you’re a larger group of four people, you could also slide your luggage under the bed. Overall, space may be a little more limited because the room doesn’t have the usual “nook” by the front door for larger pieces of luggage.

Our Thoughts

Solid studio. To say the Copper Creek studio is favorite would be a stretch. If you’re a party of two, the room would work well. If you’re traveling with a larger group we could definitely see the room feeling a little cramped for space. Especially, when comparing to the other studios around Walt Disney World. For us, we would probably most likely stay here during the holiday season. It’s hard to beat the Wilderness Lodge during the holidays. Beyond that, we would more than likely look to stay at another resort with easier access to the parks. If you’re looking for a resort where you feel like you’re removed from all the hustle and bustle of the parks, this definitely a great option. Alright, it’s time for us to head out and do some more exploring!

Disney’s Polynesian Standard View Studio – A DVC Duo Room Review

Disney’s Polynesian Standard View Studio – A DVC Duo Room Review

Is there a bad view at Disney’s Polynesian Resort? That’s the big question we’re addressing in our review of a Polynesian standard view studio. Prior to this year, we never stayed at the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) portion of the Polynesian Resort. Well, on our last two trips to Walt Disney World this changed. On both trips, we spent a portion of our vacation at the resort in a standard view studio. Was it worth it? Did we feel like we were missing out by choosing a standard view room? Let’s find out. Without any further adieu, here’s our review of the Polynesian standard view studio.

Room layout for the Polynesian standard view studio

Room Types

You’ve got two options. Well, three options if you include Bungalows. One day we’ll stay there…one day. Unique to the Polynesian Resort there are only two room types for its one-room size option. The room options are either a standard view or a lake view, both studios. The difference is simple in that the lake view studios overlook Seven Seas Lagoon, compared to the standard view rooms which have views of the resort. In our experience, there were no rooms with a “parking lot” view.

Unlike other DVC Resorts like the new Disney’s Riviera Resort, there are no other room sizes outside the Bungalows. All of the studios are located in one of three longhouses dedicated to DVC, Pago Pago, Tokelau, and Moorea. We found the Tokelau longhouse to be more centrally located compared to the Moorea longhouse, which is located near the Transportation and Ticket Center. If you’re looking for a quieter option, we recommend requesting the Tokelau longhouse. Rooms can be reserved either with DVC points or cash. The DVC rooms at Disney’s Polynesian Resort would be considered Disney Deluxe room accommodations. For our review, we’ll be focusing on the Polynesian standard view studio.

The 447 square foot studio is the largest DVC studio. DVC chose to make these the largest studios to help with the lack of other room options at the resort. The room sleeps up to 5 people and includes one queen bed, one pullout queen bed, and a twin pulldown bed. The twin bed is definitely designed for younger guests or smaller adults. It was definitely not large enough for Nate, who is 6 feet tall.

outside of one of the Polynesian Resort Longhouses

Opening The Door

It’s the moment we all look forward to. The moment where you open the door to the place you’ll call home during the vacation. There’s only one word that comes to mind when we opened the door to our Polynesian standard view studio, paradise! We could feel our cares and worries drift away, as we stepped into our tropical getaway. Now, it could have been walking into the infamous Poly lobby or wandering the grounds in search of our longhouse that created this feeling, either way, it’s a feeling we could get used to.

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to stay in a variety of different DVC studios, and hands down this invokes a feeling all to itself. After coming to our senses, we looked around and made a beeline to the patio. We had to see what standard view was all about. Peaceful, so peaceful. Stepping out onto our patio we had lush green grass, beautiful tropical flowers, and a view of the monorail passing by. If this is standard, we’re all about it.

The Beds

Like sleeping on a cloud! The only thing that carries more weight than the view, has to be the bed. It can make or break a room. The good news here, the mattress is top-notch. It was firm enough for Serena yet soft enough for Nate. A rare yet, fantastic moment, when we both find a bed equally as comfortable. There is something to be said about a Disney deluxe room mattress, as we’ve never found one that’s uncomfortable. The only downside was the location of the bed compared to the clock on the microwave. If you’re on the side closest to the center of the room, you may see the light from the clock shining on you. Easy fix though, we just put a small towel over it to block out the light.

Outside of the main bed, there are two other beds. One pullout bed and one pulldown bed. In our experience, the pullout bed is decent. As far as pullout beds go, this one is one of the better options, especially for kids. We’ve definitely spent many nights sleep on a Disney pullout bed over the years. We would like to see Disney make the same switchover to the pulldown beds here, as they are with the Saratoga Springs refurbishment.

bathroom of the Polynesian Standard View Studio

The Bathroom

Better yet, we should say bathrooms! Yes, both the Polynesian standard view studio and lake view studio have two bathrooms. More like two showers sinks, and one toilet. Either way, we’re winning! It’s perfect for a family looking to get ready for a park day, or cleaning up prior to dinner. The best part is one of the showers is also a full tub for anyone looking to take a bath. The Polynesian was the first DVC resort where we saw Disney make the switch to two showers, over the standard one. They’ve carried this design-forward with Disney’s Riviera Resort and we would expect it in any other new DVC resorts.

Beyond the two showers, having sinks is also a game-changer. Each of the bathrooms has its own sink for getting ready. We could easily see a larger group getting ready in half the time compared to a regular DVC studio. For us, the bathrooms at the DVC portion of the Polynesian Resort were second best, only behind Disney’s Riviera Resort. Disney fine-tuned the two shower design with Riviera Resort.

kitchenette within the Polynesian standard view studio

The Kitchenette and Storage

Did we hear you say kitchenette? Yes, yes you did. All the DVC studios have a kitchenette area that includes in a mini-fridge, coffee pot, microwave, toasts, and sink area. Additionally, Disney includes paper plates, coffee cups, and utensils. The fridge is big enough for holding a few items like a small milk container for coffee, or leftovers from dinner. It’s a bigger fridge than standard resort rooms. We found it to be just enough space to hold food for a quick breakfast before heading off to the parks. You have the option of either enjoying your coffee and a meal at the bistro table within the room or on your patio. For us, we found ourselves out on the patio more often than not.

In regards to storage, the room has a good size closet when you first walk-in. Plenty of space for hanging your clothes. Alongside the bed is a side table with two drawers for clothes. Additionally, the bed has two drawers underneath it. For even more storage you can use the inside of the coffee table, as the top lifts open. If you’re a larger group or have larger luggage, we recommend using the area near the closet to store your bags. We ended up using the space for our golf bags.

Our Thoughts

A new favorite! After being DVC members for many years, we always stayed away from the Polynesian Resort, as the point per night is higher. Well, after one stay we’re hooked! Some may say the captain got us. Hooked, captain, oh how we crack ourselves up! For us, the Polynesian standard view studio is perfect, as we usually don’t spend a ton of time in the room. If we wanted a lake view we just headed down to the beach and pulled up a beach chair. The one thing to be aware of is the Moorea longhouse. As we mentioned it is near the Transportation and Ticket Center which makes it very convenient for hopping onto the Magic Kingdom Ferry Boat or express monorail to Epcot or the Magic Kingdom. However, it can get a little loud, as the Ferry Boat honks its horn every time it arrives and leaves port. On those early Magic Kingdom morning or late nights, it could wake you from your slumber. Alright, there is only one thing left to do, and that’s going to get a Dole Whip!

What Are The Best Epcot Drinks? – Our Favorite In Each Country

What Are The Best Epcot Drinks? – Our Favorite In Each Country

Cheers! Salud! Prost! Saluti! And, all the other variations from around the world. What are we cheersing to? We’re raising a glass to the best Epcot drinks in each of the World Showcase countries. Well, the best drink in our opinion. We’re definitely no experts, yet, but we do know a thing or two about drinking around the “world”. Ah, drinking around the world, much like the monorail crawl, it’s a favorite past time for many Disneyphiles. Here’s our favorite drink or cocktail from each country. Who’s ready to take a lap around World Showcase?

The Big Question

Right or left? That is the question. Should we head right to the Canada pavilion or left to the Mexico Pavilion? Now, every Disney veteran has their preferred direction, and some may even want to start at the International Gateway (between the France and UK pavilions), but for this article, we’re following the old saying. What old saying? Oh, you know it, liquor before beer you’re in the clear. So, with that in mind, we’re kicking off our best Epcot drinks in Mexico!

Let’s Find The Best Epcot Drinks

  • Mexico – Say it with us, margarita! Now, the Mexico Pavilion has a wide variety of margaritas to choose from. For us, we’re heading into the Mayan Temple to stop by La Cava del Tequila for the Dragones margarita. What can we say, we’ve got expensive taste. You really can’t go wrong with any of the margaritas at La Cava del Tequila, it all depends on what you’re in the mood to drink.
  • Norway – Beer us! Norway is one of the pavilions around Epcot’s World Showcase with more limited options. We always gravitate towards a pint of Carlsberg. This light refreshing pilsner is just the type of beer you’re looking for on those warm World Showcase days.
  • China – Whiskey? Did someone say, whiskey? One of the most unique drinks around the World Showcase is the Tipsy Ducks in Love found at the Joy of Tea kiosk. This cocktail brings together two of our favorite things, coffee, and whiskey. Throw in a little chocolate and you got the makings of a fantastic cocktail. It also helps that the bartenders may have a heavier hand when making this drink.
  • Germany – Can you guess what we’re going with here? You got it, beer. When in Rome, well, more like when in Germany. The big question is which beer. For us, if we’re going to get any beer, or should we say bier, at the Germany Pavilion it’s gotta be the Schofferhofer. It’s a famous Disney World tradition for a reason.
  • Italy – We know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking we’re heading to Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar. Surprise! We’re not. Our go-to is the La Bottega Italiana shop. Yes, the wine shop. Inside the Italian wine shop is a tasting area where you can order different wines. Our favorite is a glass of their Prosecco cocktail. Usually, it has Limoncello and a little cranberry juice. Can you say, pink drink?
  • United States – There’s only one drink that feels appropriate in this pavilion, a cold beer. While Regal Eagle is now serving a variety of moonshine cocktails, we have yet to try one. We know, we know. We’re on it! For now, our spot is Block and Hans for a solid pint. You’ll usually find us reaching for a local craft beer, like a Jai Alai from Cigar City Brewing in Tampa (#NotSponsored, #NotApposed). When it comes to beer, we tend to gravitate toward citrusy IPAs.
  • Japan – If you’re a sake fan this your spot. We know a lot of people that love sake, but we’re not fans. For good sake head to the back of the pavilion to the sake bar in the Mitsukoshi store. For us, a drink in Japan equals beer. We’ll be reaching for a Kirin. If we’re feeling extra fancy we’ll get the frozen Kirin. Now, this is no slushy. The frozen Kirin comes from how they freeze the top of the beer, better known as the “head” of the beer.
  • Morocco – You may think it’s just a restaurant, but it always has a walk-up bar. What are we talking about, we’re talking about Spice Road Table. This spot has one of the most uniquely (in a good way) flavored cocktails we’ve had around the World Showcase called the Mahia Pamelo. Made with fig liqueur, grapefruit, and lemon, this tart cocktail felt like a Moroccan take on a Paloma. If you’re a fan of less sweet cocktails, this is a must-try. Super unique!
  • France – No, we’re not reaching for Gran Mariner slush. While it’s very refreshing, we have a DVC Duo all-time favorite spot in the France Pavilion, Les Vins des Chefs de France. Otherwise known as the wine cellar. Inside the wine shop is our all-time favorite champagne Veuve Clicquot. It’s probably our favorite as it’s what we had at our wedding and every time we’re in Epcot we have to stop in for a glass. It’s a DVC Duo tradition.
  • United Kingdom – Much like the Germany Pavilion, you probably know what’s coming here. You got it, a proper pint. The big question is which pint? While many people line up for a pint along the walkway, we head inside the Rose & Crown Pub. While both locations know how to pour a proper pint, inside the pub you’ll find a wider range of half and half options. We have two staples of our rotation, a traditional black and tan and the snakebite. It all depends on the Florida season.
  • Canada – Last stop on our tour all the best Epcot drinks brings us to the Canada pavilion. More often than not you’ll find skipping over the Canada pavilion to head back to the UK pavilion, as we prefer their beer options. However, from time to time, when the weather is just right, we’ll grab a pint in Canada. The beer to get here has to be the La Fin Du Monde. Let’s just say its won a few beer awards. What makes it extra special in the Canada Pavilion is it’s on draft!

Our Thoughts

We did it! We made around the World Showcase highlighting our best Epcot drinks. Hopefully, we didn’t stumble too much. See what we did there. Yeah, a drinking around the world joke. You had to expect it at some point. Anyways, after all this drinking talk it’s time for us to enjoy a cocktail or two!

Where Do We Like To Jog? – Best Disney World Running Paths

Where Do We Like To Jog? – Best Disney World Running Paths

Vacation runs. Two words that usually don’t go hand in hand, unless you’re like us. What can we say, we enjoy a good vacation jog. For any runners, the question always becomes where can I run on my trip? A vacation at Disney is no different. While there are not a large number of sidewalks along the main roads, there is an abundance of Disney World running paths. Alright, let’s lace up our running shoes and take a lap around the best Disney World running paths!

Exterior of Copper Creek

Less Than Ideal

Not all resorts are created equally when it comes to running paths. While most Disney resorts have a running path, not all do. For anyone looking to log a few miles outside while at Disney World the following resorts may not be the best option. We’ve found that a treadmill run works best at these resorts.

  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House and Kidani Village
  • Disney’s Contemporary Resort and Bay Lake Tower
  • Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, Boulder Ridge, and Copper Creek Cabins

Additionally, all of these resorts are in areas we would not recommend running along the roads. They tend to heavily trafficked roadways.

Three Bridges at Coronado Springs Resort

Short, But Works

Sometimes all you need is a good small loop or an out and back to get the job done. These two Disney World running paths are perfect for just that. We’ve been known to make multiple laps around these paths to create a longer jog. At Disney’s All-Star Resorts there is a 1-mile paved path that connects the three resorts. It’s a great way to see all the themeing at each of the resorts.

Just down the road from the All-Star Resorts is Disney’s Coronado Resort and Gran Destino Tower. The 3/4 of mile path around Lago Dorado is perfect for an early morning jog, as it brings you past the different resorts builds, pool, and circles the Three Bridges restaurant in the center. This is definitely a path you’ll want to jog in the morning (when possible), as the day passes the path gets busier when people moving about the resort.

The Go To’s

Otherwise known as our favorites. Like a favorite pair of running shoes, there are some Disney World running paths that just take the cake. One of our all-time favorite running paths encompasses two resorts, Disney’s Saratoga Springs, and Disney’s Old Key West. Thanks to the Lake Buena Vista golf course there is a path that connects to the resorts (not the cart path). The path runs along a canal with beautiful trees and views of the golf course and Disney’s Old Key. It could be one of the longer paths at Disney World at just under two miles. A couple of things to note is the path connecting the two resorts is only open from sunrise to dusk, as it’s not lit. If you’re looking to extend your run, you loop through Disney Springs (this may not be an option due to COVID restrictions).

Not to be outdone is the running path around Crescent Lake. With access from Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club, Disney’s Boardwalk, and The Swan and Dolphin, this tends to be one of the more popular Disney World running paths. Depending on how far you’re looking to go, you can either do the 0.8-mile loop around the lake or extend by adding in the pathway to Hollywood Studios. Fair warning, running on the boardwalk is definitely interesting compared to a normal paved road.

Two resorts, one great path! Between Disney’s Pop Century and Art of Animation Resort is Hourglass Lake and it’s 1.38-mile running path. There is something about this jogging path that we found to be so relaxing. It has to be the still morning water. One thing to note is the queue for the Disney Skyliner can extend into the path about an hour so before the opening of Hollywood Studios. It’s definitely a path best enjoyed earlier in the morning.

One of the newer paths we discovered is about to get a little better. Over at Disney’s Polynesian Resort and Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, there is a 0.8-mile path that connects the resorts. While the path is a little short at the moment, it’s about to get much longer when the walkway from the Grand Floridian to the Magic Kingdom opens. With Cinderella’s castle in the distance and the sun shining off Seven Seas Lagoon, it’s hard to beat this one.

Last, but not least of our favorites one of the newest Disney World running paths. With a 1.4 mile paved loop around Barefoot Bay guests at Disney’s Riviera Resort and Disney’s Caribbean Resort are able to enjoy a Caribbean inspired morning jog. This path definitely tends to get busy about an hour before the opening of Hollywood Studios, as it’s the same path used to get to the Disney Skyliner station for the park.

The Unknown

Let’s head into the unknown! There are a couple of Disney World running paths that we have yet to experience. However, that doesn’t mean we should mention them. At Disney’s Riverside and French Quarter Resorts, there is a 1.7-mile tree-lined path connecting the two resorts. From what we’ve heard it’s good for a morning or afternoon jog, thanks to the shade.

The other big unknown path is over at Fort Wilderness. It what has to be the longest of the Disney World running paths at 3.1 miles, the Fort Wilderness running path sounds like a runner’s dream. Set in the countryside the path takes you through shaded areas of the resort and scenic views of Bay Lake. This is definitely one we’ll have to try!

Our Thoughts

It’s hard to go wrong with a vacation work. In our experience, anything is better than nothing when it comes to running. With all the miles we log in the parks, we never let a shorter path or no path stop us from staying at a certain Disney Resort. However, we do always take into account the different running paths when planning out our trip and what shoes we will need. Yeah, we’re those runners, the ones that have specific shoes just for running. Alright, there is only one thing left to do after talking about the different Disney World running paths, you guessed it, stretch!

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