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A Sleepover With Figment – Could We See A New Epcot Resort?

We’ll bring the snacks! Every great sleepover needs snacks, right? There are no better snacks than classic Disney snacks. Rumors around a new Epcot resort recently resurfaced and it got us thinking,...

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Refurbishment Update – Sleeping In Style!

Get’em well hot! We’ve got Disney’s Saratoga Springs refurbishment updates. Coming out of the steamy summer heat of Florida, we’ve got a variety of updates around the progress of Saratoga Springs...

Disney Vacation Club Benefits – The Return Of The Perks!

Don't call it a comeback! How about we call it a continuation. We're back talking about Disney Vacation Club benefits. After our last Disney Vacation Club perks article, we uncovered a few more...

Underrated Magic Kingdom Attractions – A DVC Duo Top 3

Three, we only get three? Why do we do this to ourselves! It's definitely going to be a challenge to whittle the list of underrated Magic Kingdom attractions down to just three. But, we're always up...

Animal Kingdom Holiday Decorations – Spreading The Festive Spirit!

Ready, set, let’s holiday! The Walt Disney World festive spirit is spreading to the Animal Kingdom holiday decorations. The holiday season at Walt Disney World is one of the best times of the year...

How Long Until We See the Rethemeing of Splash Mountain Begin?

Fast-tracked. Expedited. Prioritized. Sped up. All words that are being used to describe the rethemeing of Splash Mountain at both Disney World and Disneyland. And, words that can also mean many...

Epcot’s Pizza al Taglio – A Slice For A Trip Around The World Showcase!

One slice or two? Two, it’s always two when we’re talking about pizza. If we’re talking about Disney pizza, there’s one place to go and that’s Epcot’s Italy pavilion. As we mentioned in our Disney...

Beaches & Cream Refurbishment – Making Room For More Scoops?

One scoop or two? Always go for two, you’ll thank us later. Summer is upon us, and this means we’ll be lining up for our go to summer treat, ice cream. At Walt Disney World, the perennial favorite...

Best Quick-Serve Restaurants at Epcot – DVC Duo’s Top 3

All, can we say all? When it comes to best quick-serve restaurants at Epcot it’s different levels of good. In the DVC Duo house, we go back and forth, on which World Showcase country offers the best...

Ohana Bread Pudding Recipe – A DVC Duo Baking Guide

Did someone say Ohana Bready Pudding? Those words are music to our ears. We're back with our second installment of our Disney at home cooking. Today we're talking Ohana Bread Pudding recipe. As we...


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