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Disney Cruise Embarkation – Boarding The Happiest Ship On The Seas!

Bon Voyage! Well, not quite yet, we need to board the ship first. In the first article of our Disney Cruise series, we're discussing our Disney Cruise embarkation day. By far the most important day...

The Monorail Crawl – A DVC Duo Choose Your Own Adventure

Let's take a lap! Our monorail crawl will take us on an adventure around the Seven Seas Lagoon. With the Magic Kingdom as your backdrop, a monorail crawl is our fun way of taking a break from the...

Mickey’s 90th Birthday – Our Mickey Favorites

Happy Birthday to you, Mickey! Can you believe it’s been 90 years!? Boy, time sure does fly. Mickey Mouse became a household name on November 18,1928 in his first feature Steamboat Willie. The...

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party – DVC Duo’s Holiday Guide

“There ain’t no party like a…” Mickey party! Sometimes it just writes itself. Today in our Holiday Guide Series we’re diving into Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom. For more...

Disney Packing List – What’s In Your Bag? Or Things You Wish Were

Did you pack enough socks? You can never pack enough socks. Creating your Disney packing list is half the battle, the other half is making it all fit in your luggage. Who hasn’t sat atop there...

Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom Lodge – A DVC Duo Resort Review

New theme parks, lead to new resort areas. On April 20, 1998, Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened, increasing the overall footprint of Walt Disney World and creating a demand for a new resort area. Less...

Epcot’s World Showcase – In Search For Our Top 3 Countries

Let’s travel the world! Epcot’s World Showcase that is. With all the updates coming to one of our favorite Walt Disney World parks, from Ratatouille and Beauty and the Beast in the France pavilion...

Epcot’s Pizza al Taglio – A Slice For A Trip Around The World Showcase!

One slice or two? Two, it’s always two when we’re talking about pizza. If we’re talking about Disney pizza, there’s one place to go and that’s Epcot’s Italy pavilion. As we mentioned in our Disney...

To the Fourth FastPass and Beyond! – DVC Duo FastPass Guide

Fourth FastPass, and beyond? That’s music to our ears tell us more! Oh, you know you can rely on the DVC Duo to keep you in the know, Buzz. The only thing better than three FastPass selections with...

New Japan Signature Restaurant Coming to Epcot

Food. The DVC Duo loves food, some may even call us "foodies". You can only imagine our excitement when we found out a new Japan Signature restaurant is coming to Epcot. We may have done the Carlton...


“I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing — that it was all started by a mouse” – Walt Disney


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