Why Is Walt Disney World 3D Mapping All The Parks?

Why Is Walt Disney World 3D Mapping All The Parks?

Say that again! That’s right, news broke a few weeks back regarding Walt Disney World 3D mapping the parks. But, why? What could Disney be working on? Like any Disney rumor, there are many directions it could take us and this especially holds true with the Disney World 3D mapping project. The time has come to take a birds-eye view of the different options. Just like 3D mapping, the only way to get a birds-eye view is from a helicopter!

Helicopter doing the Disney World 3D Mapping

Breaking News

On June 17, 2020, news broke around the possible of Walt Disney World 3D mapping the Magic Kingdom. Thanks to BlogMickey, we got information on a low flying helicopter making a grid pattern over the house of the mouse. Attached to the front of the chopper was a special camera that was later confirmed to be for 3D mapping. Fast-forward a few days and we saw the same grid pattern take place over the other Disney World parks.

If Disney were looking for an opportunity to 3D map the parks, there is no time like the present. It’s not often Disney has the opportunity to film the parks empty, especially midday. With the Disney World parks gearing up to begin reopening on July 11, 2020, Disney is definitely making the most of the opportunity.

Passholder Insights: When the Disney World parks reopen all guests will be required to make a park reservation for entry to any of the parks. For information on how to make parks reservations please reference the following guide.

Close of the camera doing the Disney World 3D Mapping

Option One

Park Operations. As Aladdin would say, it’s a whole new world. One of the options for the Disney World 3D mapping is around managing crowds as it relates to social distancing. By creating a 3D environment Parks Operations and Imagineering could in theory test out every possible vantage point for new nighttime shows while keeping social distancing measures in check. For example, fireworks at the Magic Kingdom that would not require all guests to be in front of the castle. Instead, Disney could use the majority of the park to create viewing areas to keep guest social distant while providing a nighttime show.

Additionally, Park Options could apply this technology to a variety of situations from character caravans to how to best handle crowd control when the parks close for the night.

Passholder Insights: History tells us that Disney create a variety of projects that we as guests may or may not see.

Option Two

Imagineering. Have you seen the Imagineering Story on Disney Plus? If you haven’t, as part of the show Disney shows you a room where the Imagineers can use Virtual Reality (VR) to see how new ideas fit within the parks. The framework of the current VR technology uses basic graphics. Think of a simple layout like Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch. The second option for the Disney World 3D mapping is for an upgrade version of the Imagineering VR technology.

With an updated VR the Imagineers could use the new Disney World 3D mapping of the parks for better visualizations on how new rides, shows, and experiences could fit into the park. We could see this being used for more realistic presentations on potential projects and how they’re revealed and viewed within the parks, in conjunction with the infamous concept art of the project.

Passholder Insights: At Disney Springs you’ll find an AR experience called the VOID. The VOID usually offers a couple of different environments to explore and partake in like Star Wars and Wreck-It Ralph.

flight path for the Disney World 3D mapping of the Magic Kingdom

Option Three

You leave the best for last, right? Is that how this blogging thing goes? Well, we hope so or we’ve been doing it all wrong. The last option for the Disney World 3D mapping is for the guest experience. We’re talking updated maps either within the My Disney Experience app or potentially a new app. This would be similar to the 3D mapping you’d find within Google maps today. Could you imagine clicking on a restaurant and getting a 3D map on how to find it?

The guest experience expands beyond just the maps. What if Disney used the technology to improve Memory Maker? No one wants a castle picture with the cranes in the background. If Cinderella’s Castle and the surrounding areas are mapped Disney could remove aspects of the picture like the cranes very easily.

Passholder Insights: The traditional castle picture is in front of the castle. If you’re looking for a different angle head towards Sleepy Hollow Refreshments and look for the PhotoPass photographer for a side angle picture.

Our Thoughts

The options are endless. Disney could go a variety of options with the Disney World 3D mapping. At the moment, Disney has not announced or stated how they plan to use the 3D maps. More than likely we may never find out, especially if the project is used for behind the scenes type of work. For now, we can let our imaginations run while on what Disney could be up to. Alright, looks like it’s time to land this helicopter!

Underrated Hollywood Studios Attractions – A DVC Duo Top 3

Underrated Hollywood Studios Attractions – A DVC Duo Top 3

It’s list time! Who doesn’t love a good list? You know we love them. Especially, lists around underrated Disney World attractions. We’re back with our underrated Hollywood Studios attractions. After tackling the likes of our underrated Magic Kingdom and Epcot, we’re gearing up to take MGM Studios. Oops, we mean Hollywood Studios. Or do we? (Queue Scar laugh). Alright, we ready, are you? There’s no stopping now, it’s time to take on our top 3 underrated Hollywood Studios attractions. May the force be with us!

tower of terror is part of our Hollywood Studios Fastpass Strategies

There Are Rules

Rules? We don’t need any stinking rules. Well, yes we do or we would have chaos and we’re no jokers. Here we go. We’re using the same rules from our previous articles. First and foremost, the attraction should not have a Fastpass. We’re looking for attractions that are flying under the radar. Second, the attraction should be available on a regular park day, not just with special events or parties. Sorry, holiday version of Sunset Boulevard. You are one of our top holiday attractions, however you don’t qualify for this list. Lastly, no live entertainment. Whether it’s Galaxy’s Edge walk around characters or Citizens of Hollywood, we’re only looking for attractions. Alright, with the rules in place we’re ready to pick our top 3 underrated Hollywood Studios attractions!

Passholder Insights: Late at night is a great time to get in a ride on Slinky Dog Dash or piloting the Millennium Falcon. Usually by the last hour of the night the wait times lower.

Ready For Launch

Where are you launching off to? In the first stop of our top 3 underrated Hollywood Studios attractions we’re launching ourselves over to Star Wars Launch Bay. When you’re off-planet or otherwise known as not visiting Black Spire Outpost, you can still get your Star Wars fix at Launch Bay. Tucked away in Animation Courtyard is a great spot for any Star Wars or movie buff fan to check out. Filled is costumes and props from the most recent Star Wars trilogy, you can spend hours reading about and viewing all the different pieces.

Beyond the movie pieces, there are a variety of character meet ‘n greets, including one of the most uncomfortable (in the best way possible) meet ‘n greets in the form of Kyloe Ren. For us, it’s the perfect place to escape the heat or wait out the always predictable afternoon thunderstorm.

Passholder Insights: When exiting Star Wars Launch you’ll head through a shop with a variety of unique merchandise including limitation edition pieces.

Race Time

Green means go! Well, we got the green light so let’s take a look at the second of our underrated Hollywood Studios attractions. With all this green and race talk you’ve probably figured out which attraction we’re talking about. Did you guess it? That’s right, we’re talking about Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy. Adjacent to the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster courtyard you’ll find the Sunset Showroom and home to one of most famous race cars around. The 10-minute continuous operating show housing one of the coolest animatronics in Lightning McQueen.

Every time we see the show our jaws drop with all the subtle details and movements Lightning McQueen makes within the show. If you’re fan of the Cars franchise or just looking for amazing Disney animatronics, this a show worth seeing.

Passholder Insights: Outside of Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy you’ll find character meet ‘n greets with Cruz Ramirez and a variety of other photo opportunities.

Glorious 3-Hour Finally

Oh, how we love to quote Sam Eagle. This infamous quote comes from our last stop on our underrated Hollywood Studio attractions. Marked by the Missy Piggy fountain outside is Muppet Vision 3D. Ok, ok, we have to come clean, as we’re breaking our rules. But what can we say, some rules are meant to be broken and when it comes to The Muppets, we’re breaking the rules. We love this attraction for a multitude of reasons, but when we really get down to it, it’s because of the humor. The show is filled with fantastic Muppet moments and tons of quotable moments.

While in the theater definitely keep your head on a swivel, as the show takes place all around you. If you can, you’ll want to try sit within the middle third of the theater for the best seats.

Passholder Insights: During the pre-show definitely check out all the different artifacts around the room as they are filled with great puns and dad jokes.

Our Thoughts

Hollywood Studios is filled with headliner attractions. Trust us, they are definitely worth the checking out and experiencing. They are all must do’s for us on every trip. When you have extra time or looking to fill in those extra 30 minutes you have before your Rise of the Resistance boarding pass, check out these underrated attractions. There is only one thing left to figure out, where should we head first? Who are we kidding, can you save us a seat for Muppet Vision 3D?

Could An Upcoming Disney Movie Lead To A Brazil Pavilion at Epcot?

Could An Upcoming Disney Movie Lead To A Brazil Pavilion at Epcot?

Let’s talk about rumors! No, we’re not talking about the famous Fleetwood Mac album, as that’s spelled Rumours. A great album for sure, and definitely worth a listen. We’re talking about rumblings around a Brazil Pavilion at Epcot. This is no new rumor, as we’ve been tracking it together for some time now. The idea of Brazil Pavilion coming to Epcot usually surfaces around D23 Expo (Disney’s bi-annual fan event), with last year many predicting we’d hear an announcement. Us included. With no event this year, why could it pop up again? We’re glad you ask. Let’s find our favor marker and see if we can connect the dots!

We'll see if our D23 Predictions are right at D23 Expo

Last D23 Expo

For years, the idea of a Brazil Pavilion at Epcot has enchanted many Disneyphiles. To say a Brazil Pavilion at Epcot would be welcome by everyone is an understatement. Leading up to last year’s D23 Expo it looked to be a foregone conclusion we’d finally hear Bob Chapek announcement the new project. As the event wrapped, and no word of a Brazil Pavilion coming to Epcot, many believed the project was being held due to political conflict within the country. But, could it have been something else? Could Disney be waiting to make another announcement first? Then, announce that there will be a Brazil Pavilion at Epcot.

Passholder Insights: At the moment, the only presence Brazil has within Epcot’s World Showcase is during the International Food and Wine Festival. If you’re there during the festival definitely try the Brazilian cheese bread. You’re welcome!

Breaking News

Thanks to The Dis Insider news broke on June 22, 2020, around a new Walt Disney Animation Studios film called Encanto (tentative title). The new animated feature centers around a young girl and how she is the only family member without magical powers. What’s interesting is the rumored location of the movie, Brazil. We’ve noticed the location of the film flip flops back And forth between being set in Columbia and Brazil. However, Drew Taylor on episode 84 of Fine-Tuning (part of the Jim Hill Media Network), confirmed the details around the storyline and setting in Brazil. Drew is a former Disney employee, now animation media report with many ties within the Walt Disney Animation Studios. The only person referencing Columbia is Lin-Manuel Miranda, as he is writing the musical score. Additional, information around the production is still being kept close to the vest.

Could an announcement around a Brazil Pavilion at Epcot be linked with Encanto?

Passholder Insights: The Dis Insider believes we could see Encanto in November of 2021 in theaters, as Disney has a untitled movie list in this release slot. A lot could change with movie release dates due to COVID-19.

Been There

We’ve seen this play before, right? Oh, yes we have! Do we remember the movie Gigantic? Back in 2015 at the D23 Expo Disney announced the animated feature called Gigantic. A new version of Jack and Beanstalk set in Spain. As the project moved forward we heard confirmation from many Disney insiders, including Jim Hill, that Disney planned to open a Spain Pavilion with a Gigantic attraction. Unfortunately, In October of 2017, Disney announced the movie was canceled due to a variety of complications around the script and production.

In the DVC Duo house, we believe we could see something similar happen as it related to Encanto and a Brazil Pavilion at Epcot. It is well-known that Disney is working to bring more Intellectual Property (IP) to Epcot’s World Showcase. For example, Remy Ratatouille Adventure within the France Pavilion. Many believe Disney would look to move the Three Caballeros from the Mexico Pavilion to make way for Coco, to a new Brazil Pavilion. Instead, we could see a whole new IP brought a Brazil Pavilion and the success of Encanto could be a key component in seeing a Brazil Pavilion at Epcot.

Passholder Insights: Adding Brazil to the World Showcase would help Disney reach its goal of having a country from each continent.

Our Thoughts

Strong possibility! There is a lot of runaway between now and next year’s D23 Expo. With many projects at Walt Disney up in the air right now, from hotels to attractions and even movie productions, we will have to wait and see. Traditionally, animated movies can take anywhere from 18 months to 3 years to complete. If Encanto is released to theaters and is set in Brazil, we would not be surprised to see a Brazil Pavilion at Epcot with an Encanto attraction. With it being unknown where Encanto stands the development process we could see an official announcement at the next D23 Expo in 2021. For now, we will have to wait and see. In the meantime, we got the itch to listen to Rumours by Fleetwood Mac!

La Cava Cucumber Margarita Recipe – A DVC Duo Cocktail Guide

La Cava Cucumber Margarita Recipe – A DVC Duo Cocktail Guide

Margarita? Summer is here and in the DVC Duo house that means margaritas. In this rendition of our Disney at home, we’re sharing our La Cava Cucumber Margarita recipe. That’s right after sharing our jalapeno margarita recipe we’re heading back for another round. What can we say, we enjoy our margaritas! Alright, we’ve got our cocktail shaker, off to the kitchen. It’s time to make our La Cava Cucumber Margarita recipe!

We're sharing our La Cava Cucumber Margarita Recipe


This is where we usually talk about the location of the recipe. But we’ve been there, done that in our jalapeno margarita recipe. You already know La Cava del Tequila is located inside Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion. It’s on the righthand side when you’re walking into the Mayan Temple. So we can skip the location summary this time around and get right to our La Cava Cucumber Margarita recipe!


  • 2 oz of cucumber puree
  • 1/2 of a fresh lime
  • 2 oz of Tequila (blanco)
  • 1 oz Triple Sec
  • 1/2 oz of agave nectar
  • 1 fresh basil leave
  • 1/2 oz of caramelized pineapple juice
  • Sliced and quarter pieces of cucumber
  • Tajin Seasoning


Caramelized Pineapple Juice

  1. Boil pineapple juice on stove until it’s a simple syrup ~7 to 10 minutes

Pureed Cucumber

  1. Peel and remove the seedless from a cucumber
  2. Puree in a food processor or Nutribullet (we do not recommend a juicer)

La Cava Cucumber Margarita

  1. Mull basil leaf and two or three pieces of the sliced and quartered cucumber in the bottom of the shaker
  2. Fill the shaker halfway with ice
  3. Add tequila
  4. Add triple sec
  5. Add cucumber puree
  6. Add caramelized pineapple juice
  7. Add agave nectar
  8. Add lime
  9. Shake until the shaker is too cold to hold
  10. Rim a margarita glass with Tajin seasoning
  11. Serve in a margarita glass with the ice


There’s more than one way to shake up this La Cava Cucumber Margarita recipe. One of the hardest ingredients to find will be the Tajin seasoning. The seasoning is a blend of salt, dried chili peppers, and dehydrated lime. Below is how we’ve recreated the seasoning at home.

  • Replace Triple Sec with Orange Liquor
  • Replace Agave Nectar with Simple Syrup
  • Replace Agave Nectar with Honey
  • Replace Tajin Season with salt, chili peppers, and little chopped lime zest

This cocktail is the perfectly refreshing drink you’re looking for on a warm sunny day.

Previous Recipe: Nomad Lounge Night Monkey

Just Keep Walking – Could We See New Security Checks At Disney World?

Just Keep Walking – Could We See New Security Checks At Disney World?

We know it’s swimming! We’re sorry, Dory. But, you cannot swim into a Walt Disney World theme park. Well, if it’s July then it does feel like you’re swimming through the humidity. Anyways, we’re here today to talk about security checks at Disney World. It’s everyone’s favorite topic. (#sarcasm) While it may not be our favorite topic, it’s definitely a must for theme parks today. Some may say the less magical part of Walt Disney World is the bag check prior to entering the parks. Could that be changing? Let’s remove all metal, unzip our park bag and raise our cell phone above heads, as we’re off to investigate new security checks at Disney World!

new security check at Disney Animal Kingdom - pic from @bioreconstruct

What They’ve Done Thus far

Walking into a Disney park you’re heading one of two ways, guests with bags or guests without. While the parks up the road use x-ray machines and metal detectors for scanning, Disney World has taken a different approach since September 12, 2001. All guest’s bags are manually checked by Mouse Security and guests walk through a metal detector. The process is slower than other parks, but we have to say it’s more thorough.

Over the past 2 years, Disney has continued to improve the guest experience when entering the parks by redesigning the security checkpoints. Larger, more expansion security entrances have greatly improved guest flow into the park. All while moving the security checks at Disney World further away from the park entrance. At the moment, Hollywood Studios is the only park that has completed its design. The Magic Kingdom and Epcot are not too far behind, and the Animal Kingdom just started.

Passholder Insights: To save time when heading through security always make sure to unzip all compartments within your bag or stroller.

Potential Change

Here comes the walking reference. Thanks to BlogMickey we got an early glimpse of what we could see as the new security checks at Disney World. On Monday, June 15, 2020, Disney was testing a new technology by Evolv Technology at Disney Springs for contactless entry. Yes, contactless entry. We’re talking about no x-ray machines, no manual bag searches, and no metal detectors. You just keep walking!

So, who is Evolv Technology? We were thinking the same thing. Just like NBA or MLS referees, if you don’t know who they are that’s a good thing. Evolv Technology is a company out of Waltham, MA that specials in contactless entry systems for screening employees entering a building, students on campus, and visitors entry large venues. For example, Gillette Stadium and Oakland International Airport are a couple of places with Evolv Technology in place.

Digging a little deeper into the company we learned that they have an impressive list of advisors ranging from the CIA, FBI, and TSA. Additionally, one of the primary investors in the company is Bill Gates. He may know a thing or two about technology. It’s safe to say that Disney World would not be the company’s first major or high profile client.

Please note that Disney does not allow for any pictures of their security areas or protocols, including if they are only testing new technology.

Passholder Insights: Under Bob Iger, the focus for Disney has been technology. From Magicbands to Disney+, Disney continues to adopt technology in all aspects.

Why The Change?

It’s all about the guest experience. As we spoke about in our Disney Reopening Guide, everything is going to be a little different when the parks reopen. One of the big changes will be temperature checks. With the addition of temperature checks, the process for entering a park got a little bit longer. On average it took us about 10 to 15 minutes to get through the bag check prior to the addition of temperature checks. It’s safe to say we should expect that to double with the new process. The big concern for Disney comes with how to manage the larger security lines while maintaining social distancing.

In the DVC Duo house, we believe Disney is looking to be proactive and add the new security checks at Disney World to resolve the crowding issue. We’ve been fortunate to experience the Evolv Technology system previous at Gillette Stadium, and it worked flawlessly. No stopping or removing of anything, just walk through the sensors. If Disney were able to add this system it could greatly reduce the time to enter the parks. Additionally, it would eliminate the need to manually check bags and provide a safer work environment for Disney Security.

Passholder Insights: To save time going through security checks at Disney World we recommend only sending one person with the your bags through the bag check and have everyone else go through the non-bag line.

Our Thoughts

The sooner the better. With everything going on in the world today, the more Disney can do to make things “contact-less” the better. Based on the research we’ve done Evolv Technology has a fantastic track record and many other high profile clients similar to Disney World. If we had to guess we’re thinking may see new security checks at Disney World sooner than we would expect. With the lower crowd levels this summer, it is the perfect time to test/deploy a new system. Alright, we’re made it through the new security checks at Disney World, what should we ride first? Hands down, it’s Rise of the Resistance!

UPDATE: On July 7, 2020, we received confirmation the new Evolv Technology will be used Disney’s Animal Kingdom. If testing goes well it will be rolled out to all the remaining theme parks. The new system is now in place at Disney’s Animal Kingdom as part of the cast member previews.