Move Over Agent P, Here Comes Ducktales? – World Showcase Update

Move Over Agent P, Here Comes Ducktales? – World Showcase Update

Ducktales, Woohoo! Is it just us or every time you say Ducktales, you feel compelled to follow it up with the Woohoo!? Anyways. As kids of the nineties we grew up with – The Disney Afternoon, two glorious hours of cartoons that ran Monday through Friday. Over the years the shows changed, but the Disney Afternoon for us will always consist of Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers, Talespin, Darkwing Duck, and the reason we’re all here – Ducktales! Rumors are swirling around Ducktales having a greater presence at Walt Disney World. We’re busting out those treasure maps and heading out to help Huey, Dewey, and Louie find that Lost Lamp!

Ducktales could replace Agent P
Agent P at World Showcase Entrance

Who Is Agent P?

Don’t worry, we asked the same thing. Agent P is character from the Disney cartoon Phineas and Ferb, who is a secret agent on a mission to stop his nemesis Dr. Doofenshmirtz. In an interactive scavenger spread around Epcot’s World Showcase, you’re tasked to join Agent P on his mission. Similar to the Wilderness Explorers Club at the Animal Kingdom, Agent P World Showcase Adventure is designed to bring up to 9 guests deep into 6 of the different World Showcase Pavilions on a truly unique interactive experience.

To kick-off your adventure you can use the Disney Play app on your smartphone or pick up an interactive device from mission control at the entrance to the World Showcase. If you’re using the Disney Play app on your smartphone you can begin the adventure at any time. All you need to do is register from at the following site (www.agentpwsa.com). Please note that the missions reset at the end of the day and progress is not saved. The big advantage to picking up device provided by Disney is you’ll receive “coins” as a souvenir.

Agent P was added in the summer of 2012, and replaced the original World Show Adventure themed to Kim Possible. The rumors are circling the World Showcase Adventure could be in line for an update. For what? Our clues are directing us towards Ducktales.

Passholder Insights: The Disney Play app does use data. If you’re looking to save data Disney has free wifi in the parks. It can be slow depending on how busy the parks are on a given day.

Ducktales testing - Launch Pad McQuack Meet and Greet
LaunchPad McQuack Meet N Greet

Ducktales Recent History

In the summer of 2017, Disney relaunched arguably the best cartoon from the old Disney Afternoon series, Ducktales. The cartoon was brought back with a new animation style that’s similar to the animation being used for Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, and new character voices. It’s become a lethal combination as the show is a critically acclaimed success. It has received a variety of award nominations and cast members have won awards for best voice acting.

Based on its success Disney World has been looking for ways to bring the characters into the parks. Last summer at the Animal Kingdom, Disney added a new character meet ‘n greet in Dinoland called Donald’s Dino Bash. Long story short, Donald found out ducks are related to dinosaurs and he wanted to celebrate with a bash! What’s interesting is how two of the meet ‘n greets were characters from Ducktales- LaunchPad McQuack, and Donald’s Uncle Scrooge McDuck. The Bash has been so popular that what was originally planned to be just a summer offering, is coming up on its one year anniversary.

Passholder Insights: There are a couple of the cutest “dinosaurs” hiding in the woods as part of the meet ‘n greet. They can be hard to find. Keep an eye open for a walkway to the left of the entrance to Dinosaur. You’ll want to head pass Daisy Duck to find them.

UK Pavilion Agent P
World Showcase Adventure Scene

What We Could See

As the rumors go, we could see Disney retheme the World Showcase Interactive Adventure to a storyline based on Ducktales. If we were betting people, which we’re not, we would be willing to bet the storyline would be built around Disney’s Ducktales The Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp from 1990. It would fit perfectly with the adventure style interactive game. Additionally, Disney is releasing new episodes of the updated show that tie into the original movie. Could this be the famed “X” we’ve been looking for Indy?

Our Thoughts
An update to the World Showcase Interactive Adventure would make a lot of sense. First and foremost, a tie in to Ducktales would speak to a generation who grew up with the show and is primed to bring their little ones to Walt Disney World. Secondly, Epcot is kicking off an overall update to the park with a redo of the Future World spine, new Play pavilion, and additional attractions like Ratatouille. Fingers crossed we see more Ducktales in the parks. You said “Woohoo!” when you read that didn’t you? We knew it!  

Our Favorite DVC Perks – There’s A Benefit For That!

Our Favorite DVC Perks – There’s A Benefit For That!

We’re here for the DVC perks! Becoming a Disney Vacation Club Member (DVC) has a variety of benefits! Obviously the first and foremost is the array of amazing Disney resorts to stay at. Many times, the lesser known benefits fade into the background as the more well known DVC perks grab the spotlight. It got us thinking (it happens once and awhile) what are the DVC perks we’ve enjoyed the most at Walt Disney World?

Moonlight is one of the DVC perks
DVC Moonlight at Magic Kingdom

Ain’t No Event Like A Disney Event

If you can think it, more than likely Walt Disney World has an event or tour for it. And yes DVC perks are discounts for special events and guided tours. From the Behind the Magic Tour to the always enjoyable Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, Disney will usually give some type of discount for DVC members. What we enjoy the most is we’re able to extend our discount on these events to our family members when they travel to Disney World with us.

Beyond the specials on paid events, Disney hosts special events for DVC members called DVC Moonlight Magic. We’ve been lucky enough to be at Disney World for a couple of these events, and they are truly magical. Similar to the discount on the special events, we’ve been able to extend invitations to the Moonlight Magic events to our friends and family. Moonlight Magic remains a bit ambiguous in detail. A lot of people have heard of the events, but are not sure what they entail. The best way we can describe them is combine a Disney After Hours Event, with a Magic Kingdom holiday party.

Passholder Insights: One of the most underrated and reasonable tours at Walt Disney World is the Behind the Seeds Tour. If you enjoyed the Living with the Land attraction, you’ll want to check this one out.

Tables in Wonderland one of the DVC Perks

What We Care About Most

The way to the DVC Duo’s heart is through our stomachs. We love trying new food, and Walt Disney World is filled with great restaurants to try. One of our favorite DVC perks is the discounts for food and beverage at a the majority of Disney restaurants. Members have two options when deciding on discount dining. The standard offering includes either 10% or 15% discount (food only) at many sit down restaurants with our DVC membership card. For people who are foodies and enjoy an adult time out, there is also Tables in Wonderland.

Tables in Wonderland is the Walt Disney World dining discount card that is usually reserved for Florida residents. Disney has extended the benefit to DVC members as well. The card offers a 20% discount off the total bill (food and beverage), at many Disney sit down restaurants. One thing to note is the card automatically adds an 18% gratuity.

Passholder Insights: Tables in Wonderland also works in many Disney lounges, both in the parks and at the resorts.

Inside the DVC Epcot lounge
DVC Lounge at Epcot

The Little Things

It’s always about the little things, right? When it comes to DVC perks we couldn’t agree more. Early access is one of those small things that can be easily overlooked. Many times Disney offers DVC members early registration or purchasing options on runDisney events, Broadway tickets, and even special packages for Disney Cruise and Adventures by Disney. For us the ability to beat crowd is a nice feature.

There’s also the DVC lounges from the Top of World Lounge on top of Bay Lake Tower, to the Epcot lounge on the top floor of the Imagination Pavilion. Both are amazing places to kick back and relax. This makes us DVC members feel extra special – a quiet cool space to stop in and charge your phone, or enjoy a free soda. Disney takes care of its members and it shows!

The small things continue as you enter the parks. When scanning your MagicBand to enter any of the parks the lights change to purple instead of the traditional green. The cast member at the entrance will usually say “Welcome Home”. It’s these type of things that mean the most to us. Discounted food doesn’t hurt either!

Our Thoughts

Joining the Disney Vacation Club is no small decision and one that we pondered for awhile. We knew all the well known DVC perks and benefits. What we didn’t know were lesser known perks. After being members for a while we can say it’s the small perks that mean the most. Welcome Home!

Epcot Fastpass Strategies – A DVC Duo Ride Guide

Epcot Fastpass Strategies – A DVC Duo Ride Guide

Ask and you shall receive! Receive what? Epcot Fastpass Strategies that is. In a theme park built around culture experiences and travel based attractions, there is something for every member of your group,even the littlest one. There is more than meets the eye in this unique theme park. In today’s DVC Duo ride guide we’re tackling Epcot Fastpass Strategies built around different ride experiences. Put on your walking shoes, we’re taking a trip around the world!

Original Test Track Fastpass Entrance
Test Track Fastpass Entrance

First Things First

It’s always good to know the basics before diving into the deep end. In our Fastpass essentials article we cover everything from how to book, when to book, and all aspects in between. For our Epcot Fastpass Strategies guide the most import thing to understand will be tiers. Unlike the Magic Kingdom, where Fastpass tiers are not used, Epcot breaks up the Fastpass options into two tiers. Below is breakdown our the tiers:

Tier One

Tier Two

  • Living with the Land
  • Spaceship Earth
  • Mission Space
  • The Seas with Nemo & Friends
  • Pixar Short Film Festival
  • Journey Into Imagination With Figment
  • Turtle Talk with Crush

With Fastpass tiers you’re able to select one attraction from tier one, then two attractions from tier two. Once you have completed your first three fastpasses you can select another tier one attraction, if one is available.

Passholder Insights: We would recommend not booking Illuminations as your tier one Fastpass as the night time spectacular has great viewing areas all around World Showcase Lagoon that do not need a Fastpass.

Test Track is part of our Epcot Fastpass Strategies
Test Track Entrance

Covering Distance

Ready, set, go! In this Epcot Fastpass strategies category we’re talking about the attractions that will get you from here to there in a matter seconds. Where’s there? It’s Test Track, Mission Space, and Spaceship Earth. Whether you’re look to travel to space, through time, or even around the track, these attractions got you covered. We like to book Mission Space and Tesk Track back to back, as they’re in close proximity to each other.

If you have time between your Mission Space and Test Track Fastpasses you can always take a second trip around the track. Test Track has one the faster (pun intended) single rider lines at Walt Disney World. The single rider line is a great way to get an extra ride, or experience the attraction if you use your tier one Fastpass on another attraction.

One important thing to understand about the covering distance category is that both Mission Space and Test Track attractions have a minimum height requirement of 40 inches.

Passholder Insights: Mission Space has two ride options (green and orange). The orange is the more intense experience where you’ll feel 2.5 G’s of g-force. If you experience motion sickness we’d recommend the green option.

As part of our Epcot Fastpass Strategies.
Journey Into Imagination

Smiles All Around

A Walt Disney World vacation is filled with happy moments, and these attractions will definitely put a smile on your face. This Epcot Fastpass strategies category is fun for the whole family with attractions everyone can enjoy, from Frozen Ever After, to Turtle Talk with Crush, and the Seas with Nemo and friends. A good swap out for Nemo and Friends would be Journey Into Imagination with Figment. We may only have a short time left to experience the current version of the attraction.

Frozen Ever is one of the harder Fastpasses to get. If you’re unable to reservation a Frozen Fastpass we’d recommend one of the following options. Rope dropping is a great way to way to see the attraction, or other another way is to wait until the end of the day. If you’re not interested in seeing the night time specular you can step into line just before the show starts you’ll usually have less of a wait.

Passholder Insights: When rope dropping Frozen Ever After you’ll want to stay towards the left of the entrance, as the Norway pavilion will on the left of the World Showcase.

Living with the Land is part of our Epcot Fastpass Strategies
Inside Living with the Land

Land, Air, and Space

Let’s kick back and enjoy the ride. In our last Epcot Fastpass Strategies category we’re taking from the land, to space, and back with rides on Soarin’, Living with the Land, and Spaceship Earth. A group of attractions that are perfect for taking a break from the heat, while taking in some amazing sights. Similar to the covering distance grouping, we like to book our Soarin’ and Living with the Land Fastpasses back to back, as both are in the land pavilion.

Passholder Insights: The best seats on Soarin’ on the “B” group. If it’s a less busy day, you can ask a cast member for a seat in this section.

Our Thoughts

Our best advice around Epcot Fastpass strategies is to stay flexible on the times for your tier one attraction. We like to book our tier one first then fill in the rest accordingly. What’s great about Epcot attractions is you can usually enjoy most of the tier two attractions without a Fastpass, and one our favorites, The Three Caballeros, doesn’t even need one. For the tier one attractions we do not get a Fastpass for we tend to either experience them first thing in the morning or as the last thing we do.

Epcot is one of those parks we enjoy regardless of which of the Epcot Fastpass strategies we use. There’s tons to see and enjoy around the World Showcase, from shows to shopping or any of our favorite restaurants like Le Cellier, you cannot go wrong. You’ll find us smiling around the world!

Disney’s Reflections Update – Kicking It At The Lake Side Lodge

Disney’s Reflections Update – Kicking It At The Lake Side Lodge

Disney’s Reflections. Do you remember when…oh wait, not those types of reflections. We’re talking about Disney’s Reflections the new Disney Vacation Club Resort (DVC) coming to Walt Disney World. We’re less than six months away from the opening of the newest DVC resort, the Disney Riviera Resort and plans for another DVC resort are already underway. The initial blueprints for Disney’s Reflections have surfaced giving us a lot of information about the resort. Let’s dig in!

Disney's Reflections Resort being announced by Bob Chapek
Bob Chapek Announcing Reflections

A Historic Theme

It’s one with nature. When Walt Disney World announced the new resort on November 17, 2018 we learned it would incorporate different aspects of nature. Sitting back and reflecting (pun intended) on the resort’s name we discovered it’s rather poetic.

Every where guests look they’ll be surrounded by Disney World history and be able to reflect on how everything has changed over the years. Looking out over Bay Lake at the resort’s water edge, you’ll see Discovery Island, the original animal sanctuary before the opening of Animal Kingdom. The site where the resort will sit is the original home of River Country, the first Disney World water park. Lastly, the resort will be situated next to Pioneer Hall, home to the oldest dinner show in the US, The Hoop Dee Doo review.

Passholder Insights: The Fort Wilderness area is a great place to enjoy your non park day. If you’re at Disney during the holiday season, it’s worth taking a trip to Fort Wilderness to see the decorations.

Initial blueprints for the Disney's Reflections Resort
Resort Layout for Disney’s Reflections

Resort Layout

Reviewing the blueprints from the Disney’s Reflections resort we get a glimpse at the overall layout of the resort. It looks like Disney World will be using a resort styling similar to the Boardwalk Villas or Kidani Village, where the resort is more sprawling and less of a tower. Using a lower more space out design will make it easier for the resort to “hide” in the trees and remain natural feeling.

What stands out the most in the blueprints is the use of cabins along the water. The cabin style rooms are also used in the Cooper Creek portion of the Boulder Ridge Resort. Taking a closer look at the design we wonder if Disney’s Reflections will have two different size cabins. Looking at the cabins on the left side of the diagram, they appear larger than the ones on the right. Could there be both 3 bedroom and 1 bedroom options?

Unique pool area for Disney's Reflections
Pool Area

Unique Pool Area

We had to bust out our magnifying glass for this one. Using our amatuer articheture degree we noticed in section C5 of the plans is the pool area. We know, big surprise a Disney Resort has a pool. What’s surprising isn’t the pool, but what is around the pool. It looks like the resort could have some time of lazy river, similar to Stormalong Bay at the Beach Club Resort.

Talk about poetic! If Disney were to include some type of mini water park at Disney’s Reflections it would be the perfect nod to River Country. Please note this is just speculation and us trying to decipher the blueprints. The water way we’re looking at could easily be a river or stream to help with the overall theming.

Our Thoughts  

The foundation has yet to be poured on Disney’s Reflections Resort, which means a lot of things could change. The biggest thing to remember is that changes could definitely still happen, and more than likely will. For now though, after reviewing the blueprints we’re pretty excited about the resort. We prefer the DVC resorts that are more laid out in a sprawling hotel style over the tower designs, they fell more “homey”. The resort will definitely be one of the more secluded DVC resorts on property, and perfect for trips where you prefer to spend less time in the parks. The big is question is whether or not you’ll see the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the Lakeside?

Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular Updates On The Horizon?

Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular Updates On The Horizon?

“X’ never marks the spot”. Well, Indiana, sometimes it does and we’re hoping it does in regards to the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular update. Rumors around what Disney World could do with the famed archeologist have been going a variety of directions. From a dedicated new land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom to leaving the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular unchanged, and everything in between. Put on your favorite hiking boots, we’re going on an adventure to find the mystical “X”!

Indiana Jones 5th movie will team up Steven Spielburg and Harrison Ford
Steven Spielburg and Harrison Ford

What Everything Hinges On  

A successful intellectual property (IP) is the backbone to every new Walt Disney World attraction. From Guardians of the Galaxy, to Frozen and even the rumors around a Lion King ride, they all have one thing in common – box office success. Some Disneyphiles even call this the $1 billion mark. The mark of which a Disney movie needs to surpass to ensure a Disney attraction.

For the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular a successful IP is a foregone conclusion. An update to the attraction is hinging on the release of the fifth movie in the saga. On May 7, 2019, Disney Studios unveiled its movie release schedule for the next 3 to 4 years. What stood out was the release date for the next Indiana Jones film got pushed to 2021.

End scene of the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular
Scene from Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular

What Could We See  

As we spoke about in our previous Indiana Jones article, we could see an Indiana Jones themed land replace the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular at some point. The one thing that is becoming more and more apparent, especially with the rumors around Ice Age moving into Dinoland, is that the land will probably not be in the Animal Kingdom.  

According to Jim Hill of Jim Hill Media, an update to the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular is in the works for 2021. The update is centered around keeping the attraction as a stunt show. Disney World is planning to rework the show to include scenes from the fifth installment of the franchise, along with the removal of the “placed” guest scene gone wrong. No spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen the show.

Passholder Insights: The later shows for Indiana Jones tend to more busy than the earlier shows. We recommend arriving about 30 minutes prior to showtime.

A new Meet and Greet could be added to the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular
Opening of the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular

Beyond The Show

If you’re going to update something, why not go all in! As part of the update to the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectaculars, Walt Disney World is looking at expanding the presences of the IP within Hollywood Studios. Currently, the gift shop associated with the attraction, the Adventure Outpost, is not geographically adjacent to the show pavilion. The shop sits detached from the show, off to the left when facing the entrance. As part of the update, the plan would be to move the exit of the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular and retheme it to more of a Moroccan bazaar which would serve as the gift shop. Making this change would require Disney to reroute how guests leave the show.

In addition to the new shop, Disney is looking at adding an Indiana Jones meet and greet at the attractions exit. All of these updates are scheduled for 2021 and it is projected the overall project would take about 6 months to complete.

Passholder Insights: The area where the Indiana Jones meet and greet would go is currently home to a variety of movie props from Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade film.

Our Thoughts

It’s wonderful to hear that the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular could see a facelift as part of the Walt Disney World 50th anniversary. Especially, since it’s our favorite show at Hollywood Studios. We will still have some time to wait to see if the project is green lit or not, as everything is hinging on the new film’s success. Based on the 2021 projected release date, the movie would have to kick off production this summer. Once filming begins there is definitely a better chance that we’ll see a new stunt show and potential find the mystical “X” that’s been evading us for years!