Vroom, vroom! Does a Lifecycle make the vroom vroom sound? Only time will tell. We’re back with another Tron construction update. After checking in on Remy over at Epcot, we’re continuing our adventure around the Walt Disney World construction sites at the Magic Kingdom. Over the past few years, we’ve been keeping an eye on the newest expansion to Tomorrowland and how it could set the tone for the rethemeing of Tomorrowland. In March of this year, the pause button was rightfully pushed. Has the time come to unpause? Let’s race into this Tron construction update!

Before The Incident

Like in the show Lost. The incident is what kicked everything off and put us in the place where we are today. Now, if we could only flashback like in the show to a time before the incident. Hmm, any ideas J.J.? Before March 16, 2020, we had a rough idea of when Tron Lifecycle PowerRun could open. We knew Disney planned for the new coaster at the Magic Kingdom to open at the start of the 50th-anniversary celebration. It would be one of the marquee attractions for the 15-month event. Fast-forward to today and everything regarding the schedule is a little in flux, including the start of the 50th (for more information on that, please see the following article).

Passholder Insights: The Walt Disney World Railroad is part of the update to Tomorrowland. There will be scenes added to the area, along with a new tunnel under the walkway to the Tron Lifecycle PowerRun.

Charging Up

Or is it gearing up? Either way, we got our first Tron construction update since everything got flipped upside down on Thursday, June 25, 2020. In an interview for D23 members around rethemeing Splash Mountain, Bob Weis (President of Walt Disney Imagineering) said construction around Tron would have a phased restart. Phased restart? Would could it mean? If we’re reading between the lines, which we like to do, it could be a nice way of saying conserving construction dollars for Disney’s 2020 fiscal year. In the DVC Duo, we believe this could be related to the $900 million Bob Chapek mentioned around cost savings for 2020. Lucky for us, The Walt Disney Company’s fiscal year ends on September 30, 2020.

Passholder Insights: Outside of Space Mountain Disney has set-up a couple of the coaster cars for guests to try out the ride vehicles. From our understanding Disney is using this to see how easy it is for guests to enter and exit the vehicle.

Garage Is Opening

Do you store a Lifecycle in a garage? Like a Tesla? Looks like we’ll have to do more research around Lifecycles prior to our next Tron construction update. Anyways, thanks to Blog Mickey on June 30, 2020, we got our first siting of construction workers back on the Tron worksite. From what we can tell in the images it looks like it’s mostly site prep to start. Which would make a lot of sense. Additionally, we learned that Disney is asking for workers to park in the Magic Kingdom parking lot. Within the parking lot, the workers are being tested for COIVD-19 prior to being transported to the worksite. Tools in all. This is a new safety measure deployed by Disney, as previously the workers would park around the site.

Passholder Insights: Disney is deploying an array of safety measures around the parks and resorts for both guests and cast members. For more information please reference the following article.

photo via @bioreconstruct (twitter)


We are just filled with questions on Lifecycles today. For example, can they stall like a car? Either way, there is a key piece in this Tron construction update that we will have to keep close tabs on. Supplies. While the workers have returned to the construction site, we’ve heard from Jim Hill of Jim Hill Media, that supplies, primarily concrete, are very limited. Some estimates have Disney waiting until October of 2020 to receive their shipments. This could be one of the primary reasons Bob Weis said phases and why lower cost could be reflected in the $900 million in savings.

If this true, our estimates have the Tron coaster opening closer to the end of 2021/beginning of 2022. This may work well if Disney moves forward with shifting the dates around the 50th anniversary.

Passholder Insights: The limited construction supplies could impact a variety of projects around Disney World. The one project moving forward quickly is the addition of The Cove to the Swan and Dolphin Resorts.

Our Thoughts

Small, but noteworthy Tron construction update. The key piece to all the new information is Disney is 100% not delaying or stopping the progress of the new attraction. It may be delayed a few months, but we fully expected that to happen. For now, we’re heading to the research room to learn more about Lifecycles!

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