Is it what dreams are made of? That’s what we’re here to find out! With the release of Hamilton on Disney+ on July 3, 2020, the idea of bringing Hamilton to Disney World has been floated around. Us included. In this article, we’re going to build on the concept we put out on our Twitter account around the idea of pairing The Muppets and Hamilton at Disney World. It’s time for our favorite past time. No, not baseball. We’re talking a little backseat Imagineering!

In The Beginning

All ideas start somewhere. Our concept around pairing the Muppets and Hamilton at Disney World stemmed from the announcement of Disney rethemeing Splash Mountain in both Disney World and Disneyland. The much overdue update opened the door to any more questions. The primary one being what other attractions at Walt Disney World could use rethemeing due to socially related topics. Lucky for us, it appears Disney many around have a starting point. According to Jim Hill of Jim Hill Media, Disney has a list of attractions/scenes that are in line for updates due to their nature. The list includes the following:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean Auction Scene – COMPLETED
  • Splash Mountain – In development for The Princess and The Frog
  • Hall of Presidents
  • American Adventure
  • Peter Pan Native American Scene
  • Tom Sawyer Island Native American Scene
  • Country Bears Scene With Buford

We’re not 100% sure if this is a full list or just a starting point for Disney. Other attractions may see updates as well as part of bigger updates, for example, the Jungle Cruise. Let’s just say there is nothing bigger than The Rock!

our tweet regarding Hamilton at Disney World

The Tweet

Rolling through the list two options immediately jump to the forefront, Hall of Presidents and The America Adventure. The initial reaction by most people is to connect The Muppets to the Hall of Presidents. Rightfully so, as the Great Moments In American History with The Muppets show took place over the Hall of Presidents’ theater. Disney could easily transition the show to an indoor setting and combine all the short skits into a longer show. It would surely be a success, as the previous outdoor show was very popular. But you know us, we like to think outside the box!

On June 30, 2020, we tweeted out our idea of rethemeing The American Adventure to The Muppets performing Hamilton. Since then, the more and more we thought it. The more and more it makes perfect sense.

Why The American Adventure?

Wait, didn’t you say the American Adventure is one of Epcot’s underrated attractions? Yes, yes we did! The attraction is definitely underrated for two main reasons, the stage, and animatronics. The storyline of the show needs an update on multiple levels. Beyond the fact that it’s not socially appropriate, there are big gaps in history. For example, Mark Twain and Ben Franklin were not alive at the same time.

Outside of the attraction itself, Disney is working to bring more characters to Epcot’s World Showcase. While there would be an array of Disney characters to choose from that relate to America, not many are set in the colonial time period of the pavilion. If Disney is looking to keep the overall setting the chosen characters should be easily integrated into the period on all levels. Say hello to The Muppets doing Hamilton at Disney World!

Why The Muppets and Hamilton?

Why not? We kid, we kid. When taking a step back it is clear that Disney is looking to find the right place for The Muppets. With the upcoming launch of Muppets Now on Disney+, now (no pun intended, or maybe intended) could the right time to double down on the property. In the DVC Duo house, we believe there is no better way to give The Muppets the push than to pair them with Hamilton at Disney World.

American history is tricky, to say the least. If Disney leveraged The Muppets in the telling of history, or in this case one aspect of it, they have more flexibility. The Muppets would be able to navigate the tougher parts using their humor and call out the areas that are straight wrong, without an issue and while keeping it “entertaining”. Similar to how Lin-Manual does so in the telling of Hamilton.

Last but not least is the location, the American Adventure. With the opening of Regal Eagle Smokehouse, The Muppets already have a presence within the pavilion thanks to Sam Eagle. Adding a Muppet driven show would drive home the overall update.

Our Thoughts

Crossing our fingers! The big question around this concept is the idea of bringing Hamilton to Disney World. Well, we know Lin-Manual has a fantastic relation with Disney, we’re not sure if he’s ready for his Tony award-winning show to be parred done to 30 minutes or less. What we do know is how Disney is actively considering two things, bringing The Muppets to Epcot and updating the American Adventure. Time will tell what Disney decides to do with the pavilion. But, if we see The Muppets performing Hamilton at Disney World, you heard it here first. Maybe. We’re pretty sure. Ok, we’re definitely one of the firsts!

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