Its happened, its finally happened! He’s made his great escape. What are we talking about, we’re talking Stitch’s Great Escape in the Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland. Mark the calendars, as the word is out that the seasonal attraction is in its final days and Disney World is getting ready for its next iteration for the space. With Stitch out of the area, let’s explore what Disney Imagineering could have in mind?

Notice of Commencement for Stitch's Great Escape

How We Know

No, we did not speak with Madam Leota. However, that could have been a possibility and looking back, could have been a good idea. Noted for next time we want to look into the future. We found out about Stitch’s Great Escape via a Notice of Commencement filed with the Reddy Creek Improvement District. Otherwise known as Disney World themselves. It’s kinda like Prince (formally known as), or that’s at least how we think about it.

In order for Walt Disney World to do any type of construction they have to file with the local governing body, in this case Reedy Creek Improvement District. Lucky for us, anything filed with a governing body becomes public record. Fast forward past the hours of combing through the public records and we find out Disney World filed for the demolition of the inside of the building located at 1326 Magic Kingdom Drive, Bay Lake, FL, 32830. Connecting the dots, the building at this address is Stitch’s Great Escape.

What’s This Means

Filing notice and taking action are two different things. This is the first step in creating a new attraction or experience within the building associated with Stitch’s Great Escape. At this time, all we know is Disney World is planning on taking apart the attraction in the future. With the current state of the globe and Walt Disney World, due to COVID-19, when demolition will begin is known.

Crystal Ball Time

Could it be true? Is Ralph finally getting home? As we spoke about in a previous article, rumor has it Ralph will be setting shop in Tomorrowland. However, a lot has changed since we uncovered this rumor in October of 2018. Yes, when we say a lot, we’re referencing the thing we’re wishing was an April Fools joke. Prior to the current situation, Disney World definitely had a plan for Stitch’s Great Escape.

We bet you’re asking yourself, what’s the plan? According to Jim Hill of Jim Hill Media, the plan around Stitch’s Great Escape is two-fold. The first being the addition of Ralph, as it would be the perfect complement to the new 1980’s theme of Tomorrowland. Secondly, would have been the timing. With Disney World’s biggest celebration (50 years is no small feat) less than a year away, the attraction would have been part of the “50 things for 50 years of Walt Disney World”. The attraction would have been a video game-inspired experience revolving around Slaughter Race from Ralph Breaks the Internet.

At this point, nothing is confirmed by Disney and everything is up in the air. No one every plans for these type of situations and this project could be moved to the back burner as we all work to get back to everyday life.

Our Thoughts

We’re crossing our fingers. It’s definitely good to see Disney World taking the first step with Stitch’s Great Escape. Our hopes are they continue forward with the plan and we get to see what the Disney Imagineers have dreamt up. Until Disney officially announces anything, we’ll have to wait. In the DVC Duo house, we have a theory that Disney could push forward with the new attraction to create even more buzz for people to travel and visit Walt Disney World. For now, keep an eye out for Stitch when the parks reopen, he is free after all!

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