The eagle has landed! Which eagle? Sam Eagle that is. It’s been a minute since we spun by Epcot’s World Showcase to check on the progress of the upcoming Regal Eagle Smokehouse. If you ask Nate, there’s no better time for a construction update than the present. Grab you’re favorite pair of walking shoes and let’s stroll over to the Regal Eagle Smokehouse to see what’s cooking!

The Patriotic Host

Can you get more patriotic than Sam Eagle? In the Muppet world definitely not. Through in a little barbecue and you’ve got an American match in heaven. On January 3, 2020, Disney Parks Blog ran in the New Year with the announcement that no other than Sam Eagle would be the host of the new Regal Eagle Smokehouse. As we like to say, #savethemuppets!

Passholder Insights: A great place to either take a break from the heat or wait out the rain, is the American Adventure. The 30-minute show takes you through American History.

What’s The Theme?

America of course! Well, as Sam Eagle would say it, it’s a salute to all cookouts but mostly barbecue. The year-long competition pits patriots and pitmasters in a showdown of outdoor cooking skills. Hosted and judged by our favorite Muppet, we’re all the winners in this competition.

Centered around an outdoor smoker, the fast-casual restaurant will offer a variety of flame-kissed dishes. Pulling from the countries best barbecue spots the menu offers staples for each of the regions, like pork butt from North Carolina or ribs from Memphis. For more menu options, you’ll want to check out the following link.

The theme continues to the dining experience. Barbecue is a dish best enjoyed on a picnic table. Circling the smoker will be a variety of picnic tables with umbrellas to shade you from the sun. When the weather is not so nice you’ll be able to head indoors to beat the conditions.

Passholder Insights: We projecting that the fast-casual restaurant will be one quick-serve credit on the Disney Dining Plan.

Did We Name That Restaurant?

We’re going with a strong maybe. Back on July 29, 2019, we mentioned how the name of the restaurant could use a little Muppet flare. Fast-forward to today and our friend Sam Eagle is now part of the project in a big way. Beyond just being the host, Sam Eagle will be included on all the merchandise associated with Regal Eagle Smokehouse. Finger crossed they have a Regal Eagle apron!

Passholder Insights: Based on how the previous quick-service location operated, we could see Regal Eagle Smokehouse having an outdoor and indoor order window.

Our Thoughts

You can never have too many Muppets in the parks! With the Great Moments in American History at the Magic Kingdom coming to an end and rumors around Muppet Vision 3-D making way for a future Galaxy’s Edge expansion, it’s great to see the Muppets are not going away. Well, we better find our stash of napkins before Sam Eagle opens the doors to the new Regal Eagle Smokehouse later this winter. You know how we love our barbecue!

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