Our hero! Not all superheroes wear capes. Right, Edna? In the case of Disney’s Oak Trail golf course, our avenger is sporting three wheels. For Disney golfers who enjoying walking nine holes, this three-wheel avenger is music to our ears. No more slinging our bags on our back and hoofing around the course. Nate’s lower back is already writing a thank you letter. What is Robo Caddie at Disney’s Oak Trail Golf? Let grab our clubs and head out for a quick nine!

Ninthe hole at Disney's Oak Trail Golf Course

The Course

Even the most avid Disney golfer may not be familiar with Disney’s Oak Trail course. With the likes of Disney’s Palm and Magnolia golf courses the main attractions, this nine-hole walk course is easily looked over. Situated between the famous courses, Disney’s Oak Trail course offers a different type of golfing experience. Walking. While all the other courses at Walt Disney World require a cart to play, Disney’s Oak Trail is a step back to how golf was originally played.

The nine-hole walking only course winds through a nature preserve. It’s not uncommon to see deer, variety of birds, and occasional alligators around the course. No worries though, the alligators are off in the distance. For us, it’s the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the parks. If you listen closely you can even here the Magic Kingdom Ferry Boat whistle in the distance.

Robo Caddie in action - Will be used at Disney's Oak Trail Golf Course

Robo Caddie Time

No, this is not the estranged brother RoboCop. On June 26, 2020, Disney Golf announced the addition of the Robo Caddie to the Oak Trail course. Traditionally, the course offered two options for playing golf, carrying your own bag or a pushcart. Now, there is a third option at Disney’s Oak Trail golf course, Robo Caddie. Or, the official name Tempo Walk.

The three-wheeled wonder is designed by Club Car, one of the leading golf cart design companies. Boasting a cooler, USB charging station, sand bottle for divots, cup holder, divot repair kit, and GPS system, it’s exactly what every golfer needs. Wait, did you say GPS system? Yes, yes we did. One of the hardest parts of playing Disney’s Oak Trail golf course is the limited number of yardage markers around the course. This is exactly what Nate has been asking for!

How It Works

Technology! The Robo Caddie follows you around a course starting, stopping, and turning whenever you move. Using a wireless transmitter that slips on your belt, the Robo Caddie follows four feet behind you as you make your way around the course. As you approach a green, sand trap, or a water hazard you can turn on the off the transmitter and the Robo Caddie will wait for your return. Your water-proof friend is ready for all conditions and saving your back as you make your way through a round of golf.

At Disney’s Oak Trail golf course, you make a reserve the Robo Caddie when making your tee time or by calling before your tee-time. You can reach the pro shop at (407) 939-4653. The pricing for renting the Robo Caddie is as follows:

  • $10 per person, plus tax

When comparing the cost to the usually $7 per person, plus tax for the pushcart, the Robo Caddie seems like a no brainer to us. Especially, when you include the GPS yardages to the pin.

Our Thoughts

Thank you! As we said Nate’s lower back was already writing the letter. In the DVC Duo house, we think the addition of the Robo Caddie makes a lot of sense. It should speed up play, and make the round a little more enjoyable in the Florida heat. Trust us, carrying a golf bag in the Florida humid is about as fun as it sounds. The big question we have is if we’ll see the Robo Caddie program expanded to the other Disney golf courses. Traditionally, walking is not permitted on the other courses due to the pace of play, but with the Robo Caddie, it may become an option. Especially, with the new social distancing requirements. For now, we’ll tee it up with our hero over at Disney’s Oak Trail golf course!

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