Food, did you say more food? You know how we think, we’ve always got food on the brain. It looks like the Disney rumor mill has returned from its holiday break in the form of a potential new Magic Kingdom restaurant. Can you ever have too many dining options? We think not. Let us grab our forks and digging into this tasting rumor!

Potential expansion pads for a new Magic Kingdom restaurant

Current State

We’re taking a lap! Walking around the Magic Kingdom you’ll find the park has six and a half sit down restaurants. The half is Be Our Guest, as the restaurant is a quick-service spot for breakfast and lunch then sit down for dinner. What really stands out is that Tomorrowland do not offer a sit-down restaurant option.

Passholder Insights: For a last-minute dining option in the Magic Kingdom we recommend checking out Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper’s Canteen.

From The Start!

In the beginning. A lot of Disney World rumors stem from the same source, and our new Magic Kingdom restaurant is no different. As we spoke about our Disney Subscription Box article, a lot of the rumors for potential changes at the parks come from the different surveys issued by Disney Research.

Recently, Disney Research has been circling a survey with questions around what food options would guest like to see in the Magic Kingdom. The options range from every cuisine imaginable. This survey is what is kicking off of the new Magic Kingdom restaurant rumor.

Passholder InsightsMost times you’ll find Disney Research either at the park’s main gate or at the end of an attraction.

Where Would It Go?

That’s the million-dollar question? Well, if we’re building a new Magic Kingdom restaurant, more like multi-million dollar question. In our potential 5th park article we talk about the different park expansion pads. At the Magic Kingdom, there are two areas that could make a lot of sense.

The obvious one is on the edge of Tomorrowland, between Carousel of Progress and Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. Currently, the Buzz Lightyear meet ‘n greet is in this area. Behind the wall is the cast member area that was originally planned to have the Main Street Theater that was announced at the 2017 D23 Expo. Disney Imagineering could use this area and shift the entrance to Tomorrowland to add a new Magic Kingdom restaurant. Depending on the building height, they could even include a roof-top deck with views of Happily Ever After. Can you say, new Dessert Party option?

Let’s head out to right field for our second option! The not so obvious option for a new Magic Kingdom Restaurant is behind Big Thunder Mountain. With the attraction being themed on all sides, Disney Imagineering would not have to be concerned with exposing any of the magic. The big question about this spot is the length of the walk for guests. If this spot were to be used for a new Magic Kingdom restaurant we would assume that additional experiences would be included.

Passholder Insights: When exiting Big Thunder Mountain keep an eye for the geyser, it goes off at random times of the day.

Our Thoughts

We’re always up for more restaurants! Looking into our crystal ball, if Disney World were to add a new Magic Kingdom restaurant the Tomorrowland area would make a lot of sense. Especially, with the Tron Coaster opening in 2021, there will be more guests in Tomorrowland. We’re projecting if any type of new dining experience is added to the park it would not occur until after the 50th anniversary. All this food talk got us hungry, we’ll meet you at the Jungle Navigation Co.!

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