We know winds are coming from the east! We received confirmation of a Mary Poppins attraction coming to Epcot’s World Showcase at this year’s D23 expo. Our confirmation came in grand form with Dick Van Dyke making the big announcement. The big question is have the winds settled on what the Mary attractions will be? Let’s wander over to Cherry Tree Lane to see what we can uncover!

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Defining Attraction

What is a Disney attraction? Immediately we all think of an attraction as a ride, like Tron Life Cycle Run. In the Disney “world”, an attraction could be a variety of different things, from a ride to a show and even a character meet ‘n greet. When Disney announced the Mary Poppin attraction it left what the experience could be wide open.

Passholder Insights: The most unique character meet ‘n greet is in the Magic Kingdom. Next to Be Our Guest you’ll find Enchanted Tails with Belle.

Potential Location of a Mary Poppins Attraction

What We Know

Mary will be setting up shop in the back of the UK Pavilion. In the back of the pavilion, replacing the stage for one of our favorite shows, Disney Imagineering will be recreating 17 Cherry TreeLane. With Admiral Boom in tow. Guests will enter the Mary Poppins attraction through the front door of the famed house.

The newest piece of information is around the projected budget for the attraction. According to Jack of DSNY Newcast, the budget is estimated to be $80 million for the project.

Passholder Insights: Recently Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore have returned to UK Pavilion for a meet ‘n greet in the back of the toy shop. It’s unknown how long this could last.

We’ve Got Options

There are always options! With the Mary Poppins attraction, it seems the options are forever changing. As we discussed in a previous article the direction Walt Disney Imagineering could go with the attraction is one of two ways. The first according to Jim Hill of Jim Hill Media is an elaborate meet ‘n greet where guests would encounter Mary and Bert within the house.

Our second option leans towards a flat or spinning attraction according to Jack of DSNY newcast and marni1971 (a reliable insider). The attraction would be an indoor spinner similar to Dumbo but with a spin. No pun intended. This attraction could use an older filed patent around an Omni-table technology or something similar. According to Jack, the table would have a seamless 360-degree screen encasing the ride mechanism. At the moment, Disney Parks has not made any announcement around the details of the Mary Poppins attraction.

Passholder Insights: The use of 360-degree seamless screen technology can be seen at the Epcot Experience.

Our Thoughts

We’ve got our thinking caps on! In the DVC Duo house, our projection is the new attraction would lean towards a meet ‘n greet. Based on the projected budget of $80 million the project cost would line up perfectly with the Somerhaus in the Norway Pavilion. The Anna and Elsa meet ‘n greet cost about $75 million to build.

According to Jim Hill, Disney Imagineering is leaning towards downsizing the meet ‘n greet when compared to the scope of the Somerhaus. If this true, then we could potentially see both a flat attraction and a character meet ‘n greet based on the projected area. For now, we’ll have to wait for the winds to settle down to get our clear picture of what’s to come with a Mary Poppins attractions. Until then, keep your umbrellas close, you never know when you’ll need them!

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