Could they be history? Well, everyone in The Hall of Presidents is technically part of history. They were all presidents after all. This is not a look back at history. What we’re referring to is the potential rethemeing of the Hall Presidents at Walt Disney World’ Magic Kingdom. Needless to say, the rumor mill around opening this opening day attraction is hopping. Could the rumors be true? Is Disney already working on the rethemeing of The Hall of Presidents? Let’s see if the writing is on the wall and The Hall of Presidents is getting ready for the history books!

Where It Started

Fact, all rumors start somewhere. The question from there becomes, is there any truth in the rumor? Our rumor around the rethemeing of The Hall of Presidents stems directly from the rethemeing of Splash Mountain. When Disney announced the flume attraction would be rethemed to a Princess and the Frog experience, it raised the question of what other Disney attractions should be reimagined. As we spoke about in our Hamilton and The Muppets article, Disney has a list of attractions they are looking to change due to socially related topics. The changes could be as small as an individual scene or as large as the whole attraction. On that list is the Hall of Presidents.

Why The Hall of Presidents?

It’s history, right? Yes, the concept of The Hall of Presidents is about American history. The show takes the audience through a summarized telling of key points of our nation’s history. With the end being a statement from whichever president is currently sitting in the office. What puts the attraction on the list of potential refurbishments is everything the story doesn’t talk about. What we’re referencing is the social injustice that took place for hundreds of years. Many of the presidents highlighted within the show both partook and facilitated the social injustice within our nation. The show is a reminder of a past that many guests rather not remember.

On top of it is the underlying topic of politics. You know politics, it’s one of those topics the can really get a conversation heated up. In some cases, as hot as Florida in July. Now that’s hot. From our understanding, this is one of the additional reasons Disney is looking into the retheming of The Hall of Presidents.

The Right Person For The Job

More like persons! According to Jim Hill of Jim Hill Media network, the rethemeing of The Hall of Presidents has already begun. It sounds like Disney has reached out to two famed musical creators to draft a new script for the show. The first person should be no surprise, as they have been tied to a variety of Disney projects including a film that may lead to a new World Showcase pavilion. We’re talking about Lin-Manuel Miranda. He may be familiar with how to write a historical script.

Our other creator is a bit more surprising. He does have a connection with the Disney company in the form of Milo’s Law. This animated series appeared on the Disney XD channel back in October of 2016. The show ran for 40 episodes. Who are we talking about, we’re talking about Weird Al Yankovic. Yes, the same guy that wrote musical hits like Eat It, and Like a Surgeon.

The question in the DVC Duo house is whether these are the right people for the job. In short, yes! Retelling history in a way that is approachable for all audiences, especially in a theme park, is no easy task. From our perspective, the best way to approach it is head-on through comedic relief. Who doesn’t enjoy a sarcastic joke, you know we do. Based on the work of both people, it’s easy to see how Disney could create a storyline that is right for everyone. What that storyline will be is still unknown, as the rethemeing of The Hall of Presidents is still in the very early stages. Knowing Disney they will look for something that is both entertaining and educational at the same time. If we had to guess, we wouldn’t expect any changes until after the 50th-anniversary of Walt Disney World.

Our Thoughts

It makes a lot of sense. The time has come for Disney to make a change to this opening day attraction. What we are hoping for is the new show will leverage all the animatronics. What we love about the Hall of Presidents is the ability to see the advancements in Disney’s animatronic technology all in one show. For now, we should treat the rethemeing of The Hall of Presidents as a rumor, as the project has not been confirmed by Disney. Alright, that’s a wrap, or should we say it’s history!

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