Flip a coin, any coin! We’re kidding, we’re definitely not using a coin for our DVC Reflections Resort update. Now a dartboard, that’s a strong maybe. We kid, we kid! News around the construction of Walt Disney World’s newest DVC resort has been hard to come by since everything changed in March of 2020. We’ve gathered all the intel and we believe we have a rough idea of what we should expect. Alright, let’s lace up our favorite workboots, head to the construction, and get to our DVC Reflections Resort update!

The Back Story

We’re coming up on the two anniversary of the announcement of Reflections: A Disney Lake Side Lodge. Slated to be the next Walt Disney World DVC resort after Disney’s Riviera Resort opened at the end of last year. In August of 2019 at the D23 Expo Bob Chapek shared more details around the resort, including the Princess and the Frog themed restaurant. For a full breakdown of the resort, we recommend checking out the following article. Needless to say, site prep and construction is well underway.

In March of 2020, all construction projects around Walt Disney World were paused due to COVID-19. As construction on a variety of projects from Remy Ratatouille Adventure to Tron Lifecycle PowerRun and the Magic Kingdom walkaway ramp back, will construction of Reflections: A Disney Lakeside Lodge resume?

April 2020

Our Reflections Resort update begins on April 3, 2020. On this date, Disney filed an array of permits for Reflections: A Disney Lakeside Lodge. The permits included, bus stops, a table service restaurant, covered walkways, security kiosk, transportation dock, pool restroom building, and outdoor structures. With any construction permits, there is a cost and time limit associated with them. The permits have an expiration date of April 2021. It should be noted that Disney could always request an extension on the permits.

Concept Art for the entrance of Disney's Reflection Resort

June 2020

Breaking news! On June 14, 2020, our Reflections Resort update takes a turn. Drastic turn to say the least. On this day, multiple sources reported that Disney is canceling the project. From what we can tell all the rumors seem to sight a comment from a well-known user on the WDW Magic forums. The user commented that construction workers were removing rebar from the Reflections Resort construction site. Based on this comment and the $900 million in savings Bob Chapek mentioned on The Walt Disney Company quarterly earnings call, many people assumed Disney is walking away from this project.

Fast-forward two weeks and we learn two more key pieces in our Reflections Resort update. First and foremost came from Jill Hill of Jim Hill Media. On his Disney Dish podcast, he makes mention that the Reflections project has been slowed, not canceled. This would make the most sense as sales for Disney’s Riviera Resort have been slowed while the parks have been closed, as well as cost savings associated with the project would reflect in Disney’s 2020 fiscal year. The second key aspect came on June 30, 2020, when Disney filed another permit as it relates to Reflections: A Disney Lakeside Lodge. Reported on the WDW Magic forums permit is for a natural gas line to be run to the construction site.

With this new information, especially the running of a gas line to the construction site, it could be assumed the Reflections Resort is still a viable project.

Our Thoughts

Slowly moving forward. In the DVC Duo house, we believe the project is not canceled. The takeaway we’ve gathered from all the information in this Reflections Resort update is Disney is moving forward with the project, just at a slower pace. When the resort will official open is unknown, but knowing what we know about Disney Vacation Club, Disney will more than likely keep this project progressing. There is only one question left to ask on this Reflections Resort update, is it still a coin flip? If it is, we pick heads, as we believe Disney is moving ahead!

UPDATE: On August 10, 2020, Disney removed Disney’s Reflection Resort from the D23 website. It was not announced whether the project was slowed, delayed, or canceled. The removal of the project could simply mean Disney is setting expectation that the resort will not open in the next few years as original projected.

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