October 1, 2021. Or, otherwise known as the 50th anniversary for Walt Disney World. It’s the day every Disneyphile would love to be in the Magic Kingdom. For Disney Vacation Club (DVC) members with annual passes making a park pass reservation is a little more complex. Or, is it? Recently, we learned more information on how Disney is handling DVC annual pass renewals, as it relates to the monumental celebration. It’s not every day the park turns the big 5-0! Without any further adieu let’s dive into it!


Every story has a backdrop and the backdrop to our DVC annual pass renewals for the 50th anniversary is the new Park Pass Reservation System. On October 15, 2020, the booking window for vacation packages and making Walt Disney World Park Pass reservation opened through the end of 2021. In doing so, guests for the first time are able to make park reservations for trips that included the 50th Anniversary. Previously, guests were only able to make reservations through September 28, 2021. Disney vacation packages include park tickets which is one of the requirements for making a park reservation.

This created some concern for DVC members with annual passes up for renewal prior to October 202. Traditionally, Walt Disney World annual passes cannot be renewed until 60 days prior to the expiration date. In the DVC Duo, this is the situation we faced. Our annual passes, with the closure extension, expire in August 2021. So, how do we make theme park reservations for the Magic Kingdom for the 50th Anniversary?

Members Sign - New DVC Resort

The Process

To the phones! In looking for an answer we did what every seasoned DVC member does, call Member Services. Member Services is the booking/help desk for questions around DVC and Disney as a whole. Or, as we like to say, our best Disney friend. Here is what we learned.

According to Member Services here is what we learned regarding DVC annual pass renewals as it relates to passes that expire prior to the 50th anniversary. DVC members who made reservations with points for a trip that includes October 1, 2020, are able to renew their annual passes early. We can confirm this is true, as we were able to renew our passes early. Here are the steps we took.

  • Booked a room on DVC points via the reservation site. (or by calling)
  • Call Member Services
  • Follow the prompts for booking a room at Walt Disney World
  • Provide your reservation number
  • Ask about extending your annual pass to include this trip
  • Pay for the renewal
  • Link your renewal certificate to your My Disney Experience account
  • Make your Park Pass Reservations

Overall, the process worked flawlessly for us. The best part is your cost will be associated to the 2020 renewal price, as the 2021 renewal price has not been released. The cast member we spoke was unsure when the pricing for annual pass renewal would be available or if the price would be changing in either direction.

Our Thoughts

Happy dance! It was great to find out that DVC had already prepared for handling DVC annual pass renewals, as it relates to the 50th anniversary. For us, it was a big stress reliever, as we were not sure if park pass reservations would be available when our passes were set to renew. Time to start the planning!

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