Big shoes to fill! Who’s filling the shoes? Epcot’s HarmonioUS. On April 9, 2019, Walt Disney World announced the 20 year run of Epcot’s IllumiNations would be coming to end on September 30, 2019. The first step towards a new Epcot nighttime specular is already underway. With only a few months to go, we’re taking a look at what we should expect in Epcot’s HarmonioUS. Let’s head off to the World Showcase to see how the new nighttime specular is progressing!

Two For One

Replacing Epcot’s IllumiNations Reflections of Earth takes two nighttime shows. Epcot Forever premiered 24-hours after the last performance of IllumiNations. In a show designed as a nod to Epcot’s history, Epcot Forever is serving multiple purposes. First and foremost, is to give Epcot a night show to close the park. The second is to allow for the necessary construction to World Showcase Lagoon for Epcot’s HarmonioUS. It explains why the majority of Epcot Forever takes place above the lagoon.

Passholder Insights: The soundtrack for Epoct Forever has a variety of music from the historic attractions of the park, like Horizons, Kitchen Cabaret, and the original Imagination music.

Announcement of Epcot's HarmonioUS

The Theme

Music. It’s all about the music. The backbone of all great Disney nighttime speculators is the music. We’re looking at you, Happily Ever After. In what Disney World describes as the largest nighttime specular ever created for a Disney park, HarmonioUS is centered around the music. The show brings together Disney music and how music inspires the world. Working with artists from around the globe, Disney aiming to recreate the iconic Disney songs we know and love in a new interpretive way.

Passholder Insights: A great way to reserve a spot for the nighttime speculators is to consider a dessert party, especially during the busier times of the year.

The Centerpiece

Look to the lagoon! When Epcot’s HarmonioUS opens, the centerpiece of the show will be the floating platforms in World Showcase Lagoon. The five floating platforms will make a star pattern and include custom-built LED panels, fountains, lights/lasers, and fireworks. The four floating platforms will measure 30 feet wide by 75 feet long, now that’s no small boat. In the middle will be a giant gravity screen (think, iPhone 11 screen) that will be surrounded by the four floating platforms.

The show will span beyond the centerpiece, with fireworks coming in at all angles. As part of the Epcot’s HarmonioUS construction, portions of the lagoon were drained to run electrical for fireworks and fountains. Additionally, fireworks will come from all around the lagoon, in a theater in the round style.

Passholder Insights: Rumor is World Celebration could have a viewing platform for the show when it opens.

Epcot's HarmonioUS at the Epcot Experience

The Unknown

Disney always has a surprise for us. As we spoke about in our Epcot Experience, we believe that projection technology could be worked into Epcot’s HarmonioUS. In sheer speculation, projection technology could be used on the different World Showcase Pavilions and potentially even Spaceship Earth. All we know for sure is Disney World will have more than one “wow” moment within the show.

Our Thoughts

Can’t wait! We loved IllumiNations, it was one of Nate’s all-time favorite shows. After seeing Happily Ever After, we can only imagine what Disney World has in store for Epcot’s HarmonioUS. What is still unknown is when the show will premiere. Dates range from mid-spring to early fall. At the moment, Disney Parks has not made an official announcement. D23 members (Disney Fan Club) did receive a note saying the show would open in the spring. With no official announcement, we will have to wait and see. Well, the only thing left to do is start planning on where we’ll watch Epcot’s HarmonioUS for the first time!

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