Avengers assemble! Well, not quite yet as they’re some final touches needed for the Disneyland Marvel Campus. On March 11, 2020, Disney announced the opening date for phase one of the new land. With the global dynamic changing since the announcement, what does that mean for the project? Let’s take a look at how the Disneyland Marvel Campus project could be affected by Coronavirus.

WEB Slingers concept art for Disneyland Marvel Campus

Original Plan

You know the saying, the best-laid plans….this is never more true than right now with Disneyland Marvel Campus. The original plan had phase one of the new area of Disney’s California Adventure opening on July 18, 2020. Phase one includes the following attractions, experiences, and dining locations:

  • WEB Slingers – A Spiderman Adventure
  • WEB Suppliers
  • Pym Test Kitchen
  • The Sanctum – Doctor Stange Mystical Arts Training
  • Avengers HQ w/Outdoor Stunt Show
  • Avengers HQ w/Indoor Character Meet ‘n Greets
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout – Already Open

The second phase of the Disneyland Marvel Campus would include the Quinjet experience. At the moment, there is minimal information about this new attraction. What is known for sure is it will be the new land’s headliner attraction. Similar to Rise of the Resistance, as it pertains to wow factor (not ride system).

Sanctum concept art for Disneyland Marvel Campus

Shift Gears

Say hello to no one’s friend! COVID-19. On March 23, 2020, Disneyland did the right thing and halted all construction on the Disneyland Marvel Campus, as well as all other projects. The stopping of the project is for the safety of everyone. At this time it is unknown how long the project will be on hold as we all do the right thing and focus our energy and efforts towards the global crisis.

However, it does not mean we do not have an insight into how this could impact the opening date of the Disneyland Marvel Campus. What we know for sure, is when Disney sets an opening date of new land it means they have the remaining aspects of the project figured out down to a “T”. Everything is planned and set, from the finishing touches to the cast member previews, potential annual passholder previews and of course the media events.

In the DVC Duo house, we believe the following could happen. The opening date of the Disneyland Marvel Campus could be pushed back by the number of weeks the construction is halted. However, it is possible for Disney to shorten the delay by eliminating Passholder previews and potentially the cast member previews. This would be a similar strategy they used with the opening of Toy Story Land At Hollywood Studios.

We would expect the date to shift. With Disney putting all resources behind the project to meet the announced opening date, they could close the gap.

Avengers HQ for Disneyland Marvel Campus

Long Term

We’re looking at you phase two. According to Jim Hill of Jim Hill Media, there’s a possibility Disney could delay phase two for some time. Any delay would be due to the financial impact of the Coronavirus. It will be some time until we know if Disney would need to take this type of action.

Our Thoughts

Everything is fluid at the moment. With no end date known, we have to take it day by day. We would project Disney would resume construction once the size of gatherings is increased to at least 50. At this point, they would be able to have a safe construction site. The only other requirement would be for the construction companies and labor unions to agree on reopening the site. For now, let’s all stay safe.

UPDATE: On May 7, 2020, the Orange County register reported that essential construction crews could return to the Avengers Marvel Campus construction site to protect the area. A limited crew will return to set-up materials to protect the construction from weather.

UPDATE: On June 10, 2020, Disney announcement both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure would reopen on July 17, 2020. Based on the reopening it’s estimated Disneyland Marvel Campus could be ready to open by mid-October. At this time Disney has not released any updated dates to when the land will officially open.

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