Details, we’ve got details! In less time than we expected we’re back with our first new Disneyland DVC resort update. On December 5, 2019, we spoke about the new Disneyland DVC Resort proposed for the west coast parks. The final proposal and the request for permits have been submitted to the city of Anaheim and we’ve got more concrete information on the potential new resort. It’s time to bust out the coffee, we’re about read through all the exciting permits – it’s riveting material!

the new Disneyland DVC Resort will have tower studios similar to the Riviera Resort


When we first heard about a new Disneyland DVC Resort it was suspected the resort would include 700 guest rooms. Combing through the official documents we’ve uncovered the 12-story, 280,000 square-foot resort will have 350 rooms. The breakdown of rooms would be 271 studios, 19 one-bedrooms, 20 two-bedrooms, and 2 two-story grand villas. For anyone doing the math, we would be about 38 rooms short, and you would be right. Similar to the new Disney Riviera Resort at Walt Disney World, the new Disneyland DVC Resort would include 38 two-person studios.

The two-person studios are 255-square feet and are comprised of a living room that converts from a sitting area to a bedroom. A queen-size bed pulls from out of the wall in a unique Murphy Bed style apparatus.

Passholder Insights: The addition of the proposed resort would add about 5-times the amount of DVC rooms at Disneyland.

The new Disneyland DVC resort will share a pool with the Disneyland Hotel

Pool Time!

Everything is better when it’s shaped like Mickey! It’s a fact, and the new Disneyland DVC Resort knows it. As part of the permits filed, we learned the new layout of the resort pool area. The centerpiece will be a Mickey Mouse shaped spa area. Along with the spa will be an outdoor pool bar area. These two pieces would be the only new additions to the area, as the resort will have access to everything associated with the Disneyland Resort including the pool, restaurants, and guest check-in area.

Passholder Insights: The Disneyland Resort has a unique pool with a monorail slide!

The Design

Let’s step back in time! The new Disneyland DVC Resort will draw its inspiration from the original Disneyland Resort with a 1955 throwback look. What will be unique is the two-story open-air ground floor where guests can easily come and go, from all directions. With floor to ceiling glass, the resort will overlook the main pool area with a combination of multi-colored glass and cream “cracked” style providing the exterior flare. Rooms situated at the ends would offer a balcony option.

Passholder Insights: The balconies will have views of the Disneyland Resort area, not the parks. What is unknown is if they will be a firework viewing option atop the resort similar to Paradise Pier.

Our Thoughts

We’re always excited for more DVC resorts, especially at Disneyland. Early projections have the new Disneyland DVC Resort taking 3 to 4 years to build which would have the opening in 2023. In our house, it is well worth the wait. With the addition of more DVC rooms at Disneyland, it should definitely help with the overall demand for rooms. For now, it’s back to the permit office to see what else we can dig up! After our nap…those permits are boring!

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