More land? Any time a Disneyphile hears or reads the phrase, Disney buys more land, all of our minds go to the same place, 5th park. Over the past six months, Disney has acquired just over 260 acres of land west of the Magic Kingdom near the Magnolia Golf Course. The new land came together through two separate purchases with the first being 235 acres in December of 2019 and the second of 26.3 acres on April 1, 2020. As Disney buys more land it raises the question of what are they going to do with it? Let’s lace up our boot and go explore this new land.

Marking where Disney buys more land around the Magic Kingdom

Option One

Conservation. When we hear Disney buys more land we automatically think there are plans to build something on it. As we spoke about in our 5th park article, Disney is committed to keeping 7,500 acres of land set aside for conservation. As Disney continues to develop new resorts and expand the parks they may be looking to offset the land use for these projects with new conservation land.

Additionally, keeping this new land as conservation would increase the buffer between the Magic Kingdom and the non-Disney World area. Or as we like to say in the DVC Duo house, increasing the Disney bubble.

Option Two

Could it be a new Magic Kingdom resort? Rumors, around a new Magic Kingdom resort, have been circling for some time. It is well-known within the Disney community that Disney had plans for more resorts around the Magic Kingdom. Based on the location, Disney could easily connect the new area to Floridian Way for access to the Walt Disney World roadways.

The question becomes if Disney uses the area for new resorts what could we see. In the DVC Duo house, we automatically go old school and think of concept art from the Persian Resort, Asian Resort, and the Venetian Resort. All of these concepts were part of the expansion plans for the Monorail Loop. It would be great to see one of these concepts come to life and as we say, no Disney Imagineering ideas are thrown away, they are just filed away for later use.

Outside of previous concept art, another resort option could be the addition of a moderate resort. Currently, there is no moderate resort in the Magic Kingdom area. Adding this resort-type could be a huge success and could easily become one of the most popular moderates at Disney World.

When Disney buys more land could they be thinking of another Golden Oak?

Option 3

It’s the option we’ve all been waiting for. That’s what you do right? Leave the most likely to happen option as the last one. We hope so, or we’ve been doing this all wrong. Anyways, back on point. Usually, when Disney buys more land it’s for something no one ever expects. This couldn’t be any more true this time around. According to Jim Hill of Jim Hill Media, the strong contender for the land use is a second area for housing. Not just any housing, but a development similar to Golden Oak.

The concept is the new area would offer upscale homes that would be on Disney World property and have access to a golf course. This is the same formula Disney used when they created Golden Oak. With new land abutting the Magnolia, Palm, and Oak Trail courses Disney could easily make a similar development and it would make a lot of sense.

Using the new land for homes makes a lot of sense, as it could be a way for Disney to help offset the revenue loss from COVID-19. The question the pops up is would the homes be on the same scale as Golden Oak, or could they be a different price level? That is still unknown.

Our Thoughts

There are options! Plenty of options. Whenever we hear Disney buys more land we’re always hoping it’s for a park. We can always hope, right? What Disney will do with the new land is unknown at this point, and they’ve decided not to comment at this point. For now, we will all have to wait and see what they have in store. Well, that was a great walk but it’s time to take off these boots and relax a bit.

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