Queue the Star Wars crawl! “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..” It’s a time where throngs of guests are traveling to furthest reaches of the galaxy to visit Black Spire Outpost. Walt Disney Imagineering is celebrating the fruits of their labor and Disney is marking Galaxy’s Edge a success. Questions have begun to arise around a potential expansion of Batuu. Bubbling to the top is a blue sky concept around a Galaxy’s Edge restaurant. The DVC Duo race to Hollywood Studios to investigate the possibility of a Galaxy Edge restaurant being added to the park. End Star Wars crawl!

Seating area within a potential Galaxy's Edge restaurant

Origin Story

All rumors have to start somewhere. The rumor around a potential Galaxy’s Edge restaurant has an origin story as well. In the early stages of planning Walt Disney World’s newest land, a table-service restaurant was part of the proposal. Confirmation of the proposed restaurant was provided by the Orange County Register and referenced documents. Additionally, concept art around the proposed new Galaxy’s Edge restaurant was shown on ABC.

As the development of the land moved forward a Galaxy’s Edge restaurant was one of the early pieces removed from the proposal. Instead, Disney decided to move forward with two quick-service restaurants, Ronto Roasters, and Docking Bay 7, as well as Oga’s Cantina.

Passholder Insights: Both of the new quick-service restaurants on Batuu offer mobile ordering. It’s a great way to enjoy your meal in less-time.

Potential lounge area of a new Galaxy's Edge restaurant

Return Of The Rumor

In July of 2019, the rumor around a Galaxy’s Edge restaurant made a triumphant return. A few months before for the opening of Walt Disney World’s Galaxy Edge, Jim Hill of Jim Hill Media mentions a Galaxy’s Edge restaurant is back on the table. Yes, the pun is intended! The best part is it could be fast-tracked, as part of an “expansion” of the land.

Passholder Insights: For an even more immersive experience when visiting Galaxy’s Edge you’ll want to download the Play Disney Parks app.

Bar area of a potential new Galaxy's Edge restaurant

Potential Concept

What could a new Galaxy’s Edge restaurant entail? As the Disney Imagineers say, great ideas never go away, they are just put in a file cabinet for later use. What we would give to see that file cabinet! Anyways, we digress. The original concept for the table-service restaurant centers around the stage and audio-animatronic performing a show. Think Sonny Eclipse from Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe. Additionally, the bar area would have an audio-animatronic “swimming” in a tank, we’re picturing something like the Avatar in the Flight of Passage queue.

Passholder Insights: The popcorn within Galaxy’s Edge does not qualify for the $2 refills if you purchase a popcorn bucket.

Potential locations of a new Galaxy's Edge restaurant

Potentials Locations

Taking a gander at the map, there are two potential locations for a new Galaxy’s Edge Restaurant. First is the originally planned location within the market. Currently, there is a shallow storefront in the potential location to the left of the popcorn stand. It would make a lot of sense for Disney to revisit this spot, as the restaurant would be able to share the same kitchen as Docking Bay 7. Additionally, the majority of the exterior-themeing is already in place.

The second potential location is by the pathway to Toy Story Land. Across from the exit to the Driod Depot is an open area with space “backstage area” to add the restaurant. To use this area Disney would have to relocate the backstage facilities, as well as create new exterior-themeing for the restaurant.

Passholder Insights: When Hollywood Studios opens in the morning guests are only allowed to enter Galaxy’s Edge via the Grand Avenue entrance. About 30 minutes after opening everything switches to “free-flowing”.

Our Thoughts

More dining options, makes us happy! The big question is which of the newest lands is Disney going to expand first. From our understanding, a decision will have to be made to either expand Pandora or Galaxy’s Edge. With the overall success of Rise of the Resistance, and Hollywood Studios seeing increases to total daily visitors, we would bet we’ll see a new Galaxy’s Edge restaurant first. Until then you’ll find us hanging out with our favorite DJ, Rex!

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