All rise! What is not “rising” at Walt Disney World? From the Resistance to Skywalker and potentially even Disney virtual queues, a lot of things are on their way up. No ballons are necessary, Doug and Russell. You can save them for the unbirthday birthday party. Ok, end tangent, back to Disney virtual queues. The rumor wagons are circling and it has everyone wondering, did Disney tip its hat on what’s to come with how we queue up?

Current State

There’s only one attraction virtually queueing up at the moment, we’re looking at you Rise of the Resistance. At both Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, the only way to experience the newest attraction on Black Spire Outpost is to join a boarding group or the Disney virtual queue. The boarding group process is within both the Disneyland app and My Disney Experience for Walt Disney World parks. From requesting a boarding group to finding updates and being notified it’s your time to ride, everything stems from the apps.

Screenshot of the Disney virtual queues portion of the Disneyland app

More Virtual Queues?

The date, March 17, 2020. The location, Disneyland Parks app. The update, “My Queues”. As part of an update to the Disneyland app, a new option appeared called My Queues. Located on the app’s homepage, next to the Join Boarding option for Rise of the Resistance, is this new option for a screen showing all your queues.

This addition raises many questions, why queues? Could we see more Disney virtual queues? Is this only for Disneyland? How would this impact the Fastpass system? And, the questions go on from there. We will save you the extra reading of more questions and dive into the theories.

Could we see updates to Disney World FastPass System?

The DVC Duo Theories

We have a lot of theories but talking about Disney virtual queues we really have two that stand apart. First and foremost is we cannot ignore what is happening in the world. No not Disney World, the world as a whole. As we all do our part to stay safe and keep others safe, one has time to think of the day when Disney reopens the parks.

When the parks reopen is it fair to say there will more than likely be new procedures due to COVID-19, with an emphasis on social distancing. Adding virtual queues to the Disney parks could very well be a way to help lower the amount of guest interaction within confined spaces. Guests would be able to wander the parks and keep safe distances from each other. We know what you’re thinking, then all the guests will just be out in the park and keeping social distancing. You’re right, and that is an upcoming article. Stay tuned.

Our other theory is Disney has been planning an expansion of the virtual queuing system all along and this is the catalyst to accelerate the change. It’s well known to Disneyphiles, that when guests are in queues they are not spending money in the stores or on tasty treats. Additionally, the wait times are where Disney usually gets the lowest guest satisfaction ratings. Even though the standby queues are attractions all to themselves. With more Disney virtual queues guests would be able to experience other aspects of the parks while “waiting” for their time to ride. They could find that perfect souvenir, enjoy lunch, or seeker out the Hidden Mickey’s.

Our Thoughts

By expanding the Disney virtual queues to more attractions it would give guests more options on how they chose to “wait” for an attraction. We would not be surprised to see a Disney virtual queue system added to the majority of the bigger attractions. The question becomes would we see this at Walt Disney World. Our best guess is that Disney will test the system on the west coast then potentially move it to Walt Disney World with a few tweaks. Disney is looking for its next iteration of the Walt Disney World FastPass system and this could be just one aspect of it. If more Disney virtual queues mean more time to search for Hidden Mickey’s, count us in!

UPDATE: October 26, 2020, according to Len Testa of Touring Plans, Disney has been testing the expansion of the Disney virtual queues via My Disney Experience after the parks close. The two attractions most likely to see virtual queues added first are Jungle Cruise and Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run.

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