Places, places please? As the saying goes, the show must go on. Could this saying also apply to the Cirque du Soleil show Drawn to Life? On March 20, 2020, when news broke that Cirque du Soleil began canceling all performances of Drawn to Life due to COVID-19, many wondered what it meant for the future of the show. Fast-forward to July and we may finally have a glimpse of what expect. Let’s grab our pencils and see if we can draw a conclusion of what’s to happen with Drawn to Life!

Jule from new Drawn to Life show

Prior To March

The anchor, or should we say the draw? Draw, let’s go with the draw to say on our topic theme. That’s right the draw of Disney Springs West End is anticipated be to Drawn to Life. Disney’s plan calls for the new Cirque du Soleil show to bring people to the revamped area. The concept is guests waiting for the show could checkout the NBA Experience, the variety of shops, or enjoy a meal either at City Works or a quick bite from the food trucks. Everything was moving forward smoothly with the soft opening of Drawn to Life scheduled for March 20, 2020. The show would go through its soft opening in March and early April to fine-tune to the different acts.

Then….COVID-19 changed the world.

Animation table from Drawn to Life

The Breaking News

On March 20, 2020, instead of opening the doors for the first performance of Drawn to Life, Cirque du Soleil made the news for other reasons. News broke that all performances of all Cirque du Soleil shows around the world were canceled through mid-April. Additionally, a variety of news channels reported the company laid-off 95% of its employees. By mid-April, more announcements came of all performances being canceled through June. And so on, and so on. At the moment, there is no known date when performances of any Cirque du Soleil could resume due to social distancing restrictions.

By June 29, 2020, more news around Cirque du Soleil captured headlines as the company filed for bankruptcy protection. In their filing, the company would receive $300 million in fresh funding to help with the restarting of the business once the recapitalization process is completed. In talking with Cirque du Soleil, this process could take many weeks. The company expressed the funds would go to the performers.

Practicing for Drawn to Life

How Does This Impact Disney?

The show will go on! Yes, that’s right, Drawn to Life will go on at Disney Springs. According to Jim Hill of Jim Hill Media, Disney is fully vested in the show and has been working with Cirque du Soleil to ensure the show’s future. It should be noted the Drawn to Life performers are Cirque du Soleil employees and not Disney cast members. From our understanding, Disney is hopeful of being able to start the show as soon as safely possible. In the DVC Duo house, we believe the Drawn to Life performers may be part of the 5% of the workforce that was not laid-off in March. At the moment, we don’t have confirmation of this, it’s just our assumption.

Early reports have Disney targeting November 2020 as the earliest timeframe the show could debut at Disney Springs. With Disney taking care of the performers they would look to restart rehearsals in September 2020. It is still very early and a lot could change between now and September.

Our Thoughts

A sliver-lining. We’re thrilled to see Disney is still vested in bringing Drawn to Life to Disney Springs. If the new show is anything like the previous show, La Nouba, we’re in for a treat. Additionally, the West Side of Disney Springs definitely needs more things for people to see. Right now, it feels a little sparse compared to the rest of Disney Springs. Alright, I think we’ve drawn our conclusion, Drawn to Life will be opening…when it’s safe to do so.

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