Please pardon our pixie dust! A saying all Disneyphiles know well. The famous saying is always associated with a refurbishment either in or out of the parks. Over the past few years, Disney’s Beach Club Resort has seen a variety of updates. With the room updates complete, Disney is moving on to its dining options. It started with the refurbishment of Beaches & Cream Soda Shop, and it now continues with the Beach Club Marketplace refurb. What should we expect from the Beach Club Marketplace refurb? Let’s grab our hard hats and head out to the construction site!

The Start

All projects start somewhere, and in the case of the Beach Club Marketplace refurb, work began on August 23, 2020. Currently, only Disney’s Beach Club Villas portion of the resort is open. However, the adjoining Disney’s Yacht Club Resort reopened to guests on August 24, 2020, so it’s the perfect time to kick off the project. A project that is well overdue. When it comes to Disney’s Beach Club Resort the Beach Club Marketplace services as the only quick-service option and gift shop at the resort. While it definitely serves its purpose, it was average at best.

In our experience, we preferred walking over to Disney’s Yacht Club for breakfast or the Boardwalk Bakery if we were looking for a quick bite. The same goes for shopping options.

Mobile Order Pick Up Sign

The Changes

Layout, it’s all about the layout. The main focus of the Beach Club Marketplace refurb is the opportunity to restructure the space. From what we can tell the driving force behind the change is the addition of mobile ordering. Prior to closing, the quick-service location did not offer mobile ordering. Now more than ever, mobile ordering is a must for all Disney World quick-service restaurants. We would expect a dedicated area for mobile order pick-up.

To make way for the mobile order pick-up location we will see the addition of a beverage island area to create more space for social distancing. With the beverages moving to an island it leads up to believe the mobile order pick area could be located along the wall where the current beverage refrigerators are located.

Lastly, the shopping area will get a new layout. If we had to make a guess we would expect something similar to Disney’s Yacht Club, The Marketplace at Ale & Compass refurbishment that was complete in May of 2017.

The Marketplace at Ale & Compass

How Long?

Blink and you may miss it! It is expected the Beach Club Marketplace refurb should take about a month. Based on these expectations we should see the new layout by the end of September/beginning of October. While the location is being remodeled guests of the resort have a few options for quick-service dining. Disney will be moving the grab and go items to the Solarium and beverage cup refills to Hurricane Hannah’s. Or, our recommended option is to head over to The Marketplace at Ale & Compass in Disney’s Yacht Club. The two resorts are connected and it should only be a 5 or so minute walk over to Disney’s Yacht Club Resort.

Our Thoughts

Much needed! We’re not surprised Disney is kicking off the Beach Club Marketplace refurb right now. From a cost perspective, it would barely show-up as an expense. Additionally, there is no better time to work on a resort than when it mostly empty and would have minimal impact on the guest experience. Once complete Disney’s Beach Club Resort will be almost perfect, all that’s missing is a great lounge, as the Martha’s Vineyard lounge could use a refurb as well. Could we see that next? Well, that’s a story for another day. Alright, it’s time to take off the hard hat after a day’s work!

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