Vacation runs. Two words that usually don’t go hand in hand, unless you’re like us. What can we say, we enjoy a good vacation jog. For any runners, the question always becomes where can I run on my trip? A vacation at Disney is no different. While there are not a large number of sidewalks along the main roads, there is an abundance of Disney World running paths. Alright, let’s lace up our running shoes and take a lap around the best Disney World running paths!

Exterior of Copper Creek

Less Than Ideal

Not all resorts are created equally when it comes to running paths. While most Disney resorts have a running path, not all do. For anyone looking to log a few miles outside while at Disney World the following resorts may not be the best option. We’ve found that a treadmill run works best at these resorts.

  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House and Kidani Village
  • Disney’s Contemporary Resort and Bay Lake Tower
  • Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, Boulder Ridge, and Copper Creek Cabins

Additionally, all of these resorts are in areas we would not recommend running along the roads. They tend to heavily trafficked roadways.

Three Bridges at Coronado Springs Resort

Short, But Works

Sometimes all you need is a good small loop or an out and back to get the job done. These two Disney World running paths are perfect for just that. We’ve been known to make multiple laps around these paths to create a longer jog. At Disney’s All-Star Resorts there is a 1-mile paved path that connects the three resorts. It’s a great way to see all the themeing at each of the resorts.

Just down the road from the All-Star Resorts is Disney’s Coronado Resort and Gran Destino Tower. The 3/4 of mile path around Lago Dorado is perfect for an early morning jog, as it brings you past the different resorts builds, pool, and circles the Three Bridges restaurant in the center. This is definitely a path you’ll want to jog in the morning (when possible), as the day passes the path gets busier when people moving about the resort.

The Go To’s

Otherwise known as our favorites. Like a favorite pair of running shoes, there are some Disney World running paths that just take the cake. One of our all-time favorite running paths encompasses two resorts, Disney’s Saratoga Springs, and Disney’s Old Key West. Thanks to the Lake Buena Vista golf course there is a path that connects to the resorts (not the cart path). The path runs along a canal with beautiful trees and views of the golf course and Disney’s Old Key. It could be one of the longer paths at Disney World at just under two miles. A couple of things to note is the path connecting the two resorts is only open from sunrise to dusk, as it’s not lit. If you’re looking to extend your run, you loop through Disney Springs (this may not be an option due to COVID restrictions).

Not to be outdone is the running path around Crescent Lake. With access from Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club, Disney’s Boardwalk, and The Swan and Dolphin, this tends to be one of the more popular Disney World running paths. Depending on how far you’re looking to go, you can either do the 0.8-mile loop around the lake or extend by adding in the pathway to Hollywood Studios. Fair warning, running on the boardwalk is definitely interesting compared to a normal paved road.

Two resorts, one great path! Between Disney’s Pop Century and Art of Animation Resort is Hourglass Lake and it’s 1.38-mile running path. There is something about this jogging path that we found to be so relaxing. It has to be the still morning water. One thing to note is the queue for the Disney Skyliner can extend into the path about an hour so before the opening of Hollywood Studios. It’s definitely a path best enjoyed earlier in the morning.

One of the newer paths we discovered is about to get a little better. Over at Disney’s Polynesian Resort and Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, there is a 0.8-mile path that connects the resorts. While the path is a little short at the moment, it’s about to get much longer when the walkway from the Grand Floridian to the Magic Kingdom opens. With Cinderella’s castle in the distance and the sun shining off Seven Seas Lagoon, it’s hard to beat this one.

Last, but not least of our favorites one of the newest Disney World running paths. With a 1.4 mile paved loop around Barefoot Bay guests at Disney’s Riviera Resort and Disney’s Caribbean Resort are able to enjoy a Caribbean inspired morning jog. This path definitely tends to get busy about an hour before the opening of Hollywood Studios, as it’s the same path used to get to the Disney Skyliner station for the park.

The Unknown

Let’s head into the unknown! There are a couple of Disney World running paths that we have yet to experience. However, that doesn’t mean we should mention them. At Disney’s Riverside and French Quarter Resorts, there is a 1.7-mile tree-lined path connecting the two resorts. From what we’ve heard it’s good for a morning or afternoon jog, thanks to the shade.

The other big unknown path is over at Fort Wilderness. It what has to be the longest of the Disney World running paths at 3.1 miles, the Fort Wilderness running path sounds like a runner’s dream. Set in the countryside the path takes you through shaded areas of the resort and scenic views of Bay Lake. This is definitely one we’ll have to try!

Our Thoughts

It’s hard to go wrong with a vacation work. In our experience, anything is better than nothing when it comes to running. With all the miles we log in the parks, we never let a shorter path or no path stop us from staying at a certain Disney Resort. However, we do always take into account the different running paths when planning out our trip and what shoes we will need. Yeah, we’re those runners, the ones that have specific shoes just for running. Alright, there is only one thing left to do after talking about the different Disney World running paths, you guessed it, stretch!

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