Disney ADR, what’s that? Walt Disney World is filled with acronyms, from FP’s (FastPass) to DAK (Disney’s Animal Kingdom) and what we’re all here for today, Disney ADR (Advance Dining Reservation). Let’s just say at Disney, there’s an acronym for that. In this DVC Duo guide, we’re breaking down everything you need to about Disney ADR’s. Let’s find those restaurants!

How to make a Disney ADR

What Is It?

At the route of it, a Disney ADR is a dining reservation at Walt Disney World. Then why is it not just called a dining reservation, instead of an advance dining reservation? Great question! At Walt Disney World dining reservations are a little different than everyday life. From when you can make reservations to how you can make reservations and even what happens if you’re late or don’t make your Disney ADR.

Passholder Insights: When working with a Disney certified travel agent, they are able to make all your Disney ADR’s at no additional charge.

Mobile experience for booking a Disney ADR

How Can I Make A Disney ADR?

There’s more than one way to reserve! Your options include the new school way or flip it with the old school way. Our favorite way to make our Disney ADR’s is the new school way via My Disney Experience. Similar to our monorail crawl, the new school way is a choose your own adventure between the mobile app (phone) or website (desktop). For us, we always go to the website.

The old school way is calling 407.WDW.DINE (407.939.3463). If you’re looking to make a reservation for a group of 9 people or more, you’ll have to call Disney Dining, as the My Disney Experience limits reservations for up to 8 people.

Passholder Insights: Recently Walt Disney World has been recommending booking your Disney ADR’s online. Based on this recommendation we’ve seen wait times for calling for reservations increase.

When can you make a Disney ADR

When Can I Book?

Here is where a Disney ADR differs the most from a standard reservation. The booking window for all guests opens 180 days from the date you will dine. This is the same for everyone and it does not have any requirements outside of a credit card to book. On the 180-day mark reservations open at 6 am est for reservations made online and 7 am est for reservations made over the phone. You can make reservations at any point from the 180-day mark forward.

Where it becomes a little more tricky is when we factor in what type of resort you’re staying at. There are two options. First is staying at Disney World Resort or a Good Neighbor Resort (on Disney property). The second is staying off Disney property. When staying on Disney property you have the opportunity to book advance dining reservations for your whole trip (up to 10 days) on the first day. How it works is guests with an on property reservations would load the confirmation number to My Disney Experience. When booking opens the system enables you to book up to 10 beyond your 180-day mark.

For guests staying at an off Disney property resort, you would be able to make advance dining reservations at the 180-day mark one day at a time. How it works is each morning a 180-days from the corresponding day of your trip you have the opportunity to log into My Disney Experience and make your Disney ADR.

Passholders Insights: When using My Disney Experience on your mobile device to book your ADRs we highly recommend checking for app updates the night before.

Entrance to Be Our Guest

Which Restaurants?

At Walt Disney World you can make an advance dining reservation at all the sitdown restaurants. Beyond the restaurants, there are a select few quick-serve or other locations that qualify for an ADR as well. The following locations are included:

At Be Our Guest for breakfast and lunch you are also able to select your meals in advance. Make your meal choice prior to arrival is a great way to save time and enjoy more park time.

Passholder Insights: For certain restaurants, you can also find reservations via OpenTable. The majority of these restaurants will be located at Disney Springs.

Exterior of Rose & Crown Pub

Modifications And Changes

Picking meals 180 days in advance is no easy task. Nate struggles to figure out what he would like to eat 24 hours in advance. No worries, you’re able to change your advanced dining reservations up to 24 hours prior to sitting down for your meal. After the 24-hour mark, you are subject to a cancellation fee of $25 or no show fee. If it’s under 24-hours we would recommend either calling 407-WDW-DINE or head to the restaurant to find out your options.

Passholder Insights: If there is a certain restaurant we were not able to reserve at the 180-day, we like to check back often. We’ve found reservations are always opening.

Our Thoughts

Works well! Overall the Disney ADR system is easy to use. Similar to making a FastPass, one of our booking strategies is to focus on the hard to get ADRs first. We like to put these hard to get ADRs towards the end of our trip when staying on Disney property. Our biggest tip when making the booking window opens is to be flexible. We like to mark a couple of must eat at places then go with the flow from there. Walt Disney World has a ton of great restaurants and the majority of the time you’ll find a Disney ADR for it. Alright, we’ve got to go time for our ADR at ‘Ohana!

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