We’re back with another top three list! This time we’re talking underrated Epcot attractions. After successfully navigating the waters to whittle down a list of top three underrated Magic Kingdom attractions, we’re ready to try our hand with Epcot. We think we’re ready for another challenge! Let’s hope aboard monorail silver and take a ride over to Epcot. Fingers crossed that we can once again pinpoint a list of underrated Epcot attractions!

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The Rules

Oh, the rules are back! How did we know the rules would be coming back. Well, probably because we’re writing the article. Anyways, we’ll be following the same rules we had in place for our underrated Magic Kingdom attractions article. As a refresher, here they are; First and foremost, the attraction should not have a Fastpass. We’re looking for attractions that are flying under the radar. Second, the attraction should be available on a regular park day, not just with special events or parties. Sorry, Living with the Land Christmas overlay. You are definitely beautiful, but you’re not qualifying for this list. Lastly, no live entertainment. Whether it’s Epoct Forever, the World Showcase performers, or our favorite, the Jaminators, we’re only looking for attractions. Alright, with the rules in place we’re ready to name our top three underrated Epcot attractions!

Passholder Insights: When the World Showcase first opens up is the best time to check out any of the festivals around the World Showcase.

Around We Go

No, we’re not talking about an attraction that spins around. We’re talking about a 360 degree film. As far back as 1967, Disney parks have been associated with circle-vision. Thanks to the success of America the Beautiful at Disneyland the circle-vision experience has continued to grow and is included in first underrated Epcot attraction, Reflections of China.

Located in the center of the pavilion is a pagoda. Within the pagoda you’ll find Reflections of China. The 14 minutes video takes you on an adventure around the most beautiful parts of the country. This standing only experience, that’s right there are no seats, it a great way to take a break from and enjoy on of the early revolutions Walt Disney had with how to present film.

Catch while you can, as we should be seeing updated version of Reflections of China within the next 6 to 9 months.

Passholder Insights: To see a look into the future of circle-vision head off to the Epcot Experience where Disney is showing off a seamless 360-degree screen.

The American Adventure is one of our underrated Epcot attractions

Land Of The Free

It’s hard to say land of the free and not follow it with home of the brave. Aren’t we right? Next on our list of underrated Epcot attractions takes us to the American Pavilion in the World Showcase. Within the reproduction Colonial brick building is the American Adventure and all of it’s patriotic glory. As Sam Eagle would say, it’s a glorious 3-hour production. In reality it’s 29 minutes, but who’s counting.

The American Adventure is a great example of what Disney Imagineering is capable of with an animatronic driven show. With Mark Twain and Ben Franklin taking you through a historical (utopic view) remembrance of America history. What makes the show stand apart from the rest is how it combines animatronics and video projection. The projection screen along of the back of the stage is one of the largest around and serves as the backdrop for the different animatronic set pieces that are brought in and out of view.

Passholder Insights: The stage for the American Adventure is so unique that Disney World includes a behind scenes look at it as part of the Backstage Magic Tour.

Gran Fiesta Tour is one of our underrated Epcot attractions

Threes Company

Is there room for five? If you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re talking about the Three Caballeros. Topping our most underrated Epcot attractions is the Grand Fiesta Tour in the Mexico Pavilion. You join Jose Carioca and Panchito Pistoles on the search for Donald as you travel through different parts of Mexico. The big question is will you find Donald in time for the show.

Located within the Mayan Temple, this about 11 minute boat ride is one our favorite ways to beat the heat or escape from a thunderstorm. By far the aspect that has us coming back every time are the animatronics at the end. Originally part of the Mickey Mouse Revue, the Three Caballeros animatronics were brought to Epcot’s Mexico pavilion in December of 2015 and have been a staple of the ride ever since. If you’re looking for Walt Disney World opening day animatronics, this is the place for you.

Passholder Insights: If you’re looking for the best margarita at Walt Disney World, then look no further than La Cava del Tequila within the Mayan Temple.

Our Thoughts

Epcot is known for great food, drinks, festival, and unique attractions like Soarin’ and Test Track. Trust-us, these are must see attractions. When you have an extra few minutes it’s definitely worth checking out the underrated Epcot attractions as well. Each of our top three have a unique charm and give you a glimpse into the past. There is only one thing left to do, find Donald! Someone has to do it, right?

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