What are Magicbands? It’s magic we can’t tell you. Haven’t you heard of the magician’s code? Who are we kidding, it’s why we are here. There are many things that fall into the magical category at Walt Disney World and the Magicbands are definitely on the list. Besides being a Disney fashion item, have you seen the new Goof Troop Magicband? We distress, back on topic, the bands make our trips a lot easier on multiple levels. Let’s dive into all things Disney Magicband!

What Are They?

They are fashion wristbands! With a Disney twist of course. Hidden inside the band is a technology used to link to your My Disney Experience account. Yes, the same account you’ll create to make your Advance Dining Reservations, FastPass selections, link your Disney resort reservation, link you park ticket and extras like Memory Maker.

Once on Disney World property, your Magicband becomes your key to the “world”. Oh, the puns! It’s the one thing when leaving your room, you’ll want to make sure you have. If you’re like Nate, you may just sleep with it on so you don’t forget it.

Passholder Insights: The bands come in one-size-fits-all. For your children, you are able to remove a portion of the band to make it smaller and more comfortable.

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Do They Cost Extra?

Can we say yes and no? When staying at a Disney Resort, a Magicband is included for each guest on the room reservation. Through My Disney Experience, you’re able to select from an array of solid colors and personalize with a name on the back. Color selection and personalize must be done at least 20 days prior to arrival. If you forget to make your selection ahead of time, no worries Disney with have bands for you when you check-in. The only difference is they will be grey and will not be personalized. Additionally, if you purchase an annual pass to Walt Disney World a Magicband is included.

Outside the Magicbands included with your Disney resort reservation, you can purchase additional bands. You can choose from a wide range of bands themed after different characters, movies and even park attractions like the Haunted Mansion. Prices go from $15 and up.

The one-time Magicbands will cost less than $15 is when you’re staying at Disney Resort. When selecting your “included” band you’ll have the option to upgrade to a themed band for only $10+. The options vary from day to day.

Passholder Insights: You can have multiple Magicbands linked to your My Disney Experience account.

What Can I Do With It?

The shorter answer would be what can’t you do with it. With the Magicband linking to your My Disney Experience account you’re able to use the band to enter the parks, use a FastPass, link a ride or Photopass picture, open the door to your room, use your Disney Dining Plan, and experience park events you’ve purchased like Disney Villains After Hours.

In addition, there are optional things to choose from that include room-charging. If you add a credit to your room you will have the option to select whether or not room charge is turned on and which guests can charge. Another option is the Magic Express. The Magicband will be used to pull up reservation when you arrive at Orlando International Airport.

Passholder Insights: A pin code is required every time you charge something with your Magicband at Disney World.

The Real Magic

Once in the parks, the Magicbands get to work! There are little things that will happen, like your meal magically finding you at Be Our Guest, to your name appearing on a sign, and even photos automatically linked to your account. Keep your eyes peeled as you know what type of magic will happen!

Passholder Insights: When using your Magicband and park ticket for the first time your fingerprint will be scanned as well. Parents can scan their fingerprint in the place of a child, the only requirement is the same parent will need to enter the park with the child every time.

What If We’re Not Staying at Disney World?

We got you covered! For guests not staying at a Disney Resort, all the functionality of the Magicband will work outside of a couple of items. First, you will not be able to pay with your band. The other items are obvious like a band being included, Magical Express and room key. Beyond those three items, the bands will work in the same.

Our Thoughts

We found the Magicbands work very well. Once and awhile the technology has a quirk, but what technology doesn’t. What we love the most of them is it gives us the ability to travel a little lighter. One of our favorite phrases is “touch Mickey to Mickey”. When at Disney World you’ll here cast members say this all the time as there is a Mickey on the band and the devices have a Mickey as well. Touching them together activities the technology. Ok, time to get serious, are we getting that Goof Troop Magicband or not?

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