It’s a safari of flavors! With tons of wild things around the park, it got us wondering, what are the best Animal Kingdom sit down restaurants? You know what it means when we start to wonder, it means it’s time for another article. Outside of Epcot, Animal Kingdom has quickly become one of our favorite parks to sit down and enjoy a meal. Alright, let’s kick this safari into gear and get to talking about our favorite Animal Kingdom sit down restaurants!

Tusker House is one our best Animal Kingdom sit down restaurants

We Found Our Guides!

Every good safari needs an awesome guide. For our trek through the best Animal Kingdom sit down restaurants we found the guide of all guides at The Tusker House. It’s none other than Mickey Mouse! Joining Mickey is Donald and Goofy. That’s right Tusker House at the Animal Kingdom is a character dining experience that is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

First and foremost, there is nothing cuter than seeing the characters in their safari gear. Beyond the cuteness, the food at The Tusker House is wonderful. Served buffet style, the food is very similar to Boma over at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. What we love most about the restaurant is how there is something for everyone, and you’re able to try new foods. We’re big fans of the roasted meats.

Passholder Insights: Character interactions tend to the best towards the end of a seating. For example at 10:00 am for breakfast.

Nomad Lounge/Tiffins is one our favorite Animal Kingdom sit down restaurants

We’re Now Adventurers

Our safari is paying off! Where do adventurers eat at the Animal Kingdom? Tiffins. Coming in second on our best Animal Kingdom sit down restaurants list is a combination of Tiffins and Nomad Lounge. In restaurant themed after an adventurer’s club, you’ll find a beautifully designed environment that is only surpassed by the food.

A couple of the go-to items have to be the bread service on the Tiffins menu and the smoked pork ribs from Nomad Lounge. The bread service at Tiffins is very similar to our favorite bread service at Saana and the bread service from the India booth at Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival. For us, we prefer the more laidback stylings of the Nomad Lounge over Tiffins, but both are fantastic options within the park.

Passholder Insights: Nomad Lounge has the best coffee within the Animal Kingdom, ask for the Kenyan Press Pot.

One our favorite Animal Kingdom sit down restaurants is Yak & Yeti

The Mystical Creature

When in the Animal Kingdom, “the mystical creature” can only be one thing – the Yeti! Yes, our favorite Animal Kingdom sit down restaurant is the Yak & Yeti in the Asia section of the park. Down the pathway from one of our favorite Animal Kingdom rides, is a wonderful restaurant serving up some tasty treats.

We’re creatures of habit and when at Yak & Yeti you’ll find us ordering the Ahi Tuna Nachos. What can we say, we’re hooked on wasabi. Beyond the nachos, we’ve enjoyed the different noodle bowls and the Korean beef. However, order the nachos, you’ll thank us later.

Passholder Insights: For a quieter meal, request to sit upstairs. The downstairs can get a little loud.

Our Thoughts

Success! We’ve done it, we’ve completed our best Animal Kingdom sit down restaurants. Our safari of flavors has come to an end. As always, all this food talk has got us hungry. We’ll meet you at Nomad Lounge to share our adventures!

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