Clean! It’s the word we’re going to use most when talking about staying at Disney World during COVID. Our last DVC Duo trip review article ended with the Magical Express dropping us off at our Disney Resort. For a full breakdown of what it is like traveling to Walt Disney World during these unique times, check out the following article. Ok, review the previous article to get everyone up to speed, check! Now, onto today’s installment of our trip review, staying at Disney World. For this review, we’re going to focus on what is different about Disney resorts as a whole, we will be publishing a full room review soon. Ok, open your My Disney Experience app, it’s time to check into our resort!

When staying at Disney World during COVID it is recommended to use online check in

Checking In

Same, but different. When staying at Disney World resort check-in has always had options. Whether you prefer checking in at the front desk or via the My Disney Experience app, the choice is yours. This still holds true, but with a little twist. While the front desk always has cast members ready to help you in any way, Disney is asking for all guests to check into the resort via the My Disney Experience app, when possible.

For our trip, we checked in via the My Disney Experience a few days before we left. As part of the check-in process, Disney asks for a rough estimate on what time you’ll be arriving at the resort. When that time comes they send a text message letting you know whether or not your is ready. If your room is not ready, they will send you another text with the location/room number when everything is good to go.

Entrance to Disney's Boardwalk Resort


Pulling into the Magical Express drop-off location at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort the first thing we noticed was the hand sanitizer dispenser. Fantastic! It was no more than 4 steps from where we exited the motorcoach. After gathering our luggage, we were greeted by Bell Services to see if we needed any help or for our bags to be stored. At this time, we kept our bags as we were looking to change before heading into parks. However, if you are needing help with your luggage, Bell Services will bring you bags to your room. However, they will not accompany you to the room to help with physical distancing.

Heading into the Boardwalk lobby we were immediately struck by two things, first the smell. Clean! You can tell Disney is cleaning around the clock. Definitely not a bad smell during these times. The second was space. Traditionally, the Boardwalk lobby is a happening place with people coming and going in all directions. This time around we were the only people besides the cast members.

While searching for our change of clothes we got the notice our room was ready. To the room we went!

H20+ products are being used when staying at Disney World

To The Room

Off we go! One of the big changes when staying at Disney World right now is how the elevators operate. No more trying to see how many people you can fit into an elevator on a given trip up or down. Now, Disney is requesting only one group/family in the elevator at a time. A big plus in our books. This is one of the things we hope sticks around for a while. We never noticed a long wait for the elevator, as it appeared a lot of guests were using the stairs whenever possible. Us included.

Walking the halls guests were very good about keeping physical distancing and wearing face coverings. Many times people would move over to the inlet in the hallway or wait for someone else to pass through before continuing on their way.

Opening the door to the room we got the same fantastic smell of clean! You can tell by the shine on the floors that everything was scrubbed from top to bottom. We’ve stayed in a non-Disney hotel since COVID and we can easily say, Disney, is doing it right. It is up to you whether or not would like to wipe down anything within the room with a cleaning wipe. Another welcome change in the room is the return of the individual H2O+ bottles. In the two Disney resorts (we also stayed at the Polynesian Resort), both had the individual bottles instead of the wall-mount dispensers. The one thing to note is Disney has reduced the supplies in the room to help with cleaning and not creating too much waste between stays. For example, there is only one shampoo bottle. If you need extra all you have to do is call mousekeeping and they’ll drop it off.

Around The Resort

You know how we enjoy our vacation workouts. If you’re heading to the gym or out for a jog face coverings are required. From what we saw, everyone was very good about doing this, even the joggers. Extra points to them, as jogging in the Florida humidity with a face-covering, is not an easy thing to do. We’ll just say humidity plus sweat creates a very damp face covering.

Activities are still happening around the resort and Disney is posting a daily schedule in the lobby. It definitely varies from day to day, so you’ll want to check it out each day to see what’s happening. The one activity we saw going on every night was the movies under the stars. Disney is putting circles on the ground for families to sit in to enjoy the movie. In our rough estimate, they were more than six feet apart and created a very comfortable environment to watch the movie.

For transportation and dining, we will be doing a deeper dive article in the coming days. Stay tuned! In the blogging industry, we like to call this a teaser!

Our Thoughts

Different, but still great! Overall staying at Disney World felt very safe and very clean. We never thought we would be excited about smelling cleaning solution, but we were on this trip. Many times walking around the resort we saw Disney cleaning different aspects of the resort, from shampooing carpets to wiping down railings every hour. By far the best part is the cast members. Walking around the resort you can tell they are thrilled to have guests back. We will definitely be staying at Disney World again soon!

In our next DVC Duo trip review article we’ll be diving into attractions!

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