All rise! Some things are worth waking up early for and a Rise of the Resistance boarding group is definitely one of them. On a recent trip to Black Spire Outpost, we were lucky enough to snag a boarding group on multiple occasions. Now that we’re back, we’re sharing our strategy on how to get your own Rise of the Resistance boarding group. Our phones are charged, let’s head to Hollywood Studios and get that boarding group!

Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group within My Disney Experience

The Prep Work

Let’s channel our inner Scar and be prepared! Our first recommendation for getting a Rise Of The Resistance boarding group is to check your phone the night before. What are you looking for? A couple of things. First and foremost, make sure you have the My Disney Experience app on your phone with all your friends and family members linked together. You’re going to need all the help you can get if you’re going to take on the First Order. Additionally, take a look at where the boarding group selection of the app is located and click through it to become familiar.

Our prep work continues with making sure you have the most updated version of the app. Heading into the App Store or Google Play to check for any updates. We’ve noticed Disney has been updating My Disney Experience on a more regular basis. Alright, the prep work is done, let’s get some sleep before we have to rise!

Passholder Insights: Disney Resorts offer free in-room and resort WiFi which makes it easy for updating your phone apps.

People heading into Hollywood Studios for the Rise of the Resistance boarding group

Beep, Beep

Rise and shine time! Depending on where you’re staying and what time Hollywood Studios is opening that day will help determine what time to get up. For us, the first time we got to the park at 6:45 am and the second time we arrived at 7:45 am. The most important thing about having the opportunity to get a Rise of the Resistance boarding group is that your whole party has to be within the park prior to park opening. That means no sleeping in for grandma if she wants to ride.

On our trip, Hollywood Studios opened at 8 am each day. We made it point to not rely on Disney transportation either time. The first time we took a Lyft to the park and the second we were able to walk over from Disney’s Boardwalk Resort. Our recommendation would be to either drive or rideshare to the park (if you can walk, even better).

Passholder Insights: We noticed rideshares were popular in the morning. Definitely check the app when you first wake up to see how long it will take for a car to arrive at your resort, then get dressed, etc.

Snagged a Rise of the Resistance boarding group

We’re In!

The park that is. Once inside you’ll have a decision to make, line up for another ride, coffee, or find a spot to hangout. First, go around we choose coffee, then the second we camped out in the middle of the park. For us, our focus was on the Rise of the Resistance boarding group. Many other people lined up for the attractions.

We’re in the final countdown to the park opening and you can feel the excitement around you. Below is a step by step guide of exactly what we did.

  • Restarted our phones
  • Closed all open apps
  • Turned Off WiFi
  • Watched the clock on our phone for 8 am (or park opening time)
  • Opened My Disney Experience
  • Selected Join Rise of Resistance Boarding Group
  • Selected Group Members (only the people in your group who are in the park)
  • Select Next
  • Happy Beeps!

On both occasions, we both tried for the group, with Serena getting a group once and Nate another. Our groups were 43 and 62.

Passholder Insights: With all the guest opening My Disney Experience at the same time, getting a Rise of the Resistance boarding group becomes a lottery type of system

Our Thoughts

For us, it was all about setting our expectations. We knew we were not guaranteed to get into a Rise of the Resistance boarding group. Our plan was to mark a day early in our trip and late in our trip to try for a boarding group, and we were lucky enough to get one on both occasions. After going through it twice our biggest takeaway is that you do not have to get up a 2 am or any crazy hours to get to the park. As long as your party is through the gate and in Hollywood Studios prior to park opening you’ll have the same opportunity as everyone else. Our group just got called, it’s time to Rise!

UPDATE: On July 10, 2020, as part of the reopening of Walt Disney World Disney announced an update to the Rise of the Resistance boarding group process. Below is a full breakdown of the update:

UPDATE: On July 23, 2020, Disney announced an adjustment to the Rise of the Resistance boarding process. Starting on July 23, 2020, the boarding group will be distributed at 10 am and 2 pm EST. Below is the official announcement from Disney:

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