What are the best Disney resort lobbies? An even better question, what are the best Disney resort lobbies related to the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) properties? Now, we’re talking! A resort’s lobby could be the most important aspect of the guest experience. It’s the first thing a guest will experience, well, after the Magical Express of course, when arriving at Walt Disney World. As we like to say, it sets the mood for the entire trip. Alright, it’s time slide into our flip flops, step through the doors, and walk into a few DVC resorts!

What Makes A Great Lobby?

It’s all about that moment. You know the moment, the one where your eyes get big, and you think to yourself “Oh my god”. You can’t 100% put your finger on it, but you know it just feels right. For us, what makes a great lobby is everything from the visuals to the smells, and by far the mood you feel when you enter the space. Now that we have a baseline to evaluate our best Disney lobbies at DVC properties, let’s find our top three!

Passholder Insights: At all Disney Resorts you’re able to check-in your via My Disney Experience. During the check-in process, you can make up to two different requests, from floor level to location.

Welcome to Shore

Jersey shore that is. The first stop of our DVC edition of the best Disney resort lobbies brings us to the Boardwalk Resort. Stepping through doors you’re immediately transported to the 1940s and the whimsical charm of the most famous boardwalk around. The Boardwalk Resort lobby is quaint and charming in its style. Everywhere you look there is a new detail to discover. By far, one of the most impressive details the carrousel style horse chandelier hanging as you first enter the resort. Covered is gold, the chandelier represents both the opulence of the time period and playfulness of the Jersey Boardwalk.

One of the most overlooked details of Boardwalk’s lobby is the deck off the back. Most of the time people are exiting the lobby and heading down the stairs to either walk the Boardwalk or head to Epcot or Hollywood Studios. Just before the stairs is a variety of rocking chairs. It’s the perfect spot to pull up a seat and take a few minutes rest. With grand views of Crescent Lake and the Yacht Club in the distance, it’s a people-watching paradise. The best part is the cool A/C breeze you get every time someone exits the lobby!

Passholder Insights: At Christmas time the Boardwalk Resort lobby has a variety of the gingerbread displays and also sells gingerbread cookies. Nothing beats the smell of fresh gingerbread during the holidays!

More Than A Creek

It’s the whole wilderness! Our next stop on our DVC edition of the best Disney resort lobbies takes us deep in the woods. Who brought the bug spray? Who are kidding, Disney magic takes care of that. Whether you’re a fan of creeks or boulders, the Wilderness Lodge is home to two DVC resorts in Copper Creek and Boulder Ridge. Both resorts share the same lobby, and a magnificent lobby it is. When stepping into the Wilderness Lodge for the first time make sure to not trip on your jaw as it drops. Yes, it’s that awe-inspiring!

Immediately our eyes go up as they lock on the 82-foot tall stone fireplace. Yes, 82-feet. Surrounded by post and beam architecture, the 7-story tall lobby takes you directly into wilderness style cabin we’ve all pictured at one time. The lobby is more than just grandeur, tucked away towards the back is a small wooden bridge with a spring feeding a creek that travels from within the lobby to the pool. No detail is too small in this lobby, it even smells like the woods. Pine to be exact.

What makes the Wilderness Lodge lobby one of our favorites is the views. Whether it’s pulling up a rocking chair and gazing the massive fireplace or looking out at Bay Lake through the seven-story tall windows, the lobby makes you forget you’re at Walt Disney World. In all the best ways possible.

Passholder Insights: In between the pool and Bay Lake you’ll find a bubbling geyser. Keep an eye on it, as throughout the day the geyser will erupt.

Surprise, Surprise

Ok, maybe not a surprise. More like predictable! What we are talking about? We’re talking about our top choice. Topping off our DVC edition of the best Disney resort lobbies is the Polynesian Resort. The moment you step-off the Magical Express and cross the bridge into the lobby of the Polynesian Resort you can feel every worry or concern just go away. As a Disney cast member welcomes you to the resort with a lai, you smell the tropical air and that hint of pineapple. You think to yourself are we at Walt Disney World? Then you turn to look out the back of the lobby and see Cinderella’s Castle in the distance, yes, yes you are at Walt Disney World.

The centerpiece of the lobby is the Tiki God, welcoming you home. If you’re like us, you can’t help back want to take a selfie with him. Murals are spread throughout the lobby depicting an array of tiki culture. A few even have hints to Disney attractions like It’s A Small World.

What makes the Polynesian Resort lobby our favorite is the nostalgia. It’s original Disney in its finest form. When we picture a Disney resort, for us what comes to mind is the Polynesian Resort. We have tons of wonderful memories tied to resort and stepping through doors brings them back every time.

Passholder Insights: In order to get the grand views of Cinderella’s Castle from the Polynesian Resort lobby, Disney had to love the main pool 10 feet to the right.

Our Thoughts

Every resort lobby at Walt Disney World is uniquely special in its own way. For us what makes up the best Disney resort lobbies is the feeling and emotion you get when walk through the doors. Whether it’s the rush of that “wow” moment or reminder of our fondest memories, each one invokes a different reaction for each of us. On our trips to Walt Disney World we like to bounce from resort to resort to explore the different lobbies. It’s one our ways to take a break from crowds, especially during the holidays. Alright all that’s left to do is decide which lobby should we walk into first. Who are kidding, Tiki God we’ll see you real soon!

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