To walk-in or not to walk-in? No, we’re not talking about walking into the room. You’ll definitely want to do that. Otherwise, you’re sleeping in the lobby. Even with how jaw-droppingly amazing the lobby is, we don’t recommend sleeping in it. There’s another walk-in we’re referring to. When looking at a Copper Creek studio at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge the big question is whether or not to get a studio with a walk-in shower. On a recent trip we stayed in a Copper Creek studio without a walk-in shower, did we miss it? Does it make a difference? Let’s find out. Without any further adieu, here’s our review of the Copper Creek Studio.

Layout of the Copper Creek Studio

Room Types

You’ve got options. And, tons of them, Disney Copper Creek Cabins and Villas boast a wide range of room sizes. Beyond the standard Disney Vacation Club (DVC) studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom options, the resort also has cabins. Oh, the cabins with their majestic views of Bay Lake. Some day we’ll stay in one, someday. Unlike Disney’s Polynesian Resort, there are no view options. The only room option is whether or not a studio has a walk-in shower or not. It should be noted that the two-bedroom lock-off rooms also include the walk-in shower option. A lock-off DVC room is when a studio and one-bedroom accommodation are combined to make a single two-bedroom room.

Rooms can be reserved either with either DVC points or cash. The DVC rooms at Disney’s Copper Creek cabins would be considered Disney deluxe accommodations. For DVC members booking on points, there is no difference in the amount points per night between a Copper Creek studio with or without a walk-in shower. In speaking with cast members at the resort we learned that the majority of the rooms on the upper floors have a walk-in shower, whereas, the rooms on the ground floor do not.

The 338 square foot studio is one of the smaller studios at Walt Disney World. When it came to adding the second DVC portion to the Wilderness Lodge resort, Disney converted regular guest rooms into DVC rooms. To maximize the number of studios DVC kept the same footprint as the previous guest resort room. With the smaller footprint, the rooms were designed to sleep four guests and includes one king bed and one queen size pullout bed.

Opening The Door

Can you say glamping? This is the type of camping we could get used to. Opening the door for the first time we could tell the room was newer, as it had a more modern Disney feel. You know what we mean, the wood floors, clean lines, and more subtle touches when it comes to themeing. The other major thing that stood out to us was the narrowness of the room. We’ve stayed in a lot of studios over the years and for the most part, the rooms have always felt spacious. The Copper Creek studio has plenty of room, it just feels a little tighter than other studios.

As two adults we always appreciate the studios that offer a couch over two beds. It would be nice to see Disney covert the pullout couch to the new pulldown option on the resort’s next refurbishment. Adding the pulldown would definitely making easier to “clear space” when everyone is not sleeping. We noticed when the pullout bed is in use, there is not a ton of space in the room and barely a path to get past the bed and head out to the patio. Especially, with the small bistro-style table directly across the couch and having to relocate the coffee table.

master bed in the Copper Creek Studio

The Beds

Optimal comfort! The Disney deluxe mattress does it again. For us, the most important aspect of any resort room, either at Disney or not, is the comfort of the bed. Majority of the time when we travel we’re usually only in our room to sleep. What can we say we like to maximize our time exploring. Coming back after a long day in the parks, nothing beats a comfortable night sleep and we’re thrilled to say the bed in the Copper Creek studio definitely delivers a good night’s sleep. Similar to our review of the Polynesian standard view studio, the one downside to the bed had nothing to do with the bed and everything to do with the clock on the microwave. The easy solution is covering it with a towel, it worked well for us.

Outside of the king bed, there’s the queen pullout. We did not sleep on the pullout bed on this trip. However, we have had experience with the Disney pullout beds. Needless to say, we’ve spent many nights sleeping on the Disney pullout bed over the years. They are definitely better than most pullout beds, but they’re still pullout bed when all is said done. They are perfect for kids and definitely not bad for adults.

The Bathroom

More like a bathroom area. The Copper Creek studio bathroom is comprised of two areas, the sink, and the toilet/shower area, with a door separating both areas. One of the nice things about the bathroom is how it has two doors. We know this sounds weird to say and it’s definitely a small thing, but there is a door to separate the sink from the rest of the room. It’s something we wish the Boardwalk studios would add. While the majority of the time everyone in our group is up and getting ready at the same time, there are those days where early riser Nate is up well before Serena. The addition of the door makes it easier for Nate to get ready without having the ambient light fill the rest of the room and waking up Serena.

Here it is, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the shower area. Did we miss not having a walk-in shower? Overall, it made no difference to us. However, if we had small children the tub would definitely be nice for bath time. Unique to the Copper Creek cabins is how the tub/shower combo has a fixed sliding door compared to the normal shower curtain. We could definitely see this making bath time a little harder, as it limits your range of motion around the tub. Definitely, something to make note of if you have little ones.

Copper Creek Studio Kitchenette area

Storage and Kitchenette

Did you say kitchenette? Yes, yes we did. All the DVC studios have a kitchenette area that includes in a mini-fridge, coffee pot, microwave, toasts, and sink area. Additionally, Disney includes paper plates, coffee cups, and utensils. The fridge is big enough for holding a few items like a small milk container for coffee, or leftovers from dinner. We found it to be just enough for a quick breakfast before heading off to the parks.

When it comes to storage, the room has a good size closest next to the sink area and dresser across from the bed. Additionally, there are two small side tables next to the bed that does offer some storage. Additionally, the coffee table opens for more storage. For the two of us, it was plenty of space. We were able to put our luggage into the closet, however, if you’re a larger group of four people, you could also slide your luggage under the bed. Overall, space may be a little more limited because the room doesn’t have the usual “nook” by the front door for larger pieces of luggage.

Our Thoughts

Solid studio. To say the Copper Creek studio is favorite would be a stretch. If you’re a party of two, the room would work well. If you’re traveling with a larger group we could definitely see the room feeling a little cramped for space. Especially, when comparing to the other studios around Walt Disney World. For us, we would probably most likely stay here during the holiday season. It’s hard to beat the Wilderness Lodge during the holidays. Beyond that, we would more than likely look to stay at another resort with easier access to the parks. If you’re looking for a resort where you feel like you’re removed from all the hustle and bustle of the parks, this definitely a great option. Alright, it’s time for us to head out and do some more exploring!

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