More options! That’s right we got Disney Dining Plan options. On February 27, 2020, Disney Parks announced the Disney Dining Plan Plus. It’s the newest plan option in the Disney Dining Plan catalog. Raising the total to four different options. With its addition, it raises the question, who is the plan best for? It’s why we’re all here. Let’s breakdown the Disney Dining Plan Plus.

The Foundation

Or should we say building blocks? Your choice. No matter what both involve building, and that’s what we are doing. We’re building on our Disney Dining Plan article, where we breakdown the plans based on how you theme park. For the basics around Disney Dining Plans, we recommend giving it a read. It’s some of our better work, but we’re definitely partial. Do you agree? Yeah, we thought you would. Anyways, let’s get to it.

The Disney Dining Plan Plus includes the following per night; two meal credits that can be used on either table service or quick-service, two snack credits, and one refillable mug. For the meal credits, it’s a choose your own adventure on how you would like to use them. The new plan costs $94.61 per person per night for adults and $35 per child per night. For anyone 21 years or older, your meal is eligible for an adult beverage with your meal credit (where offered).

Passholder Insights: Recently Disney Resorts began offering upgrades to the refill mugs that include metal mugs themed around the Skyliner or Star Wards.

Character Meals are a great value for the Disney Dining Plan Plus

Character Love!

We like to call it the double-dip. Enjoying a great meal, while meeting a variety of your favorite Disney characters. With the new Disney Dining Plan Plus, you would be able to enjoy a character meal a day or double up with two a day. With the majority of the character meals qualifying as one dining credit and costing around $40 or more per adult and $24 or more per child, it’s definitely a great value. The only character meal currently two meals credits is Cinderella’s Royal Table.

If you plan on experiencing a character meal a day, along with another sit-down restaurant, then the Disney Dining Plan Plus may be for you. We find the character meals as a great way for kids and adults to get little more time with their favorite characters.

Passholder Insights: For any of the character meals, we would highly recommend making an Advanced Dining Reservation (ADR) through My Disney Experience.

Foodies Rejoice

We’re here for the food! Walt Disney World is filled with fantastic restaurants and if you’re like us, you want to enjoy them all. Well, at least as many as possible. There are 90, with more on the way. We’re looking at you Space 220, The Creperie, and Woody’s RoundUp. The majority of the dining locations are one credit and available when on the Disney Dining Plan. For a full list of the restaurants included please see the following list.

With the new Disney Dining Plan Plus, it makes knocking off a couple of restaurants a day pretty easy. Similar to character dining, we highly recommend making ADR’s, especially during the busier times of the year.

Passholder Insights: In our experience, it’s a better value to pay out of pocket for the Signature Restaurants over using two table service credits on one meal.

Our Thoughts

You can never have too many options! When it comes to the Disney Dining Plan we always think of it as a no muss or fuss way to travel. Essentially, you’re prepaying for your snacks/meals (outside of tip) and in our experience, it takes a lot of pressure when looking at menus. Order what you like!

For the new Disney Dining Plan Plus, if you’re someone looking to enjoy a couple of sit down meals a day for the majority of your trip, then this plan is for you. The greatest value comes when using both meal credits at one credit sit down restaurant. Alright, it’s time to eat. Where should we go? Only 90+ options to choose from. This may take a minute!

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