Bon Voyage! Well, not quite yet, we need to board the ship first. In the first article of our Disney Cruise series, we’re discussing our Disney Cruise embarkation day. By far the most important day of the cruise, as you cannot head out on your Disney Cruise without boarding the ship, right? You can always count on us to point out the obvious. Alright, our bags are packed we’re ready to set sail, let’s talk Disney Cruise embarkation day!

Port Of Call

Don’t worry, we had to look it up as well. The port of call is where you set sail from. On this Disney Cruise embarkation day, we’re boarding the ship in Miami to set sail on our 4 night, 5-day Very Merrytime cruise to the Bahamas. Disney Cruise Line has a variety of ports around the US and world. For the most part, the embarkation day is the same.

Cruise Insights: When possible we like to fly-in the night prior to our cruise to avoid any travel issues.

You can take the Disney Cruise Line bus from the airport on your Disney Cruise embarkation day.

Airport To Ship

Go by land to set sail on the sea. Similar to Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line will transport you from the airport to the cruise terminal. There are a few differences between the Disney Cruise Line transport and the Magical Express. The first is the cost. Disney’s Magical Express is included when you stay at a Disney Resort, whereas the Disney Cruise Line transport does have a cost that varies based on the cruise. For our cruise, to the Bahamas, the transport was $22 each way.

The second big difference is the luggage. Similar to the Magical Express, Disney Cruise Line sends luggage tags to your home. The difference comes with how they will be used. With Disney Cruise Line you will attach your luggage tags after picking up your luggage at baggage claim prior to dropping your off with the porters in your port of call. Disney uses the tags to bring your bags to your cabin.

Cruise Insights: We like to put our Disney Cruise Line luggage tags in a carry-on bag for easy access.

Let’s Board!

Make way for…us! Sorry Price Ali, it’s our time to shine in the spotlight. Now if we only had a genie. Once at the cruise terminal, you’ll hand your luggage off the porter outside the cruise terminal entrance. First stop, security check. After showing your reservation and passport, you make your way through security to your cruise check-in area.

Depending on your cruise status (based on how many Disney Cruise you’ve sailed on), there will be a line for you. At check-in, a Disney Cruise Line cast member will review your documents (reservation and passports), as well as take your picture for your key to the world card. It’s the most important card on your cruise. We’re all checked-in, let’s get this ship out in the seas!

Cruise Insights: We like to pack a few items in our carry-on bags, as once you hand your luggage to the porter it may not be delivered to your room til 4 pm or later.

The Wait

Is time standing still? That’s what crossed our minds on our Disney Cruise embarkation day as we waited to board the ship. Disney Cruise Line is very organized on how guests board the ship, as you’re handed a boarding group number after completing your check-in. While in the cruise terminal you may see a Disney character or two posing for pictures. No better way to pass the time than snapping a picture with one of the Fab Five. Why hello, Minnie!

Now boarding group…it’s our group! Let’s go! When your group is called you head towards the gangway and take the first of many pictures on your cruise. Click! Picture completed, let’s head aboard.

Passholder Insights: We like to board the ship as early as possible. The earlier you arrive at the cruise terminal the lower your boarding group.

Our Thoughts

Smooth sailing! We found our Disney Cruise embarkation day to be very simple. After arriving at the cruise terminal around noon, and snapping a picture with Minnie, we were on the ship by 1:15 pm. First Disney Cruise article complete, next up we’ll be on the boat and waving Bon Voyage!

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