Raise your glass! It’s time to talk about the Disney Cruise Champagne Tasting. You had Serena at champagne. We couldn’t think of a better way to kick-off our first Disney Cruise than with a glass or two (or more) of bubbles. It’s vacation, no judgment here! For our cruise decided to sign up for the Disney Cruise champagne tasting offered at 2 pm on our embarkation day. POP!! What’s that sound? Looks like we’re ready to kick-off our Disney Cruise champagne tasting. Cheers!

What Is It?

It’s Disney Cruise champagne tasting! Need we say more? Yes, yes we do, that’s why we are here. Throughout your Disney Cruise, you’ll find different adult beverage seminars. They range from champagne tasting to tequila tasting, and even mixology courses.

The tastings are a combination of a seminar focused around the specific beverage of choice and of course the tasting. It’s why we’re all here!

Cruise Insights: The beverage tastings during your days at sea will be the most popular.

Tasting Time!

The time has come. Our glasses are set-up and it’s time to pour some bubbly. Before we taste, we need to find the location. Depending on the ship the location will vary. For our Disney Magic Cruise, the Afterhours Lounge was used for the seminar. Ok, back to the tasting!

Our Disney Cruise champagne tasting consisted of 5 half pours or about two and a half glasses. The seminar was lead by the ship’s sommelier. Yes, each ship has its own sommelier on board. Crazy, right? While each glass is poured our sommelier walked us through the different aspects of tasting champagne and what to look for in good champagne. Did you know the smaller and tighter the bubbles the drier the champagne? Us, either!

We tasted our way through the glasses from the sweeter options to the driest options, then capped off our Disney Cruise champagne tasting with a glass of dessert champagne.

Cruise Insights: If you’re looking for a wine recommendation at dinner, ask your server to speak with the sommelier. They usually will give you a few options that pair well with your meal.

The tasting options from our disney cruise champagne tasting

Sign Us Up!

How do we sign up? Great question. Signing up for a Disney Cruise champagne tasting is really easy, as you can sign up on the Disney Cruise app. Similar to the My Disney Experience app. Or you can head to guest services when you board the ship to see what options are available.

The cost of the different tasting seminars will vary. For our champagne tasting, the cost was $35 per person which includes tax and tip.

Cruise Insights: We recommend signing up as early as possible for the different beverage seminars, as they fill up quickly.

Worth It? Our Thoughts

For us, it was definitely worth it. First and foremost the champagnes we tasted we’re definitely good quality. One of the options is our favorites from the France pavilion in Epcot. All the bottles range from $50 to $70 per bottle when purchased at your local liquor store. Overall, it’s a great value at the $35 price point.

Our favorite part was the timing. By scheduling our champagne tasting prior to settling sail, it set the tone for our cruise. RELAXING! With the tasting lasting a little more than 30-minutes, we had plenty of time to settle in. If you enjoy champagne or just looking for an adult time out prior to setting sail we definitely recommend it. A toast to success Disney Cruise champagne tasting experience, cheers!

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