Blink and you may miss it! Miss what? One of the best Disney World ride photos. Every Disney World vacation is packed with great picture moments. From the quintessential photo in front of Cinderella’s Castle to capturing evidence that you saw the fast hunk of junk, and of course when you meet the mouse himself. In the DVC Duo house, some of our all-time Disney World photos are the on-ride photos. It got us thinking, what are our top three best Disney World ride photos? Let’s brush our teeth, so we can flash the pearly whites for the camera!

What Are On-Ride Photos?

It’s complicated (#sarcasm)! They’re photos taken of you while you’re on a ride. Select attractions around Walt Disney World have cameras hidden within the attraction to capture your instant reaction. Where the magic really happens is how Disney automatically (on-select attractions) links the photos to your My Disney Experience account via your Magicband and if you have Memory Maker you’re able to download and share your photos.

Passholder Insights: If you do not have a Magicband you can use your admission ticket to tap the touchpoint below on your photo at the attractions exit to link it to your My Disney Experience account.

Photo from Tower of Terror via Memory Maker

Photo Drop

Similar to a mic drop, a photo drop also involves falling. Kicking-off our best Disney World ride photos is a towering attraction at the end of Sunset Boulevard. We’re sure you can guess it, we’re of course talking about the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. What makes the Tower of Terror one of our best Disney World ride photos is the moment it captures. Not to spoil the ride, the photo captures the first few seconds of your thirteen-story plunge.

Brining the Tower of Terror photo to the next level is Memory Maker. In conjunction with the photo, Disney uses your on-ride photo to create a unique video of your experience. The video is available within My Disney Experience when you have the Memory Maker option.

Passholder Insights: Definitely keep your eyes open on the Tower of Terror. At the top of the attraction you get a fantastic view of Hollywood Studios.

Flash Finish

More like flash beginning, but that does not roll-off the tongue as easily. Around the corner from our first stop is our second attraction making our best Disney World ride photos list. Let’s count it down together (in a Steven Tyler voice of course), 5…4…3…2…1…Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster. We love this on ride photo for one reason and one reason alone, Serena’s reaction! No matter how many times we ride Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster, Serena’s expression is same every time. It has us wonder if Disney is photoshopping her reaction each time. Hmm…

For us, the on-ride photo for Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster accomplishes two things. First and foremost, it captures the “take-off” moment and rush of adrenaline everyone experiences. Second is the flash itself. The flash serves the purpose of taking your photo, but also makes this indoor dark coaster even darker. That flash of bright light makes the rest of ride seem pitch black.

Passholder Insights: Keep an eye out for the hidden Mickey at the end of the ride. You can see if while you wait to exit the ride vehicle.

Count It Down

You can’t take a picture without a count down, right? While topping our best Disney World ride photos use to have “countdown” in its name. What ride are we talking about? We’re talking about the ride formerly known as Countdown to Extinction, now better known as Dinosaur. It’s one of our favorite Animal Kingdom attractions. What makes the Dinosaur on-ride photo so great is the faces you can make. Yes, we are those people who pose for the photo!

In the DVC Duo house, our all-time favorite Dinosaur photo came when Serena surprised everyone with her pose of “fake scared”. After years of photos of her being scared, it’s a moment we’ll never forget. We could not stop laughing when the photo came up.

Passholder Insights: The shortest way to Expedition Everest is to take the bridge through Dinoland USA and stay to the left and head pass Finding Nemo the Musical.

Our Thoughts

There are tons of great on-ride photos that were not mentioned. We are looking at you Expedition Everest and Splash Mountain. For us, the on-ride photos are what make our Disney World vacation so great. We’re always pulling them up and remembering our adventures. Alright, best Disney World ride photos list complete! We’re off to think of our next great pose for Dinosaur!

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