It’s a stroll down memory lane! In the DVC Duo house, our favorite souvenirs always bring back wonderful memories of past trips and experiences. You know what we’re talking about, it’s those souvenirs you look at and are immediately transported back to a moment from a trip. Hidden within Main Street USA are some of the best Magic Kingdom souvenirs you’ll find for under $15. The time has come to seek out our top 3 best Magic Kingdom souvenirs within Main Street USA. Strap on your Magicbands and let’s go shopping!

It’s Like Magic

You remember that card game right? Magic the card game? Oh no, we may be showing our age. Let’s try that again, you know Sorcerer Mickey, right? Of course, you do, we all know him! Well, our first stop on our tour of the best Magic Kingdom souvenirs on Main Street USA brings us to the Firehouse. Located on the left-hand side when entering the park, next to Town Hall is the Firehouse and where you can pick your free souvenir. That’s right we said free. Serving as the kick-off spot for Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, the Firehouse is where you can pick up Disney inspired playing cards. Each day, the pack of cards is different, so you never know which characters you’re going to get.

To get the playing cards all you need to do is head into the Firehouse and ask to play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. A cast member will hand you a pack of playing cards and you begin the game right there. It takes about 5 minutes to complete the first stop of the game. From there you can decide if you would like to continue playing throughout your day in the Magic Kingdom or just enjoy the playing cards.

Passholder Insights: Playing Sorcerers of Magic Kingdom is a fun way to take a break from the rides and discover different areas of the parks.

Mail Time

Who doesn’t like to get mail? You know we do. Our next stop on the best Magic Kingdom souvenirs on Main Street USA (wow, say that 5 times fast. The highest of high fives if you did!) is a hop, skip, and jump away from our first stop. Just outside the Firehouse is a mailbox on the light pole. And, it’s more than just amazing themeing. That’s right, it’s a fully functional mailbox. Every night a Disney cast member collects the mail from within the mailbox and sends it off to the United States Postal Service.

A great souvenir is to pick up a postcard from the Emporium and mail it to yourself, postmarked Main Street USA. To make this happen you’ll want to do the following steps. Step one, pick up a postcard. Step two, head over to Town Hall, which is next to the Firehouse. Step three, ask the member to purchase a stamp and for the postcard to be stamped. Step four, mail it out via the light pole mailbox. For us, this is more than just a postcard as it’s the overall experience within the park and a great reminder of your trip when you get the postcard in the mail. We’ve also been known to mailout family member’s birthday cards and even Christmas cards from the parks.

Passholder Insights: In our experience, it can take up to three weeks for a card to arrive at its destination. If you’re mailing anything time-sensitive you’ll want to take this into consideration.

the silhouette cart is one of the best Magic Kingdom Souvenirs

Scissor Please!

Scissors? What do scissors have to do with souvenirs? Everything! Our last stop on our best Magic Kingdom souvenirs on Main Street USA is a classic. How classic? This spot has been part of the parks since the early days. Walking up Main Street USA towards the castle you’ll see a little alleyway off to your right. Within this alley is a cart that specializes in hand-cut silhouettes. For $12 an artist will create a silhouette in a matter of seconds. Ok, maybe more like minutes, but it’s definitely faster than you would expect.

This Disney tradition has been carried on for years and is so popular that Disney has expanded the experience beyond Main Street USA to Liberty Square, as well as, Disney Springs. For us, what makes the experience so memorable is the location and the memories of watching the artist create a silhouette right in front of you. Nate has one from when he was a child and it still hangs in his parent’s house. It is definitely a timeless souvenir!

Passholder Insights: The hand-cut silhouettes are not limited to just one person, as there are options for multiple people as well. It’s a great way to mark a special trip or occasion.

Our Thoughts

Traditionally the souvenirs that get the most attention are high-priced headliners. Whether it limited edition Mickey ears or one of a kind crystal reproductions of the castle. Don’t get us wrong these souvenirs are amazing. Have you seen those hipster Mickey ears? For us, it always about the memories we create and how they transport us back to the trip. Anything can be a souvenir. We may or may not have a few coasters from Trader Sams! Alright, the best Main Street USA souvenirs list is now complete, next stop? Hmm…should we go right to Tomorrowland or left to Adventureland? I think we’re going to let the suspense build!

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