Is it food or art? Why not both! With Epcot’s International Festival of the Arts in full swing we’re here to chat about the Festival of the Arts dishes we can’t wait to sample. On January 17, 2020, the festival kicked off around the World Showcase and celebrates the culinary, visual, and performing arts. You know why we’re here, culinary arts here we come! We’ve got our forks in hand and ready to discuss which artfully delicious dishes top our list to try.

The Pork Belly atop a Pumpkin Seed Pesto is a Festival of the Arts dishes

Our Go-To Booth!

Whether it’s the Food and Wine Festival or any of the festivals, you’ll find us at the Mexico booth. Let’s head over to El Artista Hambriento to see what they’re serving up for Festival of the Art dishes. Catching our eye is the Agave Pork Belly. The chefs are taking succulent pork belly that’s caramelized in Agave then nestling that on a creamy lentil salad with a pumpkin seed pesto. We are looking forward to seeing how the nutty pumpkin seed works with the pesto!

We can’t head to the Mexico booth without trying the margarita! Looks like the trend will be continuing this year with the Blackberry Margarita. We usually shy away from the “sweeter” drinks, however, we’re hoping this drink will be on the less sweet side as they’re adding fresh jalapeno-lime juice.

Passholder Insights: Most of the Festival of the Art dishes qualify as a snack if you’re on the Disney Dining Plan.

The Beef Short Ribs is one of the Festival of the Arts dishes

It’s A Classic

Of course, it’s a classic, it’s at the Cuisine Classique booth. If you’re combining red wine and beef short ribs, you’ve got Nate’s attention. Making our list of Festival of the Arts dishes we’re excited to try is the red-wine braised beef short rib which is served with a parsnip puree, broccolini, baby tomatoes, then drizzled with aged balsamic. Upon first read the dish sound very similar to the short rib dish served at Jiko at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. We’ll let you know how it measures up.

Catching our eye at the Cuisine Classique booth is how the drink menu is themed about the word “Rosé”. If it’s a warm afternoon, we may have to try a Frozen Rosé!

Passholder Insights: During the festival, all the different Joffrey’s Coffee stands around World Showcase will be offering different coffee-inspired drinks.

The deconstructed Reuben is one of the Festival of the Arts dishes

We Want It All

We’ll take one of each! From both an artistic and food perspective the Festival of Art dishes that we’re most excited to try is at the Deconstructed Dish booth. The Reuben is a carryover favorite from last year. This year we’re excited to try the BLT for the first time. They had Serena at tomato jam and Nate with pork belly. Plus we have to get our Instagram worthy picks of these plates.

To wash it all down is a breakfast drink that has our names on it. It’s called “deconstructed breakfast” and it has spiced apple tea and bourbon- delicious!

Passholder Insights: Across from Test Track you’ll find the brand new Coca-Cola slushy stand. Within the stand, you can choose to create your own frozen Coke or choose one of the pre-made options.

Our Thoughts

Overall the Festival of the Arts dishes look and sound spectacular. It’s definitely going to be a challenge to pick a top dish. However, we’re always up for a challenge. We’ll be back with our festival foodie awards!

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