Treats? Did someone say, treats? Yes, not only did we say treats, we said Villains treats. Later today we’ll be heading off to the Magic Kingdom to join in the fun at the Villains After Hours event. What can we say, we couldn’t think of a more romantic way to celebrate the holiday. Nothing screams romance like a fire breathing dragon roaming the streets. Back on topic. As part of the event, Disney offers an array of goodies themed after Disney Villains. Which Villains treats caught our eye? Let’s grab some coffee, it’s going to be a late night tasting our way around the Magic Kingdom!

One of the Villains Treat is a hot dog at Casey's Corner

We Like The Spice

Oh Hades, you fiery guy, you! Over at Casey’s Corner, the Hercules villain is serving up his Hades hot dog. New this year, the all-beef hot dog is top with buffalo chicken, diced celery, fiery cheese dust, and a spicy ranch drizzle, then served in a black, yes black, bun. What’s not to love about this one! If you know anything about us, we definitely enjoy a Disney hot dog. We can already see the cheese dust on our fingers. Our first impression is this is looking like the home run of the Villains treats.

Passholder Insights: To save time at Casey’s Corner we definitely recommend using mobile ordering, especially during the busier hours of the day.

On of the Villains Treats is a cheesecake

Off With Their…

They should have made sure the roses were red! Over by the teacups, you’ll find the Queen of Hearts inspired dessert known as Painting the Roses. The Cheshire Cafe is switching it up for the event from the usual cattails to a cheesecake mousse with raspberry gelee, red cocoa butter, and buttercream leaves. Of course, it will be served in the shape of a rose, this is the Queen of Hearts after all.

You had Nate at cheesecake, but then you throw in buttercream and he’s already asking for seconds. We’re hoping the buttercream will a tad less sweet so we can enjoy more treats without the dreaded “sweet belly”! Either way, it fits the holiday!

Passholder Insights: As part of the special event, select snacks are included. The snacks included are: popcorn, ice cream novelties, and bottled beverages.

One of the Villains Treats is a Coke Float

Washing It All Down

We can’t have a variety of Villains treats without something to drink. Luckily for us, there’s a drink that brings Serena back to her childhood. The Poor Unfortunate Soul combines black raspberry soft-serve with cherry Coke then garnished with a sugar crown. This Coke float has Serena’s name all over it. The only way we’ll be poor unfortunate souls with this treat is if we forget to try it. Bonus points for providing us the caffeine kick we’ll need to make it to 1 am.

Passholder Insights: One of our favorite snacks at the Magic Kingdom is the Peter Pan Float from Storybook Treats in Fantasyland.

Our Thoughts

From top to bottom the Villains treats at the Villains Afterhours look fantastic, it’s going to be a challenge to not try them all. For a full list of the treats check out the following link. Check back in a few weeks for our review of our favorites. Is that Maleficient rolling down Main Street? We’ve got to go!

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