It’s a return of the puns! Whether it’s the Jungle Cruise or the Queen of Hearts, the Magic Kingdom is filled with head-related humor. Sleepy Hollow Refreshments is no different. It is the home to the infamous Headless Horseman cheesecake from Mickey’s Not So Scary that Nate is still talking about. How is that dessert gluten-free?! Mind-blowing. Back on point, we’re here to answer the hard-hitting question about Sleepy Hollow Refreshments. Is the chicken and waffle sandwich worthing “trading” your head for?

Menu at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments

Where Is It?

Liberty Square. Where else would you find the Headless Horseman? After walking down Main Street USA, you‘ll want to ver to the left of Cinderella’s Castle. Off to your right when entering Liberty Square is Sleepy Hollow Refreshments. If you look to the left you’ll Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe. The entrance for the quick-serve location is off to the side of the ordering window.

Passholder Insights: Liberty Square is a great place to get up close and personal for the afternoon parade and special parades at the different holiday parties.

Outside of Sleepy Hollow Refreshment

Sit or Walk?

Should you stay or should you go? After picking up your Sleepy Hollow Refreshments chicken and waffle sandwich, the choice is yours. If you’re like us and are looking to knock out a few more rides on Big Thunder Mountain, grab go is the way to do it. However, if you’re looking to pull up a seat and enjoy your meal, Sleepy Hollow Treats has a dining area. The outdoor usually shaded area can be a challenge to find a table. If the area is full, we like to head further into Liberty Square and pull a seat in the market area.

Passholder Insights: Directly across from Sleepy Hollow Refreshments is a fantastic spot to grab a picture of the castle. Usually, you’ll find a Disney Photopass Photographer in the area as well.

Chicken and Waffle sandwich from Sleepy Hollow Refreshments

Chow Time!

Let’s bite into our chicken and waffle sandwich review. If Sleepy Hollow is known for anything it is this sandwich. Labeled as the best snack credit if you’re on the Disney Dining Plan, the question is does the taste live up to the hype? The sandwich consists of a waffle, fried chicken that’s coated in a sweet-spicy sauce then topped with coleslaw. From a size perspective, it’s definitely large enough to split as a snack or even serve as lunch for an individual.

Taste time! First and foremost is the waffle. It all starts with the waffle, which is on point. The waffle is not sweet at all, it’s more savory in taste and not the same batter as the famous Mickey waffles. For us, this was the best part of the sandwich. On to the chicken, the fried chicken is cooked well, not greasy, not overcooked, yet pretty crispy. We would have liked the chicken to have a little more crunch to balance out the softer texture of the waffle.

Where the sandwich could be improved for us is in two areas, the sauce and the slaw. For the sauce, we would have liked to see something with a little more spice, some along the lines of spicy honey. We found the sauce to be just middle of the road for flavor. When it comes to the slaw, it felt a little out of place, as the mayo-based slaw was not very flavorful and was a similar texture to everything else. We like the idea of having slaw as part of the sandwich, but what we would like more is a vinegar slaw with a fresher crunchy vegetable feel.

Passholder Insights: The chicken and waffle sandwich comes with chips. You are able to order it without chips for a lower price point.

Our Thoughts

Middle of the road. Overall the chicken and waffle sandwich from Sleepy Hollow Refreshments is a good amount of food. It’s great for refueling either as a shared snack or lunch. For us, a few tweaks to the sandwich could really make it a standout at the Magic Kingdom. It may not be our first choice at the park, but we would definitely have it again. We’ll we made through our food review and we still have our head. We call that a success!

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