Now, this is our kinda apple! It’s the fall drink that can be enjoyed throughout the year. We’re back with another installment of our Disney at home recipes. On today’s adventure, we’re sharing our Ottawa Apple recipe from Le Cellier in Epcot’s Canada Pavilion. Le Cellier is known for its perfectly cooked steaks and its delicious sides, oh that mac ‘n cheese, it is also serving up so noteworthy cocktails. Say hello to the Ottawa Apple. Alright, the time has come, grab your favorite cocktail shaker as it’s time to whip up our Le Cellier Ottawa Apple recipe!

A close up of our Le Cellier Ottawa Apple Recipe


It’s a cocktail of multiple locations! While the original location is Le Cellier, in recent years the drink has made its way to the Canadian Pavilion popcorn cart. A popcorn you can easily find, just follow your nose to the smell of maple goodness. For us, you cannot go wrong with any of the special popcorn options around Epcot, the maple popcorn included! There’s no better way to kick-off a trip around the world than heading right towards the Canada Pavilion, ordering up your Ottawa Apple with a side maple popcorn. We like to bring our towards the lagoon to take in the views, but you could also meander around the beautiful flower garden in front of Le Cellier. Alright, talk about the location, check! Now let’s get to the shaking!

Le Cellier Ottawa Apple Recipe


  • 3 oz of Crown Royal Maple Finished Canadian Whiskey
  • 1/2 oz of Crisp Apple Real Infused Syrup
  • 3 oz of Cranberry Juice


  1. Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice
  2. Add Crown Royal Maple Finished Canadian Whiskey
  3. Add Cranberry Juice
  4. Add Crisp Apple Real Infused Syrup
  5. Shake until it’s too cold to hold
  6. Serve over ice


Drawing inspiration from our cocktail and how there’s more than one great location for it. There’s more than one way to make our Le Cellier Ottawa Apple recipe. Feel free to make substitutions and adjustments where you see fit.

  • Replace Crown Royal Maple Finished Canadian Whiskey with your favorite whiskey. (We like Bullet)
    • If you replace the whiskey with a non-maple flavored whiskey, add a splash of real maple syrup to the shaker.

This is a cocktail best enjoyed while eating a perfectly cooked wood-fired steak or a bowl of your favorite flavored popcorn!

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