Could we even say better than all the rest? The Kona Cafe breakfast could be the most well-known breakfast at all of Walt Disney World. Followed closes by the Be Our Guest breakfast at the Magic Kingdom. What can we say the Beast knows how to host. Anyways, let’s get back on track as we’re here to chat about the Kona Cafe breakfast. Who else woke up hungry? Bring on the food!

The Basics

No one wants to start the day-off hangry. Today we’re skipping over the basics around Kona Cafe and heading right to the good stuff. The Kona Cafe breakfast. For a full breakdown of the restaurant take a gander at our previous article. It’s got all the good stuff. Outside of the food of course!

Passholder Insights: One of the things we like to do is rope drop the Magic Kingdom and look to have breakfast at Kona Cafe around 10:30 am. We call that a win-win!

Breakfast Is Served

We know what you’ll are thinking. Here comes the Tonga Toast review. Don’t get us wrong, Tonga Toast is fantastic, it’s never a bad decision. What’s not to like, it’s French Toast rolled in cinnamon sugar then stuffed with bananas (fosters-style). We taste the sugar on our lips just writing this article. This sweet treat is perfect for anyone who enjoys the sweeter side of breakfast.

The loco moco at Kona cafe breakfast

For our Kona Cafe breakfast review, we’re going a different direction. Some may say the path less traveled. We’re trying the other items on the menu. Yes, there are other items beyond the infamous Tonga Toast. The Hawaiian inspired menu is serving up a variety of unique breakfast items. First and foremost is the traditional Loco Moco. The more savory breakfast item has white rice topped with a grilled hamburger patty, then drenched in a chorizo gravy, and finished with tomato salsa and two eggs any style. You had us at chorizo gravy. This hearty breakfast item is all about the rich, creamy, slightly spicy flavors of the chorizo gravy. If you’re looking for an authentic taste with a spin, of the Hawaiian island we highly recommend this variation of the Loco Moco.

Seven Seas Samoan at Kona Cafe breakfast

Further down the Kona Cafe breakfast menu, you’ll find the Seven Seas Samoan. The concept of the dish is a less carb centric variation of a benedict. Two poached eggs sit atop a pulled pork and turkey hash then drizzled with a citrus Hollandaise Sauce and served along with a mustard green salad. This is a dish you don’t want to share, it’s that good. Within the tender, juicy pulled pork you can taste the tropical flavors of the banana leaves used to slowly roast it. What truly caught our attention is the citrus Hollandaise with its subtle orange and pineapple sweetness. It’s not enough to pull away from the dish, but you definitely know it’s there. This dish is a DVC Duo all-time favorite and something we recommend from anyone who enjoys benedicts.

Passholder Insights: For more benedict options, you’ll want to head over to the Grand Floridian Cafe for their bunch.

Our Thoughts

Yes, it is simply the best! For us, Kona Cafe breakfast is our favorite at Walt Disney World. With their unique takes on Hawaiian classics and spins on your favorite breakfast items, there is something everyone. Oh, we almost forgot the best part, the coffee! The Kona coffee press pot is the best coffee you’ll find at Walt Disney World. It’s the perfect accompaniment to any of the dishes. With that said, we better eat before we get hangry!

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