Pluto, Goofy, our sincerest of apologies. When we say dog, we’re referring to the Disneyland corn dog. Much like Casey’s being the iconic dog of Walt Disney World, the Disneyland corn dog has created an aurora of mystical proportions. Will it live up to the hype? Let’s head to the left (west) coast and bite into our foodie review!

the Little Red Wagon home of the Disneyland Corn Dog


With Sleeping Beauty castle over your right shoulder and the Plaza Inn off to the left, you’ll see the Little Red Wagon. This is your wagon. Well, it’s your wagon if you’re looking for the Disneyland corn dog. The other easy way to find the wagon is to look for the line. From the moment it opens until closing-time you’ll find guests lining up for the iconic meal on a stick.

Passholder Insights: The in-between meal times traditionally have the shortest wait.

The menu for the Disneyland corn dog

Let’s Order

It’s the simplest of menus! Our options range from the Disneyland corn dog to the corn dog. That’s right, the only entree option at the Little Red Wagon is the one option. You may be thinking, why did you create a whole section about ordering, Nate? For one important reason. When looking at the menu you’ll see the corn dog comes with the choice of sliced apples or a small bag of chips.

What is not on the menu is the option to order the corn dog as a standalone. If you’re like us and like to maximize you’re snacking you can forgo the apples and chips, and in return you the price is a little lower at $8.49 plus tax.

Passholder Insights: There is no seating at the Little Red Wagon. If you’re looking for a bench head towards the Walt and Mickey statue.

Taste Time

Let’s get down to business. Does the Disneyland corn dog live up to its notoriety? These hand-dipped, never frozen, served on a stick, crunchy, not greasy corn dog gems surpassed all our expectations. Whether you decide to dip or not to dip (no judgment here), it all starts with the base, the hot dog.

Much like Casey’s at the Magic Kingdom. The all-beef hot dog has the perfect amount of snap and we found it to be very juicy. What’s makes this grab and go meal fantastic is the cornbread batter. The slightly sweet flavoring from the corn meal, balances out the savory aspect of the hot dog. Being corn dog connoisseurs we traditionally find most to be on the greasy side, not the Disneyland corn dog. It was the complete opposite. How do they do it?!

Passholder Insight: The Disneyland corn dog is a solid meal or the perfect afternoon snack when splitting.

Our Thoughts

Can we have another? Yes, it was that good. We always enjoy finding simple food that is well executed. The Disneyland corn dog would definitely fall into this category. If you enjoy corn dogs, we would definitely recommend circling the Little Red Wagon to grab one of these wonderful treats. Should we get another one? Who are kidding, we already did!

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