Abra, Abra, Abracadabar! Yeah, we had to go there. What can we say, we’re just a bunch of jokers. Ok, that’s enough Steve Miller references for one article. Or is it? Back on topic. Hidden in plain sight is a Disney lounge mixing up a variety of classic cocktails that guests keep making disappear. Let’s head over to Disney’s Boardwalk Resort, to see if Abracadabar is magical!

seating area at Abracadabar


Let’s take a stroll. A stroll down the Disney Boardwalk, where you’ll find Abracadabar. Located between two of our favorite dining spots at Walt Disney World, Flying Fish, and Trattoria al Forno, is a magic-themed lounge. The backstory is that it’s a lounge where magicians come to hang out after a long hard day of sawing people in half and making things disappear. Magicians gotta unwide too!

The dark, cozy, lounge offers a variety of seating options from the bar to high tops and even a couch or two. Dibs on the couch! Additionally, you’ll find outdoor patio seating. What makes the Abracadabar a unique experience is all the nods to the magical craft of yesteryear. It’s like you’re stepping back into the 1920’s.

Passholder Insights: Abracadabar serves as the lounge to the two adjoining restaurants, Flying Fish, and Trattoria al Forno.

Black Manhattan at Abracadabar

Why We’re Here!

The backbone of Abracadabar is the handcrafted cocktails. Themed around magicians, you’ll find concoctions inspired by the magical arts like the Parlor Trick or one of Nate’s favorite the Black Manhattan. By far the most famous cocktail is The Conjurita. This cocktail is more than just a tasty margarita. Served tableside The Conjurita is a “magic trick” as well as a drink. No spoilers here, you’ll have to order the drink to see the show. If you enjoy a less sweet, classic preparation of a margarita, then you’ll want to give this a try.

From top to bottom, there are no bad cocktails at Abracadabar. It’s a tough job but we’re more than happy to be the cocktail tasters. Beyond the specialty drinks, the lounge offers a variety of classic cocktails including the best sazeracs at Walt Disney World. It gets two thumbs up from Serena. It’s on par with the sazeracs you’ll find in New Orleans.

Passholder Insights: If you’re bourbon fan keep an eye out for the different Disney blends. Disney has partnered with a few different distillers to make bourbons you can only get at Walt Disney World.

Seasonal Flatbread from Abracadabar

Light Bites

Nothing goes better with a cocktail than an app! Recently, Abracadabar started offering a variety of light bites to the menu. Sharing the same kitchen as Trattoria al Forna, the light bite menu includes Italian inspired snacks. A couple of our favorites are the calamari and flatbreads. Calamari in general can be hit or miss, where sometimes it’s not crispy and more greasy. This is not that type of calamari. It was perfectly crispy, not overcooked, and had very clean flavors.

The standout snacks are the flatbreads. Wood-fried to perfection. There are two options to choose from, a simple margarita and a seasonal offering. You can’t go wrong with either. They are perfect for sharing or we’ve been known to make into dinner.

Passholder Insights: A great alternative to enjoying your drink within the lounge, is to ask for it to-go and wander around the Boardwalk area.

Our Thoughts

Hidden gem! Abracadabar is one of our favorite Disney lounges. They make some of the best classic cocktails at Walt Disney World. Any time we’re at either Epcot or Hollywood Studios and looking for a break from the parks we’ll usually stop in here. If you’re looking for a well-crafted cocktail we definitely recommend checking it out. No trick here!

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