Cannonball! What can we say we like to make a splash with our articles. Especially when our topic of the day is the best DVC pools at Disney World. After sharing our favorites lobbies it only makes sense to talk about our favorites pools, right? While traditionally, we’re rope drop to park close type of Disney vacationers, in recent years we’ve been shifting gears to spend some time reading by the pool. It is a vacation after all. We got the sunscreen, you grab the beach towels, it’s time for us to share our top 3 DVC pools at Disney World!

What Is A DVC Pool?

Similar to our underrated attractions lists, we’ve got put a few parameters around what qualifies as a DVC pool at Disney World. First and foremost, it must be a pool associated solely with the DVC (Disney Vacation Club) portion of the resort. We’re sorry Storm-a-long Bay over at Disney’s Beach Club Resort and the Lava Pool at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, while you’re both unbelievably fantastic pools you don’t qualify for our top 3. If they did qualify they would both surely be on the list! Now that we’ve taken the two most obvious choices away, let’s get down to business. Here are our favorite DVC pools at Disney World.

The Underrated One

Could it be possible for a pool to fly under the radar? In our world, this pool is definitely flying under the radar. Kicking off our list of best DVC pools at Disney World is the Samawati Springs pool over at Kidani Village Resort. Known mostly for two things, the bread service at Saana and the savanna view rooms, it’s easy to see how Samawati Springs could be overlooked. Surrounded by trees, this secluded oasis could be considered the main pool at most Disney Resorts. This zero-entry pool has a 127-foot water slide, two hot tubs, and two different kid areas depending on your child’s age. As we like to say this pool has something for everyone, especially with the quieter hot tub on the second level of the pool area.

One of the best parts is how the pool bar is located very close to the pool. So close, that you can easily grab a drink or poolside snack while still seeing your kids splash around. We all know who the little ones don’t like having to get out of the pool.

New Is Always Better!

We’re channeling our inner Barney for our second choice on our best DVC pools at Disney World list. Give yourself an “A” if you got the Barney reference, from How I Met Your Mother. Let’s get back on task. Our second stop brings us to the newest DVC resort, Disney’s Riviera Resort. Themed around two of our favorite things, Fantasia and the Mediterranean, the S’il Vous Play pool is both a great name and wonderful addition to the pool options. The zero-entry pool has a massive deck with plenty of lounge chairs for everyone. Like all great Disney pools, the S’il Vous Play pool is anchored by a waterslide the winds through the rocks. Next to the slide, you’ll find the splash pad themed after the ballet scene from Fantasia. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with a hippo in a tutu?

What we love about the S’il Vous Play pool area is the other amenities nearby. With both a quick-service and pool bar within arms reach of the deck, it’s perfect for those Disney pool days. Additionally, there is a bocce ball court that is calling our names!

Swimming With Mickey!

More like swimming in Mickey? You’ll see what we mean in a second. Topping our list of best DVC pools at Disney World is the Sand Castle pool at Disney’s Old Key. As the saying goes, they don’t make them let like they use to. Or, something along those lines. You know what we mean, right? The Sand Castle pool is a Mickey-shaped pool. That’s right, if you look at the pool from above you would see the hidden Mickey (one of the larger ones on Disney property, but not the largest). With a 125-foot water slide, the Sand Castle pool area offers an array of fun activities for everyone. You’ll find shuffleboard, a basketball court, hot tubs, and even a sauna inside the lighthouse. What we like best about the Sand Castle pool area is the sandy beach area off the back.

For the little ones, there’s a smaller kid pool to splash around. When they’re not in the pool there is a jungle gym, and an area to make sandcastles.

Our Thoughts

You can’t go wrong! All of these pools have something different and special about them. By far if you’re looking for the best pools on Disney property, we would recommend Storm-a-long Bay and the Lava pool. For us, these pools are not too far behind, especially, when you factor in they tend to be a little quieter than their famed counterparts. Alright, all this pool talk has got hankering for a swim, where should we take a dip? Who are we kidding, we’re suckers for nostalgia…Sand Castle pool here we come!

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