When rumors become reality. On September 16, 2020, in our DVC rumors article, we mentioned the potential of a new DVC point minimum being enacted by Disney. Fast forward a month or so, and we’re confirming the changes to the DVC point minimum requirements for members to qualify for the membership extras have been rolled out. But, what does this all mean? What is the impact on current DVC members and future DVC members? Without any further adieu let’s dive into it!

New DVC point minimum language

New Minimum

The date, October 19, 2020. This is the date where our rumor turned into fact. Without any announcement, Disney Vacation Club made a small, but impactful change to their website. Towards the bottom of the “How Membership Works” page (as well as other pages) on the Disney Vacation Club website, the small print around Membership Extras was updated to say 125 points versus 100 points. The change reflects the new DVC point minimum (purchased through directly through Disney Vacation Development, ie Disney) to qualify for the membership extras going forward. Please be aware this is not the minimum number of points anyone has to purchase to become a DVC member, it’s only the minimum to qualify for the membership extras.

The 125 points can be a combination of points from any of the DVC resorts located around the United States. As long as the member’s total number of points purchased through Disney is equal to more than 125 points. It should be noted that this change does not impact the ability to purchase DVC points through the resale market.

Membership Extras

What are membership extras? How we like to look at the membership extras is it’s Disney’s way to say thank you. It’s the icing on the cake. Items that fall into the membership extras category would be moonlight magic events, discounts on annual passes or dining or shopping, using your points on Disney Cruise, Disney Resorts (non-DVC), Adventures by Disney, the Concierge Collection, member-exclusive events, and member lounges. With all membership extras, Disney reserves the right the change or discontinue any of the benefits at any time. Over the year’s we’ve seen new things added to membership extra, like 30%-off cruises (both points and cash), as well as things removed.

For new Disney Vacation Club members any contracts purchased after October 19, 2020, these benefits would only be available to guests who purchased directly through Disney and meet the new minimum point requirement.

Impact On DVC Membership

For current members, there is no impact. The key phrase is grandfathered. Meaning that all current DVC members with less than the new DVC point minimum are grandfathered in and are not subject to any of the changes. If you previously had access to membership extras, you will continue to have the same access. This change will only impact new contracts purchased through the resale market and Disney going forward. Yes, contracts purchased through Disney will always be impacted, if and only if, you have less than the minimum of 125 points combined points.

In terms of future members, the impact is grayer. With the DVC point minimum increasing it makes us wonder which way new members would lean, purchase directly through Disney, or the resale market. From a Disney perspective, it appears Disney hopes is to drive more value out of purchasing points directing through themselves. Especially, when you factor in the recent shift to more prominently promote the ability to purchase “resale” points directly from Disney. Any points regardless if it’s for the newest DVC resort (Riviera) or the oldest (Old Key West), if the points are purchased through Disney they would qualify towards the new minimum. Additionally, they would have no restrictions around which DVC resorts you could stay at. While Disney has always offered this option, many times when you spoke with a vacation club guide you found out the points were not available. Now, from our understanding, Disney is actively buying back points when a request is made for a certain resort.

Purchasing through the resale market still has a lot of benefits, especially, when looking at it from a cost perspective. The price per point is well below, in some cases up to 40% below, what Disney is charging for the same points. What it will come down to is what works best for the individual. Our best recommendation is to weight out what works for you and your family, and whether or not the membership extras and resort booking flexibility is worth the additional investment.

Our Thoughts

Definitely keep an eye out it. When it comes to Disney Vacation Club, we’re guessing things will continue to evolve. It’s clear that Disney is making a concerted effort to have a greater presence in the resale market while increasing the value to purchase through them. In the DVC Duo house, we would expect to see more changes that could impact the resale market and sway more value to buying directly through Disney in the near term. What those changes could entail are unknown, and we have no information pointing to more change, but something tells us more is coming. It’s our gut tell us. Could that be a teaser for another DVC rumor article? Maybe? Until then, we’ll be keeping our ear to the ground!

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