We’re back! It’s the next edition of our Disney Vacation Club (DVC) benefits, and we’re talking DVC perks on a Disney cruise. In our previous articles, we chatted about the lesser-known DVC benefits. Today we’re going deeper into the unknown to share the DVC perks on a Disney cruise. Are you ready, Elsa? Get it, into the unknown? Yeah, we went there, it’s a stretch but we went there. Alright, let’s slip into our boat shoes and head out onto the deck!

Only members with a Blue card receive DVC perks on a Disney Cruise

Big Blue World

You’re so right, Nemo! It’s all about the blue when it comes to DVC perks on a Disney Cruise. No, we’re not talking about the jaw-dropping, can’t help but stare, blue sea. We’re talking about your DVC member card. In the DVC world, there are two types of cards blue and white. To keep it simple, the blue card means you purchased a minimum of 100 DVC points directly from Disney and qualify for Membership Extras. Discounts on Disney Cruise Line are part of the Memberships Extras.

Passholder Insights: One of our favorite Membership Extras is called Moonlight Magic, which is similar to the Disney Afterhours Events.

We're Talking Disney Cruise Rotational Dining

Booking Benefits

Discounts, get your discounts! One of the newest DVC perks on a Disney Cruise is the booking discounts. For years, many people would recommend not booking a cruise with your points as the value is not there. True, oh so very true. Until now! One of the biggest benefits is the 30% off discount members receive on the cost to book a cruise. Yes, 30%!

How it works. Throughout the year, Disney marks different sailings as eligible for this discount. For example, there are 21 sailings in 2020 marked for this discount, with more sailings to come. This discount applies to both costs for points and cash. To receive the discount at least one person needs to be booked on points, then you can pay cash for everyone else. Or any combination you see fit. The one person could be anyone including a child, which is the lowest amount of points for a cruise. All reservations need to be made via DVC member services to receive the discounted rates.

Passholder Insights: When we use our points for a cruise, we usually just book one person at the 30% off point rate than pay cash (30% off again) for the other person.

One of DVC perks on a Disney Cruise is the automatic Gold Castaway Club status for booking a cruise


Let’s get our priorities in order. Two priorities to be exact. One of the biggest DVC perks on a Disney cruise is when you’re able to book your vacation. When new sailings becoming available Disney Cruise Line prioritizes guests bookings in the following order:

  • Platinum Castaway Club – 10+ sailings
  • Gold Castaway Club – 5+ sailings
  • Silver Castaway Club – 1+ sailing
  • General Public

This system is very much like a pre-sale model. With frequent Disney Cruisers having the ability to book earlier prior to the bookings being opened to the general public. DVC members automatically qualify as Gold Castaway Club level, regardless of many sailings you’ve had on Disney Cruise Line.

The priorities continue when you arrive at the cruise terminal. On embarkation day, there is a DVC member line for check-in.

Passholder Insights: The gold level status is only for booking a cruise and not for excursions, cabanas or Palo.

One of the DVC perks on a Disney Cruise is the discount at Senses Spa

More Discounts

But wait, there’s more! Once aboard the ship, there are a variety of discounts. Below is a breakdown of the discounts available:

  • Disney Digital Photo Packages – 10% off
  • Shopping – 10% off (minimum of $50 purchase)
  • Senses Spa – 20% off (while in port)

For all of these discounts, you will need to present your member card.

Passholder Insights: For us, the best port to take advantage of the spa discount is Nassau, Bahamas. You’ll want to book your spa treatments, as the spots fill up pretty fast.

Our Thoughts

Keep the perks coming! Over the years, we’ve seen Disney Vacation Club continue to expand upon the membership extras. With the recent changes to the DVC perks on a Disney Cruise, it made us reconsider using our points for a cruise. Now, we’re looking at more cruises and ways we can set sail with Disney Cruise Line. Yes, it’s that’s good. There’s only one thing left to do, figure out where to sail to next!

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